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South Africa: Durban Clubs Stalling R35 Billion Development

The Durban Point Development Company (DPDC) says a R35bn project to upgrade the area close to the harbour mouth is being delayed – at a potential cost of up to R100 000 a day – because two water sports clubs are refusing to vacate their clubhouses overlooking Vetch’s Beach.

The company, in its urgent application before the Durban High Court today, is seeking immediate eviction orders against the Point Yacht Club and the Durban Paddle-Ski Club.

But the clubs are fighting back, accusing the company of reneging on agreements and placing their sports in jeopardy.

The dispute has a long history which has been brought to a head by today’s application.

But it is unlikely that a victor will emerge any time soon with the clubs raising legal points and the yacht club seeking to join the MEC of economic development and tourism in the action.

To further complicate matters, the two clubs are involved in an acrimonious dispute with the other two affected clubs, the Durban Undersea Club (DUC) and the Durban Ski Boat Club (DSBC), both of which have agreed to move to a “glass fronted” temporary facility which, the company says, it has built at a cost of R2.5m.

Umbrella body

They also have a controlling vote in an “umbrella body”. Point Water Sports Club – refused to be recognised by other clubs – has been negotiating with the developer, which is half owned by the city and half by a Malaysian consortium.

Project manager Soban Gangaraju insists in his affidavit that the clubs have no right to stay.

“The heart of our case is that we are the owner[s] of the property,” he said.

“The company intends to construct an extension to the current promenade, extending it from uShaka Marine World to the harbour entrance. It is a massive undertaking, with construction on reclaimed land which requires specialised techniques. The total budget is about R370m.

“We intend to sign with the successful tenderer within weeks. The promenade development will include accommodation for the Point Water Sports Club.”

Gangaraju said any delays would cost R37m a year – or about R100 000 a day. On top of that, the roll-out of the entire 15-year R35bn project would be delayed, eroding investor confidence.

He said this would also affect 11 000 jobs, surrounding property values and impact on potential rates income of R200m a year, and tax revenue of R1.7bn.

He said in terms of a Memorandum of Agreement signed in 2008, it was always contemplated that the umbrella body would negotiate on behalf of the clubs and it was “well within its rights” to conclude the lease agreements for a temporary site and the final clubhouse to be built under a new promenade.

Gangaraju conceded that the original agreement had provided for the clubs to purchase the site for about R873 000 and erect their own building, but said things had changed and the deal was now that they would lease the property.

“The said agreement fell away for the simple practical reason that the clubs were unable to raise sufficient funds to finance the purchase of vacant land and the construction of a clubhouse building,” he claimed.

Not the original agreement

But Craig Millar, former yacht commodore, has denied this.

In his affidavit, he said the question of funds had never been raised. “It is bizarre to suggest that between all the clubs members – about 8 000 – money could not be raised to purchase the land and erect the joint clubhouse.”

He said his club was only interested in promoting sailing and not “running a restaurant”, which was the only way the new lease agreement would make financial sense.

He said his club had never waived its rights regarding the 2008 memorandum and what was now offered “doesn’t come close” to the original agreement.

“We do not want to be obstructive and we are not opposed to development…all that is required to resolve this dispute is for the company to talk to us to conclude an amendment, to ensure we are afforded a clubhouse on terms and conditions not inconsistent with the spirit of the memorandum which, at the same time, do not conflict with the proposed development.

“That should not be impossible.”

The Paddle Ski Club has submitted a provisional affidavit aligning itself with the yacht club’s submissions.

An ‘evolved’ plan

On side with the company is Cuane Hall, who is the chairperson of the Durban Undersea Club and also the chairperson of newly created Durban Point Watersports Club.

However, he disagrees with the company’s explanation for the change in the deal from freehold to leasehold.

He said this was because the plan had “evolved significantly”, which entailed the clubhouse would be a multi-level building with a small footprint set back from the beach.

“The company decided that the land under the promenade [with direct access to the beach] would be made available and, together with the clubhouse, would be leased at a highly favourable rate, substantially less than the anticipated market rental.”

Hall proposed an alternative to the “stalemate”, saying the parties should put aside their differences.

The matter is expected to be adjourned for the filing of further papers.

Source: News24

Iringa Back, Arusha Axed Out in 2017 Season Rally Calendar

The comeback of Iringa Rally and stunning absence of Arusha, one of the motorsports pillar heads are notable features of the 2017 calendar released recently by the Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT).

The calendar has also reinstated Tanga Rally, which was not staged last year on what the governing body(AAT) claimed the lateness of its organizers of in submitting safety itinerary.

An official from AAT who represents Tanga region, Hussein Moor, said he was happy to see Tanga given back a round of National Rally Championship (NRC), a move he claimed to have delighted both rally drivers and spectators in Tanga.

The AAT official said Arusha Motor Sports Club (AMSC), who most often hosts two rounds of NRC annually; this year will host none due to the financial constraints. However, there are seven rounds of NRC this year to be opened by Kilimanjaro Motor Sports Club in February and Morogoro, as it has been in the past three seasons, will stage the final round in December.

Tanzania rally season this year, according to the AAT calendar will officially start in February in Kilimanjaro with a two-day event on February 11 and 12. The second round of the NRC series will be held in Iringa April 22 and 23 and under title name Mkwawa Pure Drinking Rally of Iringa.

Iringa-based driver, Ahmed Huwel, who committed to sponsor the round, lauded the AAT move to bring the rally to Iringa after the region missed it almost ten years.

It was last staged in 2007. Mzizima Motor Sports Club (MMSC) will host the third round in May. Its rally is expected to involve areas in Dar es Salaam and historic sites of Bagamoyo, about 60km north of the city.

Tanga will host the fourth round July 8/9 before the fifth round returns to Dar es Salaam on August 5 and 6 as Oryx Rally of Tanzania. The event will also serve as the Tanzanian round of African Rally Championship (ARC).

Dar es Salaam Motor Sports Club (DMSC) are honoured to host the sixth round in September with dates fixed on 23rd and 24th.

Tanzania’s national Day, December 9 will be also marked by a motor rally competition. Mount Uluguru Rally Club will host the seventh and the final round of this year’s NRC series, an event which will decide the winner of the country’s best driver and navigator of the year.


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Guru Nanak Rally Renews Arusha-Dar Drivers’ Rivalry

With Dar es Salaam seeking to overpower the hosts Arusha in Guru Nanak Rally on October 23, the long exited rivalry between drivers of the two regions will be once again renewed this time around.

Guru Nanak is the sixth and penultimate round of this year’s National Rally Championship (NRC), according to the calendar released by the Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT).

An official in the event’s organising committee from Arusha Motor Sports Club (AMSC), Steven Lohay, has anticipated a fierce run for the podium finish between the two regions, though Dar es Salaam seems to be slight ahead of Arusha in the seeding points table.

Jamil Khan, one of the drivers from Mzizima Motor Sports Club, is among five drivers being fielded in the sixth round, said Guru Nanak Rally will decide who deserves the national championship this year.

“It is a must win event, I and my experienced navigator, Maisam Fazal, must win to prove our driving skills, “said Khan who is going to Arusha with his ultrafast Mitsubishi Evo X.

Crews from Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Morogoro are expected to compete in this year’s event, according to the organisers – Arusha Motor Sports Club (AMSC).

Lohay said this time, the event runs under the sponsorship of ‘Maji Poa’ and will cover a distance of 146 kilometres mapping Arusha, Arumeru and Monduli districts along the main Great North Highway.

A total of 25 vehicles with 50 drivers have so far been enlisted for the dust raising motoring event. Motorists are expected to come from Arusha, Tanga, Morogoro, Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam regions and all of them strive behind the wheels, gathering enough points to emerge as this year’s national champions.

Jamil Khan who leads the ‘Siera Zulu’ team which leads in the Round Five of ‘Maji Poa Guru Nanak Rally,’said he has decided to reinforce his squad by ordering four new rally cars just for the forthcoming event.

Khan is aiming for the top spot; planning to wrestle the overall National Championship from the incumbent Dharam Pandya who heads the Puma Energy team. This will be the 2016-2017 season run.

The Race National First Runner-up, Randeep Birdi also wants to climb up the ladder in the Guru Nanak event, while the current Second Runner up, Gurpal Sandhu, also warming up to spin the wheel towards victory in the 2016 rounds.

The Chairman of the Rally organising committee Robert Sander said most Guru Nanak Motor sporting drivers prefer to compete in Arusha because the region has favourable weather and lauded the support from Maji Poa.


Pastoralists Ordered Out of Reserved Lands

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Deadly Trio On Focus Ahead of Alliance MMSC Rally

THE Alliance Auto Rally is set for official launch at Southern Sun Hotel in Dar es Salaam tomorrow drawing twenty five cars from five regions of Tanzania.

Organised by Mzizima Motor Sports Club (MMSC), Alliance Auto Rally is the second round of this year’s National Rally Championship (NRC) and the organisers have decided to bring the showdown to Bagamoyo to enable spectators watch all drivers in spectacular actions.

But the second round, like many other previous events, will once again revive fierce run to the podium which Mzizima Motor Sports Club member, Dharam Pandya insists it will be he ahead of the rest. Pandya, the national driving championship title holder, said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the second round title won’t go anywhere else, but to him.

“I lost 25 points when my troubled car forced me out of the race during the season opener in Moshi, this time in Bagamoyo it won’t be the same,” he said during his car test exercise in Dar es Salaam over the weekend.

He said he was serious to bring back his winning way and his sponsors, PUMA Energy, have done everything to ensure he wins the second round and intensifies his title defence. “I would also like to thank my co-sponsors Kara Traders, Rocktronic, U-Track, DB Shapriya and MAXNET for the moral and material support and it was they who gave me this status,” he said.

Mzizima Motors Sports Club chairman who organises the event, Hidaya Kamanga said they decided to bring back the rally to Bagamoyo after finding its route very suitable for the speeding showdown. “Its flat and dusty routes are good and safe for speeding cars,” she said.

Kamanga named areas where the cars will compete as Zinga, Pipeline, Magereza and Fukayosi. She further said she expects to have 25 cars from all clubs lined up for a podium start in Bagamoyo. “We expect to see drivers from Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Morogoro, Dar es Salaam and Tanga. But there are three foreign drivers from Zambia and Kenya who will come as navigators,” she said.

The winner of the last year event, Jamil Khan, who drives Subaru Impreza N12, is among the top flight drivers. Motor sports Pundits anticipate a fierce battle of trio that involves Jamil Khan, Pandya and Randip Birdi, all three top figures in the local rallying scene.

“I am well-drilled for the tough race, My sponsors Puma Energy have done everything to ensure I compete and win the silverware,” he said. Kilimanjaro’s Guljit Dhani who won the season opener, Vaisakhi Rally, his brothers Rajpar and Ajminder Singh are reported to have started drilling ahead of the Bagamoyo showdown. There are also Gurpal Sandu, Gerald Miller and Jayant Shah from Arusha seeking to recapture their lost glory.


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Sagrada Esperança Face Young Africans Sports Club of Tanzania

Luanda — Sagrada Esperança of Lunda Norte will face Young Africans Sports Club of Tanzania in the fourth and final round, qualifying for the group stage of the Confederation of African Football Cup, according to the CAF draw held on Thursday afternoon in Cairo (Egypt).

The first leg match will be played in Tanzania between 6 and 8 May, while the second leg match will take place in Dundo city, between 17 and 18 of the same month.


Cuanza Sul – Sardines Catch Increases

The level of sardines catch in Sumbe Municipality, central Cuanza Sul Province, increased in the last few days from two… Read more »

2016 Rally Calendar Set in Old 8-Round Format

As Tanga Motor Sports Club (TMSC), readies to open 2016 rally season on February 14, the motorsports governing body has maintained the usual 8-round system in this season’s calendar.

Late last year, the President of the Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT), Nizar Jivani proposed to reduce the number of rally rounds from 8 to 6 so as to give clubs a room to stage training rally for their members.

Jivani told The ‘Daily News’ that the 8-round system has remained as the new system couldn’t work out. He said Tanga will host the opening round on February 14, while Kilimanjaro will stage the second round in March.

Dar es Salaam’s Mzizima Motor Sports Club (MMSC), will host the third round while other rounds will be held in Arusha (two), Dar es Salaam (three) and Morogoro (one round).

Organised by Tanga Motor Sports Club (TMSC), the one-day event, according to an official in the organising committee, Awadh Bafadhil, will cover areas around Tanga municipality, parts of Pangani and Muheza Districts.

He expects over twenty drivers to race for the season opener’s title. “We are hosting the first round this year’s National Rally Championship on February 14, before we move to Kilimanjaro, the venue of the second round,” said Bafadhil. According to Jivani, Dar es Salaam will host the third round in May before Arusha hosts the fourth a month later.

The event’s defending champion, Dharam Pandya has confirmed to defend his title in the season opener. “I have started early preparations in order to have a successful defence of my victory,” said Pandya who drives Mitsubishi Evo 9. Pandya, who also won last year’s round of Tanga said they have been training for the opener since the first week of January.

“We feel more rally drivers than ever,” added the navigator. As expected, Mitsubishi Evos and Subaru will lead the chase for supremacy this year, according to the organizers.

“For many years Subaru and Mitsubishi cars have been competing for the top finish, but last year it was Mitsubishi car driven by Pandya that won the event,” said Bafadhil.

The one-day race in Tanga is expected to draw participants from Arusha, Mzizima, Mount Uluguru, Dar es Salaam Motors, Kilimanjaro and the hosts Tanga Club.


Three Envoys Ordered Back Home

President John Magufuli has ordered three ambassadors to return home immediately while revoking with immediate effect … see more »

Wasteful Simba Dethroned As Mtibwa Shine

By Khatim Naheka

Zanzibar — Holders Simba Sports Club sensationally crashed out of the Mapinduzi Cup yesterday with a 1-0 defeat to Mtibwa Sugar at the Amaan Stadium here.

It was a befitting revenge for Meck Mexime’s boys against the Msimbazi Reds who beat them 4-3 in post match penalties in last year’s final at the same venue.

The defeat condemned the Mainland giants to become the second pre-tournament outfit to bow out of the event meant to mark Zanzibar Revolution Day.

They join Azam FC who were sent packing after a shock 2-1 deefat to lowly Mafunzo of Zanzibar in the quart-final match on Thursday.

Mtibwa’s slim victory sees them qualify for the final set for tomorrow against Young Africans or Uganda’s URA.

Simba have themselves to blame for the defeat as they created many chances but inept finishing cost them dearly.

A goal by midfielder Ibrahim Rajab a few seconds to half time is all the Morogoro team needed to silence Simba and make it to the final.

Rajab capitalised by goalkeeper Peter Manyika’s failure to hold properly a sizzling shot by striker Hussein Javu to silence Simba fans.

Simba fluffed a number of chances in yesterday’s semi-final clash, the culprits being Mwinyi Kazimoto and Musa Hassan Mgosi.

Three minutes to breather, midfielder Kazimoto cleverly beat two defenders just outside the penalty box, only to see his close-range shot cleared by Mtibwa’s goalkeeper Said Mohammed.

Simba made a bright start and seemed destined for a convincing win as the went close several times easly in the first half.

They ought to have gone one up two minutes intyo the game when Mgosi broke through but his effort went a few centimtres wide.

Mtibwa reacted a few minutes later and almost broke the stalemate four minutes later.


Ipe Ipe Team Drives the the Dream

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Cholera Cancels 2015 Matema Beach Festival

By Mbonile Burton

The 2015 Matema Beach Festival that was earlier scheduled to start today in Kyela, Mbeya has been postponed at the eleventh hour. The two-day annual festival was due to start today and wind up on Sunday at Matema Beach in Kyela, but will not take place as scheduled until further notice.

Abdallah Chapa, the iP Sports Club Secretary, the organisers of the festival told the ‘Daily News on Saturday’ in Dar es Salaam that they have been ordered by Kyela District authority not to host the event this time around.

Chapa said that the reason behind the order is because of cholera outbreak that has spread in the country. “We regret to announce that this year’s Matema Beach Festival has been postponed. We are not allowed to assemble people for any kind of activities for time being,” he said. Chapa said that the festival will be in place when they get clearance from the authority.

He said cholera is dangerous disease and each one should support the move and orders given from the leaders. However, the secretary said that postponement of the festival has cost his club a lot because they had already finalised all necessary preparations.

Traditional canoeing and ‘Bao’ games were in place to colour the third edition of festival involving participants from different regions.

The festival aims at promoting, sports tourism especially in Mbeya region, which has many attractions but are less publicised. President John Magufuli cancelled Independence Day celebrations and ordered a clean-up campaign all over the country. President himself and other top government leaders joined other people at that day to clean up.


Police Threatened Us, Voters Claim

Some Masasi Constituency residents in Mtwara Region have blamed the Police Force for patrolling the streets while armed … see more »

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