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Media Freedom in Africa ‘Not Great’

interviewBy Chrispin Mwakideu

Media watchdogs are voicing concern about curbs on press freedom. DW looks at the media in Africa where restrictions range from subtle forms of censorship to imprisonment for journalists just doing their jobs.

Global press freedom has hit a 13-year low, the US rights organization Freedom House said on Friday. Earlier this week, Reporters Without Borders warned that press freedom was facing serious threats in 72 countries. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) maintains that governments are using increasingly sophisticated tactics to control information and limit critiicsm. DW has been talking to CPJ’s advocacy manager, Kerry Paterson.

DW: How would you describe the state of media freedom in Africa?

Kerry Paterson: Not great is the honest answer. Over the past couple of years there are many countries which have frequently been poor performers when it comes to protecting press freedom, but within the last year or two we’ve really seen some slipping in the countries that have traditionally been quite good on press freedom on the continent, countries like Ghana, Kenya, or South Africa. We’ve seen a real slip backwards from countries that used to be continental leaders.

Is there any reason as to why things are getting worse?

Obviously, each of these different countries has very different political situations, but I think local politics has a huge hand in it. We’ve seen a lot of crackdowns on the press from leaders trying to hang on to power – certainly that was true for what happened in Burundi, in Kenya, with this being an election year, you see an increased effort to clamp down and keep the media toeing a government line, so I think that politics ultimately has a pretty large role in it.

Talking about Kenya, the opposition has just appointed its presidential flagbearer. Looking ahead to the August 8 elections in that country does the current political situation favor freedom of the press?

Kenya is certainly one to watch and we will be watching very closely. CPJ put out a special report on Kenya in 2015 looking at the ways in which the government had paid lip service to press freedom but has actually failed to protect journalists or freedom of the press in a meaningful way. Then, in July of this past year, Alan Rusbridger, the former editor of The Guardian and board member for CPJ, did a mission to Kenya where he interviewed many of the same people who were interviewed in our 2015 report and what we found was that by and large, you still see very much the same government pressure to toe the line. You see moves that appear to be quite obviously political but are harder to prove [as such] and when governments threaten to pull out things like financial support or advertizing revenue from newspapers, then those newspapers are often forced or compelled to fall in line. I think the media is seeing itself under a lot of pressure in Kenya, which is troubling in part because Kenya has been a leader in East Africa when it comes to protecting the press. They have a vibrant media there but it’s going to be tough and we’ll be watching closely to make sure journalists are able to cover the elections in a way that is free and fair and responsible and without intimidation or reprisal.

In Cameroon, we’ve seen an RFI journalist Ahmed Abba sentenced to 10 years in prison on terrorism charges. What message does his sentence send to other journalists working in Cameroon?

A pretty terrible one. Cameroon has really deteriorated quite quickly in the last several months. We’ve been tracking other cases since he was arrested. The ten years is obviously a completely ridiculous sentence. What was his crime? It was an act of journalism. So it is absolutely absurd that he has been sentenced at all. But he also faced the death penalty. The idea that this was the lesser of two punishments he was facing is really the staggering part. Cameroon went from having no journalists in jail to arresting Abba – I think Abba is now one of eight journalists currently behind bars in the country. We’ve seen an increase in other forms of pressure on press freedom, internet shutdowns or censorship or threats and intimidation. Denis Nkwebo, who was the head of the journalist syndicate there, had his car blown up outside of his house a couple of years ago. Journalists are really being sent a message that they are being watched and they need to watch what they say, which is, of course, in direct violation of the press freedom promises that these governments make.

To be fair to African countries, though, we’ve been seeing how US President Donald Trump is waging a war on the mainstream media there. Knowing how much influence the US has on the rest of the world, presumably this is not very good for press freedom?

Absolutely. It’s troubling. By no means are our concerns on press freedom limited to Africa. We see issues of surveillance and attacks on the press in Britain, in France, in America, in Canada. We’re seeing a real clampdown on freedoms that shouldn’t be taken for granted, but has been taken for granted in those countries. As far as Donald Trump is concerned, it is really troubling because it sends a message that it is OK to behave this way, that it’s OK to imprison journalists, that it is OK to dismiss news you don’t like as being fake. You see that he is leading less. You see that echoed by other leaders, you see that with Erdogan in Turkey, you see that with President Xi in China. These are countries that embrace censorship and are silencing dissenting and critical voices. Donald Trump is certainly not doing things at that level yet, but the rhetoric he uses and the way he engages with press certainly suggests a similar animosity towards them which is really troubling, not just for journalists operating in America, but for the message it sends to leaders around the world.

Kerry Paterson is the advocacy manager for the Committee To Protect Journalists (CPJ).

South Africa: Transport Urges Drivers, Passengers and Pedestrians to Be Vigilant and to Prioritise Road Safety

press release

Minister of Transport road safety statement on the Freedom Day long weekend leading to the Workers Day commemoration

As South Africa celebrate Freedom Day and the subsequent long weekend which commenced yesterday, the 26th April to 2nd May 2017, drivers, passengers and pedestrians are urged to be vigilant and to prioritise road safety.

“Our Law Enforcement Officers have ramped up their road safety focus on high risk driving behaviour and will be targeting the well-known contributors to serious and fatal injury crashes with our operations focusing on speeding, drink/drug driving, vehicle defects, seat belt offences and inattentive driving,” said Minister Maswanganyi.

The Minister said that on the first commemoration of the Freedom Day, President Nelson Mandela addressed Parliament and he said:

“As dawn ushered in this day, the 27th of April 1994, few of us could suppress the welling of emotion, as we were reminded of the terrible past from which we come as a nation; the great possibilities that we now have; and the bright future that beckons us. And so we assemble here today, and in other parts of the country, to mark a historic day in the life of our nation. Wherever South Africans are across the globe, our hearts beat as one, as we renew our common loyalty to our country and our commitment to its future.

“We too as the dawn usher this day, we can change our behaviour on our roads and renew our common loyalty to our country and commit to our future by being responsible on our roads, making it possible for South Africa to reduce road carnages by 50% in 2020 in line with our commitment to the UN Decade of Road Safety,” said Minister Maswanganyi.

During our Easter Road Safety campaign, we have seen alcohol, speed and the lack of restraint wearing continuing to contribute to fatalities and an escalation in serious injury crashes.

Minister Maswanganyi said that the Department of Transport and all its road entities planned awareness, public education activations as well as Law Enforcement operations for this long weekend prior to the UN Global Week on Road Safety which will be launched on the 8th May 2017 in Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

“We will be out in force on the roads this long weekend to spread the message that road safety is everyone’s responsibility and needs to be taken seriously”, emphasized Minister Maswanganyi.

Minister Maswanganyi calls upon all motorists to:

adhere to the speed limit

avoid driving under the influence of alcohol

avoid use of cell phones while driving

ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy

do not cross the road where it is not safe to do so

take regular breaks

buckle up, safety belts save lives

Some additional tips to enhance road safety.

Road Rage?

It is not worth it!

Seat Belts?

They really do save lives!

Small Children?

Install and use those “baby seats!”


A step to disaster! Please don’t.


Slow down, show respect, and live!


Pull to the right and stop!

Pedestrians Ahead?

Let them cross safety!

Holiday parties?

Your “designated driver” loves you!

Be a responsible drinker, be a responsible host and make use of public transport.

Issued by: Department of Transport

Gambia: NMCP Commemorates World Malaria Day in Nbr

By Abdoullie Nyockeh

The National Malaria Control Program (NMCP), under the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, in partnership with other agencies such as NAS, Global Fund, WHO and Ecobank, celebrated World Malaria Day (WMD) at Essau in the North Bank Region on Tuesday. The theme was End malaria for good.

In remarks, NMCP manager, Balla Kandeh, said WMD sets a platform for intensive debate so that education on, and awareness of, malaria are substantially and widely disseminated.

In this process, the media and all other stakeholders including religious leaders and community-based organizations, must uphold their respective stakes, he said.

The day came as result of the historic Abuja Summit where 44 African Heads of States and Government Representatives met in 2000 and made declaration to halve the burden of malaria by 2015.

During that summit, 25th April was set aside and declared as Africa Malaria Day to be commemorated each year.

During the 60th session of the World Health Assembly in 2007, Africa Malaria Day was changed to World Malaria Day, giving it a global dimension on the magnitude of the malaria disease burden.

The day provides countries with the opportunity to soberly reflect on the efforts being made to tackle the scourge of malaria.

It also provides an opportunity to renew partnerships at the national and international level for malaria control.

It is an opportunity for countries to learn from each other’s experience and support each other’s efforts.

It’s a moment for Research and Academic institutions to flag their scientific advances on malaria to both experts and the general public.

It’s an opportunity for international partners, companies, and foundations to showcase their efforts and reflect on how to scale up what has being worked.

He said, “We cannot contain malaria by working in isolation as members of a specific sector, or in collaboration as members of a loose amalgamation. By working together, as members of a concerted and cohesive force, we can put a stop to the formidable challenge the disease poses and, “End malaria for good.”

For his part, Governor of the North Bank Region, Ebrima Dampha, said the theme was very fitting as Africa bears 90% of the malaria burden.

“The vast majority of malaria deaths occur in Africa, South of the Sahara where malaria presents major obstacles to social and economic development,” he added.

He continued that, “Although malaria is curable and preventable, the disease kills more than a million people each year, mainly young children. In Africa alone, where 90% of malaria deaths occur, malaria is the leading cause of death in children under five-years of age.”

The World Health Organization estimates that 3,000 people die of malaria every day.

Pregnant women and their unborn babies are particularly vulnerable to malaria.

When a woman is pregnant, her immunity is reduced, making her more vulnerable to the infection, which carries dangerous consequences such as stillbirth, premature delivery and low birth weight.

In The Gambia, malaria is the probable cause of 4% of infant deaths and 25% of deaths in children 1 to 4 years.

Although, the economic burden of malaria has not been fully determined, there is no doubt that the disease accounts for considerable loss days of productivity among the adult population, absenteeism from schools and workplaces and increased household expenditure on health.

In The Gambia, a robust partnership is in place, uniting all key actors and stakeholders in malaria control to respond to challenges that no organization or government can face alone.

South Africa: Energy Notes Judgement By Cape Town High Court in the Earthlife and Safcei Litigation

press release

The Minister of Energy, Ms Mmamoloko Kubayi, notes the judgement by the Cape Town High court in the Earthlife and South African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI) case against the Minister of Energy and other respondents. The Minister has now directed the Department to study the judgment, and will pronounce on the matter in due course.

The Minister will also engage all other relevant parties on the outcome of the matter.

The Department reiterates that the South African Government has not entered into any deal or signed any contract for the procurement of nuclear power. However, there are Inter-governmental Agreements (IGA’s) signed between South Africa and the following countries: United States of America, South Korea, China, Russia, and France.

The Minister will engage Parliament on this matter going forward.

Issued by: Department of Energy

South Africa

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Kenya: Report Lists Kenya Among Top in Wind Energy Investment

By Brian Ngugi

Kenya is among the countries poised to lead in wind energy investment in Africa this year according to a new report.

Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the international trade association for the wind power industry, says Kenya is setting the pace in the region in the use of wind as a renewable source of energy by initiating the generation of 700 megawatts for the national grid.

“For the Middle East and Africa, the main drivers will continue to be South Africa, Morocco (and we hope) Egypt, with strong contributions from Kenya and Ethiopia as some of the smaller markets are just getting off the ground,” says GWEC in its latest annual Global Wind Report market update.

It notes that at the end of 2016, over 99 per cent of Middle East and Africa region’s total wind energy installations were spread across 10 countries – South Africa, Morocco (787 megawatts), Egypt (810 megawatts), Tunisia (245 megawatts), Ethiopia (171 megawatts), Jordan (119 megawatts), Iran (91 megawatts), Cape Verde (24 megawatts), Kenya (19 megawatts), Israel (6.25 megawatts) and Algeria (10 megawatts).

The report cites Kenya’s Lake Turkana wind project, now completed and set to be commissioning in the coming months, as an example.

The 310-megawatt project will account for almost 18 per cent of Kenya’s total installed power generation capacity.

The German Development Bank and Agence Française de Développement of France are also doing due diligence of a wind farm of the KenGen in Meru with plan to construct a 400-megawatt plant.


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Updated List of Party Nomination Winners

By Nation Team

Baringo County
Stanley Kiptis (Jubilee)
Gideon Moi (Kanu)
Simon Kiprono Chelugui (Jubilee)
Woman Representative
Susan Chesina (Jubilee)
Gladwell Tungo (Kanu)
Baringo Central
David Kerich (Jubilee)
Joshua Kandie (MCC)
Baringo South
Grace Kipchoim (Jubilee)
Charles Kamuren (Kanu)
Moses OIempaka (ODM)
Baringo North
William Cheptumo ((Jubilee))
Nelly Yatich (Kanu)
Joseph Makilap (PDR)
Sammy Chelanga (Jap)
Eldama Ravine
Moses Lesonet (Jubilee)
Daniel Tuitoek (Jubilee)
Noah Chepkech (Kanu)
Rev Symon Kiuta (Jubilee)
Asman Kamama (PDR)
William Kamket (Kanu)
Bomet County
Governor Party
Isaac Ruto Ccm
Joyce Laboso (Jubilee)
Bomet East
Beatrice Kones (Jubilee)
Domnic Kosgei (Jubilee)
Bungoma County
Governor Party
Ken Lusaka
Woman Representative
Reginalda Wanyonyi
Boniface Otsiula
Didmus Barasa
Majimbo Kalasinga
John Waluke
Webuye West
Dan Wanyama
John Chikati
Elgeyo Marakwet County
Alex Tolgos (Jubilee)
Kipchumba Murkomen (Jubilee)
Woman Representative
Jane Jepkorir Kiptoo (Jubilee)
Marakwet West
William Kipsang (Jubilee)
Marakwet East
Kangogo Bowen (Jubilee)
Keiyo South
Daniel Rono (Jubilee)
Keiyo North
James Murgor (Jubilee)
Homa Bay County
(ODM) cancelled
Moses Kajwang’ (ODM)
Woman Representative
Gladys Wanga (Direct ticket ODM)
Suba South
John Mbadi (ODM)
Dr Lillian Gogo (ODM)
Milly Odhiambo (ODM)
Isiolo County
Godana Doyo (PDR)
Abdul Bahari (Jubilee)
Mohamed Kuti (Narc-K)
Mohamed Guleid (CCM)
Adan Kabelo (ODM)
Anwar Kassam (MCC)
Fatuma Dhulo (PDR)
Mohamed Liban (Jubilee)
Mollu Huka (PNU)
Hussein Golicha (Narc-K)
Ken Mutuma (ELP)
Woman Representative
Rehema Dida Jaldesa (Jubilee)
Betsy Kaari Mburugu (PNU)
Isiolo North
Joseph Samal (Jubilee)
Lucy Mworia (Narc-K)
Mustafa Ali ‘Mbuthia’ (PNU)
Hassan Odha (PPK)
Ali Dida Abkula Wiper
Isiolo South
Abdullahi Banticha (PDR)
Abdul Mollu (Jubilee)
Mohamed Tubi (ANC)
Kajiado County
Kajiado Central
Christopher Koisikir
Kajiado West
George Sunkuyia
Kajiado East
Peris Tobiko
Kajiado South
Katoo Ole Metito
Kakamega County
Wycliffe Oparanya (ODM)
Michael Osundwa (ANC)
Senator Boni Khalwale (Ford Kenya)
Suleiman Sumba (Kanu)
Mabel Muruli (Jubilee)
Seth Panyako (ODM)
Cleophas Malala (ANC)
Stanley Livondo (Jubilee)
Woman Representative
Elsie Muhanda (ODM)
Deberious Shikuku (ODM)
Nabii Nabwera (ODM)
Saidi Khasavuli (ODM)
Vance Udoto (ODM)
Prof Stanley Khainga (ODM)
Vincent Mukhono (ODM)
Benjamin Andama (ODM)
Mumias East
Justine Mutobera (ODM)
Mumias West
Johnstone Naicca (ODM)
Paul Achayo (ODM)
Habil Nanyendo (ODM)
Lugari Likuyani (Jubilee)
Malulu Injendi (Jubilee)
Emmanuel Wangwe (Jubilee)
Manyala Keya (Jubilee)
Shinyalu Ikolomani
Bernard Shinali (Jubilee
Mumias East
Benjamin Washiali (Jubilee)
Mumias West
Rashid Mohammed
David Were
MPs – (ANC)
Lurambi -Titus Khamala
Lugari – Ayub Savula
Khwisero – Christopher Aseka Wangaya
Kiambu County
Ferdinand Waititu (Jubilee)
Kimani Wamatangi (Jubilee)
Woman Representative

Kiambu Town
Jude Njomo (Jubilee)
Kimani Ichung’wa (Jubilee)
Gatundu South
Moses Kuria (Jubilee)
Francis Waititu (Jubilee)
Paul Koinange (Jubilee)
Thika Town
Alice Nganga (Jubilee)
Kago Mukuha (Jubilee)
Moses Mwathi (Jubilee)
Johan Mburu (Jubilee)
Gatundu North
Wanjiku Wa Kibe (Jubilee)
Nganga Kingara (Jubilee)
Githua Wamacukuru (Jubilee)
Kilifi County
Amason Kingi (ODM)
Gideon Mung’aro (Jubilee)
Kazungu Kambi (Kadu Asili)
Stewart Madzayo (ODM)
Woman Representative
Getrude Mbeyu (ODM)
Aisha Jumwa (ODM)
Rashid Odhiambo (Wiper)
Dr Harry Mwimali (Independent)
Kilifi South
Mustafa Iddi (Jubilee)
Ken Chonga (ODM)
Harrison Kombe (Jubilee)
Franco Eposito (Kadu Asili)
Mwalimu Menza (ANC)
Michael Kingi (ODM)
Fredrick Nguma (Wiper)
Kilifi North
Owen Baya (ODM)
Mwinga Gunga (Devolution Party of Kenya)
William Kamoti (ODM)
Emma Mbura (MCC)
Teddy Mwabire (ODM)
Peter Shehe (Jubilee)
Kirinyaga County
Anne Waiguru (Jubilee)
Daniel Karaba (Jubilee)
Woman Representative
Purity Ngirici (Jubilee)
Githinji Gichimo (Jubilee)
George Kariuki (Jubilee)
Kabinga Wathayu (Jubilee)
Kirinyaga Central
Wambugu John Munene (Jubilee)
Kisumu County
Anyang’ Nyong’o (ODM)
Atieno Otieno (Jubilee)
Fred Outa (ODM)
Winston Ochor Ayoki (Jubilee)
Woman Representative
Rozah Buyu (ODM)
Grace Akumu (CCP)
Tom Osimbo (ODM)
Kisumu West
John Awiti (ODM)
John Olago Aluoch (Ford-K)
Kisumu East
Nicholas Oricho (ODM)
Joy Gwendo (Jubilee)
Kisumu Central
Ken Obura (ODM)
Yusuf Ooro (Independent)
James Koyoo (ODM)
Kitui County
Julius Malombe (Wiper)
Charity Ngilu (Narc)
Enoch Wambua (Wiper)
Woman Representative
Irene Kasalu (Wiper)
Kitui West
Francis Nyenze (Wiper)
Kitui Rural
Charles Nyamai (Wiper)
Kitui Central
Makali Mulu (Wiper)
Kitui East
Mutua Muluvi (Wiper)
Mwingi West
Charles Ngusya Nguna (Wiper)
Kwale County
Salim Mvurya (Jubilee)
Dr Issa Chipera (ODM)
Chirau Mwakwere (Wiper)
Issah Juma Boy (ODM)
Mshenga Ruga (Jubilee)
Hassan Mzinga (Kanu)
Abdalla Ngozi (DP)
Gonora Kinyasi (ANC)
Woman Representative
Zainab Chizuga (Jubilee)
Zuleikha Juma (ODM)
Fatma Tabwara (Party of Development and Reforms)
Gonzi Rai (Jubilee)
Benjamin Tayari (ODM)
Suleiman Dori (ODM)
Bashir Kilalo (Jubilee)
Marere Wa Mwachai (National Vision Party)
Lunga Lunga
Omar Zonga (ODM)
Kassim Pojjoh (Wiper)
Khatib Mwashetani (Jubilee)
Hassan Mwanyoha (ODM)
Hassan Mwarora (Wiper)
Kassim Sawa Tandaza (ANC)
Mwalimu Degore (Jubilee)
Lamu County
Abdalla Fadhil (Direct Ticket ODM)
Fahim Twaha (Jubilee)
Abu Chiaba (Jubilee)
Woman Representative
Shakila Abdalla (Wiper)
Lamu West
Julius Ndegwa (Jubilee)
Migori County
(ODM) cancelled
Woman Representative
Pamela Odhiambo
Suna East
Junet Mohammed
Walter Sirawa
Paul Abuor
Fredrick Ogenga
Mombasa County
Governor Party
Hassan Joho (ODM)
Hassan Omar (Wiper)
suleiman shahbal (Jubilee)
Hezron Awiti (VDP)
Lawrence Kisilu Wiper
Yaser Bajaber Ford Kenya
Woman Representative
Mohamed Zamzam Wiper
Abdulswamad Nassir (ODM)
Ali Mbogo (Wiper)
Rashid Bedzimba (ODM)
Said Abdalla (ODM)
John Mcharo (Wiper)
Mishi Mboko (ODM)
Masoud Mwahima (Jubilee)
Nandi County
Stephen Sang (Jubilee)
Samson Cherarkey (Jubilee)
Woman Representative
Tecla Songok Tum (Jubilee)
Nandi County Final Results
Stephen Sang
Wilson Kogo
Vincent Tuwei
Nandi Hills
Alfred Keter
Cornelly Serem
Julius Kelly
Alex Kosgey
Nyamira County
John Nyagarama (ODM)
James Gesami (Independent)
David Onyancha (Wiper)
Erneo Nyakiba (DDR)
Mwancha Okioma (Ford-K)
Evans Ongaga (CCM)
Walter Nyambati (Jubilee)
Joseph Kiangoi (Jubilee)
Nyambega Mose (Wiper)
Tom Nyatiemi Mogaka (Restore)
Eric Okong’o Omogeni (ODM)
Douglas Maraga Ccm
Woman Representative
Jerusah Momanyi (Jubilee)
Alice Nyanchoka Chae (ODM)
Grace Nyamongo (Wiper)
Janet Kumenda (Ford-K)
Mary Matini (MCC)
North Mugirango
Charles Geni (ODM)
George Onsongo (PNU)
Ouru Nyaera (PNU)
Joash Nyamoko (Jubilee)
Johnstone Obike chap chap
James Ochieku (CCM)
Charles Ombui (Kanu)
Zachari Nyayiemi Moturi (Wiper)
Jason Mosinga (Ford-K)
West Mugirango
Dennis Anyoka (Independent)
Fred Makamara (Kanu)
Steve Mogaka (Wiper)
Kemosi Mogaka (Ford-K)
Julius Matwere (ODM)
Kennedy Achoki (Jubilee)
James Mamboleo (MCC)
Patrick Osero (Jubilee)
Ben Momanyi (Wiper)
Dancliff Nyaisa Mbura (ANC)
Kitutu Masaba
Victor Ogeto Swanya Wiper
Shadrach Mose (Jubilee)
Timothy Bosire (ODM)
Reuben Okibo (MCC)
Edward Obwocha (Ford-K)
Siaya County
Cornel Rasanga (ODM)
James Orengo (ODM)
Woman Representative
Christine Ombaka (ODM)
Violet Omwamba (Jubilee)
Elisha Odhiambo (ODM)
Julius Okinda (Independent)
Alego Usonga
Samuel Atandi (ODM)
David Ochieng Mdg
Chris Karan (ODM)
Opiyo Wandayi (ODM)
Joseph Alur (Ford-K)
Mj Okumu (Independent)

Taita Taveta County
Thomas Mwadeghu (ODM)
Dan Mwazo (Jubilee)
Jacinta Mwatela (ANC)
Erastus Katani (Independent)
Granton Samboja (Wiper)
Jones Mwaruma (ODM)
Joyce Lay (Jubilee)
anne tina nyambu (Kanu)
Dr Anold Mwadali (Independent)
Elijah Mwandoe (Wiper)
Woman Representative
Priscilla Mwangeka (Wiper)
Jones Mlolwa (ODM)
Rose Shingira (Wiper)
dishon mngoda (Jubilee)
Geoffrey Mwanjulu (ANC)
Andrew Mwadime (ODM)
Morris Mbondenyi (Jubilee)
Ray Mwangola (ODM)
Simon Mwachia (Jubilee)
Cromwell Baridi (Ford-K)
Danson Mwashako (Wiper)
Ruth Lelewu (ODM)
Basil Criticos (Kanu)
Stephen Odiaga (Ford-K)
Morris Mulei (Wiper)
Naomi Shaban (Jubilee)
Tana River County
Hussein Dado (Jubilee)
Dr Nuhu Abdi (Wiper)
Dhadho Godhana (ODM)
Danson Mungatana (Patriotic Party Of Kenya)
Jillo Algi (Party for Development and Reforms
Ali Bule (Kanu)
Hantiro Barako (Nark-K)
Molu Shambaro (Wiper)
Maur Bwanamaka (CCU)
Said Balozi (Ford-K)
Michael Nkaduda (ODM)
Woman Representative
Kureisha Mohamed (Independent)
Saadiya Huisein (Wiper)
Makkah Mohamed (Party for Development and Reforms)
Alfeit Mumbo (ODM)
Melisa Hadida Anc
Mohamed Jughe (DP)
Aliwayu Komora (ODM))
Ibrahim Sane (Kenya Patriotic Party)
Ali Wario (Wiper)
Joel Ruhu (Ford-K)
Guyo Salat (Jubilee)
Weli Abdi Weli (Anc)
Abdi Bile (CCM)
Bernard Matheka (Chama Mwangaza Daima)
Anwar Mohamed(Party for Development and Reforms)
Morris Jilo (Kadu Asili)
Hassan Dukicha (Jubilee)
Bwanaidi Aziz (MCC)
Said Hiribae (Ford-K)
Ahmed Shurie (Wiper)
Ali Wario (Jubilee)
Isaack Galgalo (Kanu)
Yakub Adow (ODM)
Mohamed Dube (wiper)
Uasin Gishu County
Jackson Mandago (Jubilee)
Margaret Kamar (Jubilee)
Woman Representative
Gladys Shollei (Jubilee)
William Chepkut (Jubilee)
Oscar Sudi (Jubilee)
Silas Tiren (Jubilee)
Swarup Mishra (Jubilee)
Caleb Kositany (Jubilee)
Kevin Okwara (Jubilee)
Vihiga County
Moses Akaranga (PPK)
Wilbur Ottichilo (ODM)
Yusuf Chanzu (ANC)
Kennedy Butiko Udp
George Khaniri (ANC)
Jairus Amayi Independent
Billy Nyonje (MDP)
Patrick Kenya (Jubilee)
Woman Representative
Beatrice Adagala (ANC)
Rhodah Mbandu (ODM)
Lorna Obiri (PPK)
Mary Amalemba (Independent)
Alfred Agoi (Incumbent ANC)
Dennis Ajega (ODM)
Ernest Ogesi Anc
Dorcas Kedogo (ODM)
Tom Kisia Ppk
Charles Sande (ODM)
ANC Results For Emuhaya Still Pending
Chris Omulele (ODM)
Arthur Apungu Anc
Charles Gimose Ford Kenya
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Media Freedom in Africa ‘Not Great’

Media watchdogs are voicing concern about curbs on press freedom. DW looks at the media in Africa where restrictions… Read more »

South Africa: Arrive Alive This Weekend

Pretoria — Drivers, passengers and pedestrians have been urged to be vigilant and to prioritise road safety during this long weekend.

South Africa celebrates Freedom Day and Workers’ Day, making it a bumper long weekend from 26 April to 2 May.

“We … can change our behaviour on our roads and renew, in line with our commitment to the UN Decade of Road Safety,” said Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi on Thursday.

Minister Maswanganyi warned that traffic law enforcement agencies will be out in full force on the roads this long weekend to spread the message that road safety is everyone’s responsibility and needs to be taken seriously.

“Our law enforcement officers have ramped up their road safety focus on high risk driving behaviour and will be targeting the well-known contributors to serious and fatal injury crashes, with our operations focusing on speeding, drunk/drug driving, vehicle defects, seat belt offences and inattentive driving.”

During the Easter long weekend, alcohol and speed contributed to fatalities and an escalation in serious road crashes.

About 235 people have lost their lives on South Africa’s roads during the Easter long weekend. A further 20 died last week in a bus crash involving school pupils in Bronkhorstspruit .

Minister Maswanganyi called upon all motorists to:

adhere to the speed limit

avoid driving under the influence of alcohol

avoid use of cell phones while driving

ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy

do not cross the road where it is not safe to do so

take regular breaksbuckle up, safety belts save lives.

The Minister also had other road safety advice, such as:

Road Rage – it’s not worth it!

Seat Belts: They really do save lives!

Small Children? Install and use those “baby seats!”

J-Walking? A step to disaster! Please don’t.

Speeding? Slow down, show respect and live!

Sirens? Pull to the right and stop!

Pedestrians Ahead? Let them cross safety!

Holiday parties? Your “designated driver” loves you!

He called on all those who will be drinking to be to be responsible drinkers and rather make use of public transport.

South Africa

Minister Denies Financial Bailout Plans for Broadcaster

There are no plans yet for Treasury to give the ailing SABC a bailout, Communications Minister Ayanda Dlodlo said on… Read more »

South Africa: Traditional Affairs Commits to Ending Initiation Deaths

Pretoria — Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) Minister Des Van Rooyen has committed to work with his department’s stakeholders to bring an end to initiation deaths.

He said his ministry will work with role players including parents, traditional leaders, the Health Department, South African Police Service (SAPS) and National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) during this winter initiation season.

Initiation season began on 24 April 2017, with many young men beginning this sacred cultural journey. With the winter school holidays about to begin, many potential initiates are expected to join the journey across the country.

Already, two initiates from KwaMhlanga and Gemsbokspruit in Mpumalanga province have passed on. Minister Van Rooyen expressed sadness that the two fatalities occurred right at the beginning of the 2017 winter initiation season, which he had hoped would be incident free.

He said leaders traditional leaders, working with other stakeholders, will leave no stone unturned to determine the cause of this fatalities.

Minister van Rooyen said understanding the cause of these two fatalities might assist to save the lives of many young men, who will be embarking on this sacred process countrywide.

Deputy Minister Obed Bapela called on communities to adopt a zero tolerance approach to initiation deaths.

“We therefore urge all communities and those leading the initiation schools to ensure that all initiates entering this sacred path are complying with all the stipulated requirements, have parental consent, underwent medical screening and ensure that initiation schools and traditional surgeons are registered”, said Deputy Minister Bapela.

The department has called on communities to report any wrong on 0800 111 166 or #InitiationDTA.

South Africa

Minister Denies Financial Bailout Plans for Broadcaster

There are no plans yet for Treasury to give the ailing SABC a bailout, Communications Minister Ayanda Dlodlo said on… Read more »

West Pokot Not a Kanu Zone, Jubilee Leaders Tell Lonyangapuo

By Oscar Kakai

Leaders from West Pokot County have declared the area a Jubilee zone, promising to support the ruling party in the August 8 l elections.

The leaders slammed their rivals over claims that the county is a Kanu zone, asking them to stop misleading residents.

They lauded residents for participating in the nominations peacefully.

Speaking on Thursday during a public rally in Kapenguria Town, West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin, Pokot South MP David Pkosing and former Kapenguria MP Julius Murgor, who is eyeing the county’s senate seat, and other leaders nominated to vie on the Jubilee ticket vowed to rally locals in supporting the party.

“During the Kanu regime we did not benefit from anything as a community. I am now telling my rival and our senator Prof John Lonyangapuo to prepare for a bruising battle,” said Mr Kachapin.

Governor Kachapin said that his government will continue initiating projects in the region to spur development and uplift the economy of the locals.


“We are going to complete parking site and improve drainage systems. As a party, we will conduct peaceful campaigns in the area, moving from one sub-county to the other preaching peace among our people,” he added.

Pkosing cautioned other leaders from the county against spreading propaganda and insults.

“Resident should listen to us and ignore leaders who tell them lies,” said Pkosing.

Rev Murgor said he is optimistic that the Jubilee Party will win all seats in the August elections.

Other leaders present in the meeting included West Pokot Deputy Governor Titus Lotee, Sigor Jubilee parliamentary aspirant Peter Lochakapong, Kacheliba Jubilee parliamentary aspirant John Lodinyo and county woman representative, Ms Lilian Tomi Tom.


Millions Needed to Battle Armyworms

The Agriculture ministry requires an additional Sh320 million emergency funding to combat crop-eating caterpillars known… Read more »

Shebesh Storms Jubilee Tallying Centre Protesting Rigging

By Simon Ndonga

Nairobi — There was drama at the Nyayo Stadium Jubilee tallying centre Thursday, when Nairobi Woman Representative Rachael Shebesh stormed the venue, alleging a plot to rig her out.

Shebesh who was accompanied by her supporters claimed that votes were being stolen at the Embakasi North polling station in favour of her rival Millicent Omanga.

Shebesh vowed that she would not allow the exercise to proceed before the matter was settled.

“We will not allow this to happen. I was leading and the Returning Officer decided to reverse my votes. That is not acceptable,” she complained.

She was later escorted out by police and taken to the Nyayo Stadium Police Station where she was advised to direct her grievances to the party.

“This is very bad and cannot be allowed to go on. Now I am going to the Jubilee Party headquarters to express my grievances.”

Even as she protested, Shebesh had taken the lead in the Woman Representative post with 15,545 votes while Omanga followed with 7,185 votes.

Karen Nyamu is third with 5,434 followed by Janet Muthoni who has 2,039 votes.

In the tallying that is ongoing, Nairobi Senator Mie Sonko maintained a steady lead in the Jubilee gubernatorial race after securing 68,208 votes in nine constituencies tallied so far.

In the votes counted in Kibra, Embakasi South, Langata and Dagoretti North, Peter Kenneth garnered 28,861 votes while Bishop Margaret Wanjiru had 5,282 so far.

County Returning Officer John Rotich also announced the Senate count for the nine constituencies where former TNA Chairman Johnson Sakaja is in the lead with 24,774 votes.


Media Freedom in Africa ‘Not Great’

Media watchdogs are voicing concern about curbs on press freedom. DW looks at the media in Africa where restrictions… Read more »

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