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Namibia: Vets Struggle to Diagnose Disease Killing Chickens

By Nuusita Ashipala

Ongwediva — The state veterinary office in Omusati Region is investigating the cause of death of a number of chickens in Oshikuku and Otamanzi constituencies, where chickens have been dying since August.

The state vet in Omusati Region Josephat Peter said it was initially suspected to be an outbreak of Newcastle disease – however the fowls tested negative for Newcastle as well as for Marek disease.

Although the situation is said to have improved in Otamanzi, chickens in Oshikuku continue to die, with many households now left without chickens.

The state vet said the matter is quite delicate because people whose chickens are dying do not leave contact details at the constituency offices to enable officials to visit their homes and make an informed diagnosis.

“We are keenly interested to know what is causing the death of the chickens and we are appealing to people to visit our offices in the constituencies,” said Peter.

He acknowledged that there is a need for further tests to determine the cause of death, but the challenge shall remain if the symptoms are communicated through a third person. He said that currently the deaths are more prevalent in young chickens.

Oshikuku Constituency Councillor and Chairperson of the Regional Council, Modestus Amutse, is appealing to the government to accelerate the process of diagnosing whatever is killing chickens in the region.

Amutse said determining the affliction would help the community to purchase the correct medication.

“People are now just buying whatever medication, but they do not have a proper diagnosis,” said Amutse. When the deaths were first reported in August the regional council was ready to fork out funds to buy medicine for the 38 villages in Otamanzi and 25 others in Oshikuku – however the process was halted after the chickens tested negative for Newcastle.

Petrina Shikomba from Oniingilamo village in Oshikuku said the situation is a big blow to farmers, adding that she only has six chickens left.

“At least I have six left, about seven [of my] neighbours have nothing left,” said Shikomba.

She said the chickens’ symptoms range from lack of appetite to having lice, amongst others.


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Namibia: MTC Apologises for System Upgrade Hiccups

By Ndama Nakashole

MOBILE operator MTC yesterday apologised for the hiccups that customers experienced during the period they implemented a system upgrade.

MTC last month notified customers of possible inconveniences that were expected to last about two days during the upgrades. However customers continued experiencing the inconveniences weeks after the upgrades, leading to a public outcry.

Some customers were allegedly wrongly charged or their accounts were not credited with top ups they made.

Chief human capital and corporate affairs officer Tim Ekandjo yesterday said the company had successfully refunded all the 335 customers who lost airtime or data credits because of the upgrades.

“We are not a perfect company and we do not like to be perfect too. But sometimes in the offering of services, errors can occur. We would like to say we are really sorry to our customers,” Ekandjo said.

During the same event, MTC announced that they will give each customer 300MB free data. The free data will be available for use on both pre-paid and post-paid services from today at 8h00 until Friday.

All pre-paid customers will have 48 hours to use the free data while post-paid customers will have validity until their next bill cycle. All Turbo boost customers will receive a free turbo boost bundles commensurate to their turbo boost plan.

Ekandjo, who denied the company has issues within their billing systems following customers’ complaints of ‘disappearing’ data, said they will continue with educational promotions to educate the public on how to keep their data on their phones.

“We are not giving this free data because of what people say is ‘disappearing data’. Our billing system is clean. We are actually giving the free data to apologise for the inconveniences caused to our customers during the system upgrades,” he said.

Ekandjo said MTC has 2,4 million customers.

“Our technicians have also learnt something from this,'” he said.


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Nigeria: Customs Intercepts Another Cache of Arms At Tin-Can Port

By Ndubuisi Francis and Eromosele Abiodun

Abuja and Lagos — The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Tin Can Island Command tuesday intercepted another container suspected to contain yet another cache of arms imported from Turkey.

The interception came barely one week after the command intercepted a 20-foot container load of 1,100 pump action rifles.

THISDAY investigations revealed that the container with number, CMAU189817/8 is believed to contain about 475 pump action rifles.

THISDAY gathered at the port that the pump action rifles were discovered after the Customs Area Comptroller of the Command, Comptroller Bashir Yusuf, ordered a detailed profiling of the importer of the 1,100 rifles intercepted last week.

After the detailed profiling, it was discovered that the container belonged to the same importer.

This seizure is the third in the series of containers loads of arms seizure at Tin-Can port alone and fourth in the country within eight months.

A source who witnessed the examination of the container told THISDAY that the rifles were concealed with small connecting pipes.

According to the source, “The container was owned by the same importer of the 1,100 guns. After a detailed profiling of the importer ordered by the Area Comptroller, it was discovered that he still has another container inside the port, so they fished it out.

“But I don’t know why they are hiding the identity of the importer; it could even be the government themselves importing these weapons.”

However, when contacted the National Public Relations Officer of the service, Joseph Attah, said a container was suspected and its yet to be examined to know what is inside.

“Let’s not speculate about arms please. A container is being suspected and examination will reveal whatever is inside,” he said in a short SMS.

The Comptroller General of the NCS, Col. Hameed Ali (rtd), had last Monday displayed 1,100 rifles imported into Tincan port from Turkey.

The customs CG said the 20ft container was originally declared to contain wash hand basins and water closets.

He said: “On September 6, 2017, operatives of the Nigeria Customs Service intelligence unit on a routine monitoring of activities across the terminals discovered a 1x20ft container with number, GESU2555208 which was not previously listed for examination positioned with other containers for the day’s examination.

“They also observed that the seal of this unlisted container had already been cut and padlocked. The container became suspect and had to be immediately transferred to the enforcement unit.”

Upon thorough examination, the container contained 600 pieces of Jojef Magnum black pump action; 300 pieces of Jojef Magnum Silver pump action and 209 pieces of Jojef Magnum Plastic single barrels hunting gun pump action rifles.

“Importation of 1100 rifles at a time when the nation is undergoing some security challenges is a clear indication that there are indeed some elements who do not believe in the unity, peace and well being of Nigeria.

Also, the NCS has announced a significant break in its drive to checkmate the smuggling of vehicles through the land borders with the seizure of what it described as 18 high-profile and exotic bullet-proof cars smuggled through the land borders.

The Comptroller-General of Customs, Ali, who made the disclosure in Abuja tuesday, said the vehicles were impounded from Kefiano Motors Limited, an auto dealer in Abuja via credible information sourced by the detachment of the compliance team of the NCS.

All the impounded vehicles, Ali said, apart from been bullet proof, do not have proper evidence of paid customs duties and do not have the ‘end user certificate’, which statutorily must accompany vehicles of that level.

“Beyond the issue of non-payment of customs duty, 13 of these vehicles are Bullet Proof. These vehicles require clearance from the office of the National Security Adviser before importation. In a period of fragile security, we cannot afford to have unauthorised persons use armored vehicles. Without End User Certificates, possession of these vehicles is illegal,” he said.

Giving details of the vehicles which were parked at the NCS’s headquarters in Abuja, the customs boss said the vehicles seized included two Range Rovers, one Rolls Royce, four Lexus, three G Wagons, two Prado SUVs, one Lincoln Navigator, one Infinity, one 4matic , two Toyota Sequoia, and one Toyota Camry.

He said: “Let it be known that being in possession of smuggled item is an offence punishable under section 3 of Customs and Excise (Special Penal and Other Provision) Act Cap 47 laws of federation of Nigeria 2004,” adding that the law on ‘possession of smuggled items’ which had hitherto been idle in the operation of the NCS would be activated to allow for the prosecution of those indicted in illegal smuggling to up to one year imprisonment without an option of fine.

He urged vehicle buyers and customs officers to go through due process in acquiring and documenting vehicles to avoid undue stress and embarrassment.

He lamented that it was unfortunate that “the Service zero stands on smuggling continue to expose unwillingness of most Nigerian importers to comply with the law,” stressing that “these unpatriotic elements willingly comply with the laws of other countries, but refuse to comply with our National guidelines on imports and exports.”

“High profile interceptions such as these are testimonies of the positive effects of the ongoing reform activities in the service,” he said.

Reacting to reports that some smugglers had started hiding such cars in private homes, Ali explained that the customs service was empowered by Section 158 of CEMA, Cap 45, Laws of Federation of Nigeria to freely patrol into any residence on suspicion of harbouring smuggled cars for the purpose of seizure.

“In the last two months, the service had stepped up its implementation of the federal government’s ban on importation of vehicles through land borders and we shall continue to do so.

“For those who may want to test the service’ resolve to maintain the new tempo of aggressive anti-smuggling operations, let me restate management’s readiness to sustain the tempo and even increase it by acquiring more working tools that will boost effectiveness.” he said.

He stated that the re-invigorated anti-smuggling drive by the service had led to the seizure of 135 vehicles in Lagos (Zone A), 93 in Kaduna (Zone B), and 37 in Port Harcourt (Zone C).

Bank of Kigali in New Drive to Deepen Financial Inclusion

By Peterson Tumwebaze

Bank of Kigali says it aims at shooting three birds with one stone through its Bigereho Na BK campaign activated three weeks ago, by, first educating Rwandans on benefits of working with banks, then entice them to open or reactivate accounts and encourage them to save regularly.

While at it, the bank will reward those who participate in the three-month campaign running up to December with prizes worth hundreds of millions of francs including motorbikes, solar panels, electronics and the grand prize, a Rwf38 million Mitsubishi canter lorry.

The expected return to investment of the campaign is at least 100,000 new retail accounts mainly Rwandans living in remote parts of the country most of whom rely on micro-finance and village saving schemes to obtain financial services.

They also hold mainstream financial services in suspicion and see them as designed for the rich. But chief commercial officer Vincent Gatete says BK is out to promote a different philosophy altogether, but to help change the perception that banks are designed for the rich.

“They say banks are designed for the rich. We are saying BK is designed to make you rich and our tagline, financially transforming lives literally means, we want to work together to create mutual wealth,” says Gatete.

In Bigereho, BK is also joining a national conversation on formal financial inclusion which the Government of Rwanda wants to deepen to 80 per cent by end of 2017. Findings from the 2012 FinScope Rwanda survey revealed that 72 per cent of Rwandan adults were financially included.

However, only 42 per cent of them were formally served, just 23 percent served by commercial banks with another 33 per cent served by non-bank formal institutions and 58 per cent used informal financial mechanisms.

With just 23 per cent of the adult population working with mainstream commercial banks, this means 77 per cent of the population can tap into BK’s Bigereho campaign

The education aspect of BK’s Bigereho Campaign is particularly important as it addresses a key barrier that the 2012 FinScope survey pointed out as condition to meet the 2017 financial inclusion target of 80 percent.

“A significant barrier to uptake of formal financial products and services was consumers’ lack of awareness or understanding of how the uptake and usage of financial products would improve their lives,” the report noted.

But there are other barriers for Bank of Kigali to consider as it targets the country’s unbanked population; the products should be affordable and directly address the needs of this category.

Product affordability is a key aspect because the FinScope 2012 findings also indicated that 1.4 million (56 percent) of the 2.3 million Rwandan adults who were not formally served were not likely to offer new opportunities for formal financial inclusion in the short term due to mainly income constraints.

Affordability of services

However, Bigereho is mainly asking Rwandans to open a savings account and deposit on it regularly for next three months, to stand a chance of winning various prizes. But beyond the prizes, customers who open a BK savings account also earn competitive interest, says the bank.

“A savings account is an asset to a customer because for every deposit you keep with us, we pay you interest and the longer you save the more you earn,” said Gatete adding that the high demand for personal loans means that those who save enjoy a high return on their savings.

The BK Kibondo savings account is among those being promoted through the Bigereho campaign as an exciting long term saving account for children between 0-16 years. The account which attracts no monthly charges can be opened with a minimum of Rwf10,000 with the bank offering savers interest of 8 percent per annum but with a single withdraw allowed in a year.

The BK Students’ Saving Account targets mainly university and high school students and is tailored to help them save money for their college upkeep, study materials and personal utilities while at school. The account which has no monthly charges can be opened with a minimum of Rwf20, 000 and earns them up to 5 percent in interest income per year. It also allows students to apply for a loan.

BK Cash-Extra Savings Account is for those who would like to make gradual savings and build deposits at their own pace. This product which earns savers 6 percent interest per annum can be opened with a minimum of Rwf50,000 and attracts no monthly charges.

BK Special Fixed Savings Accounts, on the other hand targets customers with surplus funds and wish to enjoy the comfort of assured growth for investment and future needs. With this account one can save to cover for future cash outlays like home construction, university education or retirement. The special fixed savings account is opened with a minimum of Rwf100, 000 and earns savers 7 percent interest per annum although it can be negotiated upwards depending on the amount of money being deposited.

Police Officer Stabbed to Death

By David Owori

Another police officer has died after being stabbed and his taken by suspected thugs in Busia District.

Constable Daniel Mayende was attacked on Sunday night at Kayembe Check Point in Sofia village in Busia Town located Uganda -Kenya border while on night duty.

“He was stabbed by suspected robbers and later died at the hospital where he had been taken,” the district police commander, Mr Ezra Tugume Mr Tugume said.

Mr Tugume said they have launched investigations into the incident.

“We have started the investigations to find out the motive behind the murder and also to recover the missing gun,” he said.

Mr Patrick Tabuley, a resident said the suspected thugs attacked the officer when it was raining.

“It was heavily raining and yet deceased was guarding the place alone. The robbers overpowered him,” he said.

Police officers at the scene told Daily Monitor that four suspects linked to Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) have been arrested.

“We have arrested four suspects in connection with the attack and are being held at Busia police station,” one of the officer, said on condition of anonymity.

Mayende is the fourth officer to be attacked by suspected thugs and gun taken in just three days.

On Saturday, Hussein Mubiru and Moses Karungi all Special Police Constables (SPC) attached to Mutundwe police station were killed by thugs moving on motorcycles at Denovo Bread Company in Kalerwe, Kawempe Division in Kampala.

The Kalerwe incident happened hours after thugs raided Mponye police post in Kabalagala Division hacked a police officer who was on duty and stole his gun.


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UN Decorates 430 Rwandan Police Peacekeepers in CAR

The United Nations has awarded medal of service excellence to 430 Rwandan Police peacekeepers serving under the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA).

The decorated officers, who include 58 females, constitute three contingents; two Rwanda Formed Police Units (FPUs) and a Protection and Support Unit PSU, each composed of 140 police officers. Others serve as Individual Police Officers (IPOs), and act as advisors and mentors.

Whereas FPU specializes in public order management like crowd control, facilitate delivery of humanitarian assistance, escort duties and protection of UN facilities; PSU undertakes special duties such as protection for VIPs among others.

The medal parade ceremony held on September 15 in the capital Bangui, and presided over by the Deputy Special Representative of UN Secretary General in charge of Humanitarian Affairs in MINUSCA, Najat Rochdi.

While speaking about the importance of the “exemplary service and work” done by the decorated officers for the people of CAR, Rochdi noted that the service medal signifies “respect and admiration for accomplishments made to bringing peace and safety in Central African Republic.”

She commended the “high level of discipline and good conduct exhibited by Rwanda National police contingents”, a conduct she said should “inspire peacekeepers all over the world.”

“You have done your work with diligence and courage to protect civilians under threat of death in the Central African war-torn society,” she said.

She recognized the “outstanding quality of Rwandan leadership and Rwanda National Police in particular that inspires Rwandan police peacekeepers all over the world.”

Rochdi also paid tribute to RNP and the country in general for upholding “zero tolerance” policy to indiscipline such as sexual exploitation and abuse.

The medal parade ceremony was also attended by a cross section of staff from MINUSCA, senior CAR government officials and security forces, as well as members of Rwandan Diaspora in CAR.

Rwanda was the first country to deploy a contingent of Police officers in CAR in August 2014, a month before the blue berets officially took over the peacekeeping mandate from African Union.


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Let’s Crown Museveni King for Eternity

opinionBy Dr Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

After reflection for some time, I have come up with an idea that could solve our political problems and summersaulting, at least for the next 100 years.

From my eating experience, I have learnt that you don’t spit a sugarcane bite before chewing all juice out of it. And sometimes, when the bite is too big, it is safer to keep chewing until it is thinned out enough not to injure the corners of the mouth on exit.

By now, we must be aware that in President Museveni we have a man whose special qualities it might take Uganda another three hundred years to see in another person.

Only a deluded fool thinks that Uganda can have an alternative to lead us forward in peace and stability. But whereas we are all entitled to our opinion, we are not entitled to our lunacy.

I honestly do not know where Uganda would have been if God did not send us our dear president. This country would have been a pathetic desert; we would be rotting in the limbo of underdevelopment; we would be stinking of nothingness.

Uganda cannot then thank God by letting go of His special send. As I suggested here before, dear Ugandans, look at yourselves in all your millions. Do you see anyone with presidential qualities?

The inconvenient fact is that we are all a bunch of incompetents, only fit to serve in lower positions and to be led. Look at our whole cabinet and parliament and tell me if it wouldn’t be easier to search for a grain of salt in sand than to find a potential president among them.

And they have been wise and humble enough to admit it. Ndugu Rugunda [prime minister], can you be anything better than a perpetual follower?

Honourable Ssekandi [vice president] and ye all, rise up and tell the nation that the only capable one has already been found. Let those countries that are yet to find their best keep changing presidents; we arrived.

This is not a Moses that is supposed to hand over to Joshua to lead us to Canaan; he must deliver us into the era of oil revenue and beyond.

He was chosen even before he was born. Very soon, when the world gets to understand who a special person he truly is, Rwakitura [the president’s country home] will turn into a place of pilgrimage. Fear of blasphemy makes me hesitant to compare, but I mean something like Bethlehem.

Born humbly in a kraal, only to become a saviour of this desolate nation that was lost in the wilderness of visionless misrule!

Every generation has its fools. We are told that God so loved the world that He sent it His only son so that it may be redeemed. But what happened? The fools killed Him!

This generation has also had its own unusual luck of being sent a liberator. Again, its fools are saying that he has to go, in the middle of his mission! Do we really know what we have with us? Are we trying to question and test God’s benevolence?

Aware that only him can deliver at the presidential task and that this country may collapse without him, I am humbly proposing that we crown him King of Uganda.

We are wasting time and money in piecemeal amendments to remove term limits, age limits, etc, yet we truly know that this is all because we cannot afford to lose this extraordinary specie.

The reasonable thing we should do in the circumstances is to scrap the presidential elections ritual altogether, at least temporarily. What are elections for when we all know the best?

As a king of eternity, he will govern us smoothly without any worry that some other clueless Ugandan will take over and reverse his so many achievements. Our duty is to not interfere with his great plan for us. Let us humbly admit that we are misguided in thinking that any of us living in Uganda today can handle that job.

For the moment, let us turn State House into a palace. Let us learn to bow, genuflect, and prostrate before him. The palace will surely need servants to clean around, cook, wash dishes, look after the lawn, hold the king’s garments, carry him shoulder high, plus feed and bathe his dogs.

There are about 245 legislators whom I think would happily do this job at a fee. We had misplaced them earlier. The palace will also need toilet tissue.

Our Constitution is made of nice porous paper; let us work the remaining pages into a roll. Once this is used up, we could as well roll up the paper meant for presidential election ballots and tally sheets. Honourable Smell Nsubugu, could you follow up this noble task?

Oh, I forget! With all its sumptuous meals, what is a palace without a place of convenience? Yes, those small rooms where kings go on foot. Considering that we shall have a big number of servants, we will need a big one. I think the parliamentary building will do.

The pigeonholes would keep our tissue well. On the government side of the plenary, we may set up urinals. With our visionary king in eternal charge, I don’t think we shall need parliament, anyway.

Other MPs, apart from the 245, could be informed that we have no more work for them – except if they are willing to join other servants in the palace.

Let us erect huge statues of our king in every town. Let the whole world know that we found what we wanted. And when our king eventually dies (which I think is impossible anyway – God forbid), let us embalm him and ask of his body to kindly lead us for fifty more years.

For God and my indispensable king!

The author heads the Center for African Studies at Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi.

Nigeria: Lagos Goes Tough On Open Urination, Arrests Five

Photo: Ra’eesa Pather/Daily Vox

There are five bucket toilets in the camp. Three for women and children and two for men. On the day The Daily Vox visited the camp, two steel containers had arrived and work had begun to convert them into bathrooms.

In its efforts to rid the environment of all infractions, the Lagos State government has arrested five individuals for urinating openly on the streets of Lagos.

The five persons, Bokovou Ettiene, Ajetunmobi James, Adeuga Adetola, Emmanuel Adekola and Ishola Akanbi, were arrested by the Special Adviser to the Governor on the Environment, Mr. Babatunde Hunpe, during his sanitation inspection tour of some local government areas in the state yesterday.

The Special Adviser, who was on tour of Yaba, Mushin, Ojuwoye, Ojuelegba and Ojota areas of the state to ascertain the performance of the sanitation intervention initiative inaugurated to cart away refuse, reiterated the commitment of government to rid the state of all infractions, among which were open urination and defection.

Hunpe, while addressing the people, warned them to desist from such act, stressing that it was mandatory for all petrol stations and eateries in the state to make their toilets available to members of the public whom he urged to always avail such facilities for their convenience, in addition to the public toilets in the state.

“There is no excuse for open urination and defecation as we have public toilets all over the state, while eateries and filling stations are compelled by law to keep their toilets neat and make them available to members of the public,” he said.

Upon obtaining the commitment of the apprehended persons, who pledged to henceforth champion the ‘no open urination” cause of the state government, Hunpe warned them against such acts in the future, stressing that government would not hesitate to bring the law to bear on anyone who is caught in the act henceforth.


Edo Leaders Call for Referendum On Restructuring Formula

Concerned Edo Leaders of Thought, CELT, comprising elders and leader in Edo State, has said the call for restructuring… Read more »

Rwanda: Rwanda Endorses More Financing for Energy Projects

By Peter Mugabo

Rwanda has approved extra financing for energy projects in a resolve to close gaps in power generation, that the country has been working on with multiple efforts; reports KTPress

To meet these targets, the cabinet meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame on Tuesday approved loans and grants worth over $51 million to fund three major renewable energy projects.

The current generation capacity is 208MW and the country targets to increase to 563MW of electricity before end of next year and connect 70% of Rwanda’s households to electricity.

Rwanda is a recipient of World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) credit worth $27.5 million – with a target to fund projects to increase electricity access in Rwanda through off-grid technologies that facilitate private-sector participation in renewable off-grid electrification.

In July this year, Finance Ministry and World Bank engaged in a new deal worth over $50 million to fund more Renewable Energy project as part of increasing access to electricity in rural areas.

Under the new deal, an extra 1.5 million Rwandan homes will get connected to electricity before the end of 2018.

As part of the Rural Electrification Strategy introduced last year, the Renewable Energy Fund Project (REFP) will provide 445,500 new off-grid connections giving about 1.8 million homes access to off-grid electricity by the end of 2018.

The cabinet meeting on Tuesday approved a loan agreement with the African Development Fund (ADF) worth 2.2 million Units of Account (UA) to scale up Energy Access project.

The cabinet also approved a 21.4million grant for Rwanda Renewable Energy Fund Project and $87.6 million ‘Special Drawing Rights’ (approximately $125 million) for priority skills.

With additional loans and signings, the government wants to clear the issue of energy once and for all.

Meanwhile, Rwanda is yet to release results from a four-year research that could see the country start drilling geothermal energy in Western province.

The research conducted consists of studying geology, hot springs and geophysics to find out whether there is hot water underneath that can be drilled for power generation purposes.


Tunga Promotion Returns

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Nasa Responds to Kenyatta’s Impeachment Threat

By Kennedy Kimanthi

President Uhuru Kenyatta introduced a twist in the State House race when he said Jubilee MPs would impeach Mr Raila Odinga should he win the election.

Jubilee commands a solid majority in the National Assembly and the Senate.

In a rejoinder, the National Super Alliance said the President’s threat was an act of desperation.


Nasa principal Moses Wetang’ula questioned the basis for such a decision.

“It clearly shows how ill-informed the President is about the constitutional provision and the level of desperation he is showing by pressing every panic button before going to the repeat election,” the Bungoma senator told a press conference.

The President was addressing leaders from Machakos, Makueni and Kitui counties who promised to support his re-election bid.


Mr Kenyatta wanted to know how Mr Odinga would lead the country, “considering that we have the majority of MPs and senators”.

He said the numbers could be made bigger should affiliate parties and independent candidates throw their weight behind Jubilee.

He said with slightly less numbers in the 11th Parliament, determined Jubilee-friendly MPs pushed through legislation under chaotic circumstances.

“In the last Senate, we could not pass Bills because we were evenly balanced. Today, we can do business in the Senate without a Nasa member present.

“We don’t need them. We are only 13 members shy of a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly. We can even change the Constitution,” he said.


“There is no need to fear even if he is elected. We have the opportunity within three months to impeach him.

“If you splash the billions of shillings to be spent in the repeat election that could be used for development on him, what is he going to do?”

The Constitution says a president can be removed from office on grounds of incapacity.

An MP supported by at least a quarter of parliamentarians may move a motion to investigate the president’s physical or mental capacity to perform the functions of the office.

If the motion goes through, the Speaker writes to the Chief Justice informing him of the resolution.


The CJ then appoints a tribunal, which investigates and reports the matter within 14 days.

The report is final and not subject to appeal. If it finds that the president is incapable of running the office, the National Assembly votes on whether to ratify it.

If a majority of MPs vote in favour of ratifying the report, the president ceases to hold office.

The Constitution also says the National Assembly may pass a motion to impeach the president but it must be supported by at least a third of the members.

It cites reasons for a presidential impeachment as gross violation of the Constitution or if the head of state has committed a crime.


If the motion is supported by at least two thirds of the MPs, it is sent to the Senate, which must decide if the allegations can be substantiated.

The National Assembly may appoint a committee to investigate the reports.

The president has the right to appear and be represented at the special committee during the investigations.

The Senate then considers its report, and may not proceed if the claims cannot be justified.


If the committee reports that allegations are justified, the Senate decides whether to vote to uphold the charges.

Nasa dismissed the President’s threat, saying there would be no reason to warrant the impeachment of a Raila presidency.

“What charges would be levelled against Raila? That is a reckless speculation that is not consistent with the conduct of a President,” Mr Wetang’ula said.

Mr Kenyatta also dared Nasa lawmakers to make good on their threat to skip the first sitting of 12th Parliament.

“Well done. Boycott! We have prepared the Bills. We want to dust and then pass them. If they refuse, what is the problem?” he asked.

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