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Diamond Platinumz’s Kampala Set Left a Lot to Be Desired

Photo: The Observer

Diamond Platinumz

opinionBy Andrew Kaggwa

Kampala — Many things worked in Diamond Platinumz’s favour as Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) rolled out adverts for a charity concert he was supposed to headline.

He has Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan for a girlfriend, which meant his on-and-off relationship was going to be in our faces.

Even as the artiste was jetting into the country on Friday, it was their relationship that was trending as Zari had deleted all pictures of herself with him off her social media platforms. This and other factors made the show a must-attend for people.

Then it was time for the show at Kololo Ceremonial grounds. It was meant to usher in the sixth annual Kampala City Festival that for the first time was happening for three days.

With a number of local artistes lined up, the show started at 7:30pm, but with a DJ, he would later be followed by a string of artistes like Cindy, Levixone, B2C, Winnie Nwagi, Sheebah and Geosteady.

Jemimah Sanyu was the only Ugandan artiste that showcased maximum artistry by coming with a full band to put up a spirited performance, but her shine was well stolen by Gravity Omutujju who had spent his entire time complaining about KCCA paying lots of money to a Tanzanian other than a Ugandan.

Diamond took to the stage at 10pm after being introduced by KCCA executive director, Jennifer Musisi; “We are happy that you’ve come to support the cause of building these schools,” she said.

All clad in white, Diamond entered to a live instrumentation of his Number One song; soon he went into his slower ballads most of which came out before he had a breakthrough.

The response from the audience was expected, they looked at him as he performed, cold and neither dancing nor singing along; “We came to dance to the songs we love, not these ones we’ve never heard of,” a fan complained.

It was clear that Diamond had an uphill task for two complete hours. This meant he had to perform his entire catalogue of songs, whether some were appreciated or not.

For close to 40 minutes or more, the Tanzanian seemed to be singing and dancing for no one but himself, with the worst transitions between songs, he would go talk to his dancers and band probably to question which song was next on the list.

Probably punishing Ugandans for refusing to master Kiswahilli, he went on to sing in the language until he finally decided to open up and interact with the audience.

He has evolved as a performer, got vocal training that he spent most of the routine showcasing his prowess in these areas than interacting with the audience or singing for them.

He later sang songs people dance to like Fire, Kidogo, Marry You, Halleluyah, Salome, I Miss You and Love Boat among others. Diamond, even with his lack of chemistry, showcased professionalism from the way he carried himself, branding, choreography and having a very tight band.

But the show ended prematurely since it was midnight and Diamond was just getting charged up.

Tears of Joy as Meddy Performs in Huye District

By Eddie Nsabimana

Meddy, arguably the most popular Rwandan singer at the moment, enjoyed a remarkable reunion with his fans from the Southern region who filled up Huye stadium to see the U.S-based singer perform.

Performing his songs, new and old, Meddy was mobbed by hysterical fans every time he left the stage, forcing security to intervene to make sure there was no stampede.

Meddy came on stage last after performances from Hip Hop duo Khalfan, and Riderman, all backed by Sebeya Band, an ensemble of pioneers of Nyundo School of Music.

MCs Buryohe and Bryan kicked off the show a few minutes after 2pm trying to warm up the crowd before rapper Khalfan arrived on stage. He performed some of his singles like Niza nduru, Love, and Too Much- collaboration with different artistes.

He then gave way for Riderman, who immediately came on with his hip hop free style, before he performed some of his known songs like Umwana w’umuhand, Get out of my soul, Ikirori, Igicaniro, Holo, Wancitse vuba, and Abanyabirori, among many others.

When he was done, it was time to bring on Meddy, and the Ntawamusimbura singer could not start performing without extending his warm greetings and expressing his joy to perform before Huye residents after 7 years.

Many failed to control their emotions as Meddy kicked off a performance which was characterised by intervals of interacting with the crowd. The crowd was wild from the moment he stepped on stage. Many scrambled to touch him or hug him.

For a few moments, he tried to go into the crowd but security would deter him to avoid incidents as many struggled to reach out to him.

The star, who held his homecoming show last month, sang many of his songs like Mubwire, Inkoramutima, Igipimo, EseUrambona, Si ByoftKitoko, Slowly and Nta Wamusimbura, among others.

The RnB star invited young fans to perform with him on stage. Infatuated fans, especially females shriek with excitement with a reasonable number shedding tears of joy.

The show ended few minutes to 6p.m but fans were unwilling to let him go.

Even as he left, fans followed the vehicle as they scrambled for autographs and souvenirs.

This weekend the ongoing Airtel Muzika Promotion will head to Rubavu.

Kenyatta Buys Sh1.2 Million Bull

By Brian Moseti

Farmers, butchers and meat lovers Wednesday morning competed at the Nairobi International Trade Fair auction where the champion bull was sold at Sh1.2 million.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was officially opened the show beat Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and other businessmen in the auction.

He donated the bull, that weighs 700kilogrammes to Nairobi County National Police Service.

Mr Sonko bought the reserve champion that was ranked number two at Sh1million.

The two bulls were reared by Kenya Seed Company. The company’s bulls have won the competition for the past five years.

Mr Azaria Soi, the Kenya Seed Company managing director said the secret behind the healthy animals was a combination of the right selection of animal feed and the breeds they rear.

“All you need is just access to the right quality of feed and genetics of course, that is you have to know which breed can grow to be this big,” he said.


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Churchill to Launch New Comedy Talent Search Show

By Hilary Kimuyu

Comedian Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki is set to launch a new reality show to hunt for the best comedian in Kenya.

The show dubbed The Ultimate Comic will see Churchill partner with Maisha Magic East to find a rib cracking, stand-up comedian between the age of 18 and 50.

The hunt will begin through auditions in four major towns in Kenya beginning in Mombasa on 22nd and 23rd September, before moving to Kisumu City on 29th and 30th September.

Nakuru auditions will be held on the first weekend of October then followed by Nairobi the following weekend.

The Ultimate Comic aims to grow new talent in the comedy industry and give a chance for both the young and old alike to realize their dreams.


The winner will walk away with a TV contract, Sh1 million shillings and a car.

Following the auditions, 40 successful comedians from across the country will be shortlisted to take part in the knock-out stages and live shows before the grand finale scheduled for March 2018.

Maisha Magic East Head of Channel Margaret Mathore said the Ultimate Comic is a platform for local comedians to showcase their talent.

“We strive to deliver the shows that people love into their hands and their living rooms while using our influence and resources to play a positive role in Africa. We remain committed to helping to grow our local people and creative industries. This show is a continued sign of that commitment by Maisha Magic East,” said Ms Mathore.


Judges of the show will include renowned comedians Tony Njuguna, Felix Odiwuor popularly known as Jalang’o and radio host Massawe Japanni.

The short listed comedians will also receive mentorship by various top personalities among them Charles Bukeko, aka Papa Shirandula, MC Jessy, Abel Mutua, Sammy Mwangi, Victor Ber, Carolyne Adong’o and Obillo Ng’ongo.

The Ultimate Comic show will air on Maisha Magic East from Saturday 4 November 2017 at 8.30pm.


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Weird, Unacceptable Things We Do On Golf Course

opinionBy Vincent Wang’ombe

There was a TV programme in the 1980s that used to show people with many weird abilities or doing some very strange things.

I found the show, You Asked For It, on Voice of Kenya TV, quite captivating. Some of the bizarre acts were cringe-worthy that I used to watch them with one eye closed.

I’ve watched people breaking Rules of Golf with the same disbelief that I used to have when watching You Asked For It.

There are Rules of Golf that are so basic that I find it odd that anyone would play more than one or two rounds without knowing them.

The first is that one should never touch their line of putt unless they are removing loose impediments, repairing pitch marks and a few other allowable actions.

However, recently I have been seeing more and more golfers tapping down imaginary pitch-marks on their line of putt, improving it in the process.

Before making a stroke at a ball that is in the hazard, not touching the sand or the water with a club or the hand is the second most obvious of the Rules of Golf. A few golfers are, however, oblivious to this very basic of Rules. I recently saw a player flattening his line of putt with his hand.

Reason? There were some blades of grass that could have deflected his ball. Another one dug the sand immediately behind his ball with his fingers to ensure that he had a good connection with his shot.

These are some of the things that just make me cringe and watch with one eye.

To add insult to injury, many people who know that this is an infringement, don’t know how to penalise such infringements.

A few golfers will impose penalties depending on their mood or how irritating they find the action to be. I have heard someone say “You touched the sand six times… six strokes penalty for you!” and a gentler one who said:

“Don’t you know that you are not allowed to touch your line of putt? I will give you a one-stroke penalty!”

Penalty shots must not be meted out arbitrarily. The Rules of Golf have four distinct categories of penalties that are clearly spelt out in the Rules of Golf:

1. One-stroke penalties for carelessness:

Acts of carelessness that don’t give anyone an advantage attract a one stroke penalty.

Misdemeanours like accidentally stepping on one’s ball while searching for it or moving the ball in play accidentally by say a practice swing or dropping something on it.

However, it stops being a misdemeanour when one fails to replace their ball back to where it lay before moving it or dropping it as near as possible as where it lay before they stepped on it.

In match play, moving the opponent’s ball will earn the player a one-stroke penalty under this category.

2. Two-stroke penalties for forbidden acts/Loss of hole (in match play):

This is the bigger penalty. The Rules of Golf have many commandments.

Thou shalt not touch the line of putt, thou shalt not touch the sand or water in the hazard and many more. If one breaks any of these commandments, they earn a two-stroke penalty.

There are instances where players gain an advantage by say not replacing the ball on the green at exactly where they had picked it from after marking its position.

Some people will look for a smoother spot to replace their ball or even move it an inch closer to the hole. These and other acts that give players an advantage must be penalised under this category.

3. One-stroke penalties for errors of play:

This is the cost of getting a ball back in play after a poor shot. If one loses their ball in the rough or hits it out of bounds, they earn a one-stroke penalty when putting another ball in play.

In this case the player also loses the distances by having to go back to where they hit the original shot. Players whose balls take a swim in water hazards also take relief under this category.

4. Disqualification:

This penalty is reserved for serious breaches of the Rules. Some of the examples of serious breaches are playing with non-conforming clubs, signing for a lower score on a hole, poor time keeping and a few others.

Penalty strokes must not be meted out on a whim. They will generally fit under one of these four categories.

There are only these four categories of penalties no matter how bizarre or cringe-worthy the action, or lack of it, may be.

‘Car Thieves’, Witch Doctors Who Put on Nude Show Charged With Fraud

Photo: Capital FM

The show the two put on attracted a crowd of onlookers.

Mombasa — Six people among them two men who stripped naked in Mombasa last week have been charged with offense of conspiring to defraud members of public.

The six have denied the charges of attempting to defraud the public on pretext of having supernatural powers to heal, catch thieves, solve court cases, secure jobs and solve impotency at certain fee.

Yassin Lokorobe, Ronald Nganga , Moses Wani Njau , Musa Ongum ,Elizabeth Wetaba and Mary Achieng were also charged with offense of giving false information about a vehicle they claimed was stolen.

Lokorobe, Nganga, Ongum and Njau faced charges of being in the country illegally.

The accused were also slapped with charge of committing common nuisance by stripping naked in before Shanzu Principal Magistrate Diana Mochache.

They were remanded at Shimo la Tewa prison until September 19 when court will rule whether they will be released on bond.


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Game of Wits – New Kenyan Series to Premier Soon

By Hillary Kimuyu

A new local production is set to premiere soon. Game of Wits is a political drama series that takes place in a fictional modern technological locale, called Jumbo County.

The show focuses on the challenges the governor-elect Collins Limbo, played by Mombasa based actor Abubakar Ismael, and his team face during the first 100 days in office after winning an election by a landslide.

But what he doesn’t know is that a hacker was paid to rig the elections in his favour thus he is not the people’s choice. This causes ripples in the local political scene when former governor Czar Kige (Raymond Ofula) finds out he may have been rigged out. Kige is a ruthless man who will do anything for power.

The show is written and produced by Liz Karanja who also stars as Lexy, Limbo’s secretary and Kige’s foster child.

The 10-year film and TV veteran told ActScene that she wanted to prove that Kenya can also produce good quality shows.

“We have some of the best actors in Kenya and this show will prove that. I’m not so much into politics but I wanted to do something that will resonate with Kenyans,” she said.

The pilot episode was shot in 2014 and took almost three years for the first season to be picked by a local TV station. The season was shot this year between April and May and is currently on post-production.

“I just cannot wait for people to see what we have done because the story revolves around general politics based in our African continent. The Game of Wits involves a lot of tact in order for the politicians to achieve their selfish agenda,” Karanja added.

Mombasa based Emnaz International is the company behind the production of the show. “Jumbo County is an island therefore production needed a coastal feel,” adds Karanja.

The surrounding political scene is affected by the games of wits from these two prolific individuals.

It all comes down to who is the smartest player in the Game of Wits whose tagline is “You’ve Got the Flag, I Got the Power”.


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‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Set for a Return Show at KNT

Jesus Christ Superstar (JCS), the musical that was staged at Kenya National Theatre during the Easter weekend this year, has been revived for five shows running from September 14 to 17. The larger than life performance was a choreography of lighting effects, sound, dance and acting. It was a different experience from any professional production in the country before it.

There will be a change in the cast this time, as more than half of them will be new. The most notable change will, however, be in the main cast. Dan Aceda played ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ in the previous one, and this part will be played by Martin Githinji this time.

Nice Githinji takes over the role of ‘Mary Magdalene’ from Miriam Nyokabi. The actors had pulled out due to prior commitments. Mkamzee Mwatela still plays the eccentric ‘Herod,’ but with a more physically challenging performance, having already given birth to a wonderful baby she was expecting last time around.

Stuart Nash, the director of the musical, and Andrew Wambua, the voice coach, sat down with this writer to talk about the anticipated staging.

The rehearsals are going much smoother compared to the previous preparations around the same time before the show’s staging last time. How much of this is due to this being the second attempt and how much is it due to changes in the main cast?

Nash: I think that now people have experienced that feeling of being on stage in a big production, they can’t wait to do it again. Also having about 50 percent new cast has helped breath a new life into the show.

Besides the two main actors, what other changes have you made to the production, maybe from lessons learned from the last staging of JCS?

Nash: Having a second chance to stage JCS has given us a chance to really iron out any slight kinks we didn’t have time to sort out the first time. But we are also adding a really nice technical element to part of the show which will be amazing, though I can’t divulge any more information than that for now. You’ll have to come to see the show.

What pushed you to do this new staging of JCS?

Nash: We received such great reviews and positive feedback from the first time we were asked by KNT to revive it and make it bigger and better; which I think we have done.

How does this being the second attempt and changes in the main cast improve the play?

Andrew: We have a new intake every four months enrolling for our courses at Nairobi Performing Arts Studio. So half the cast had already done it before and that made it easier. Martin Githinji and Nice Githinji (no relation) were an injection of freshness. They actually also sing. Nice is a well-known karaoke host in various clubs in Nairobi, and Martin has been in various musicals before, so we cast them knowing they could hack the roles. It’s an interesting twist to what they are known for because not many people know that they are prolific singers as well as actors.

Besides the two main actors what other changes have you made to the production, maybe from lessons learned from the last staging of JCS?

Andrew: There are various twists and turns. For instance, Mkamzee is not pregnant any more so we’ve vamped the dances in her role as Herod. The “dream girls” are all new in the song Superstar with vamped up dances and other parts of the musical have been re-blocked (blocking is the positioning and movements that actors do on stage or in a film) to make them spicier.

We know Nice Githinji and Martin Githinji to be good actors, but how was it working with these two to get them vocally prepared?

Andrew: They are great singers so not too much work apart from the usual individual rehearsals we always schedule with the principal cast members. The trick always lies in the casting which we seem to have a knack for.

Communications Body Suspends TV Station’s Licence

Photo: The Monitor

The logo of ABS TV

By Ibrahim a Manzil

The Uganda Communications Commission has suspended ABS Television license over what it termed as “repeated breach of minimum broadcasting standards.”

In a September 5 letter, UCC Executive Director Godfrey Mutabazi communicated a forthwith disabling of the television signals, citing an “offensive programme” that the television station has aired despite warnings from the regulator.

“… the Uganda Communications Commission, has, in accordance with sections 5(1)(x) of the UCC Act 2013 and clause 24 of the license agreement dated May 3 2016, indefinitely suspended ABS Television broadcasting license… ,” Mr Mutabazi’s letter, addressed to the Managing Director Auger Revival Ministries Limited, the licensed owner of the station, read in part.

UCC is mandated to undertake a range of functions in broadcasting areas like licensing and standards,spectrum management, tariff regulation, consumer empowerment among others.

The indefinite suspension, wrote by Mr Mutabazi, will last “until such a time when the Commission shall be satisfied that ABS Television has modified and harmonised its programme content with the law, the minimum broadcasting standards and the license terms and conditions.”

The letter threatens to “commence proceedings to revoke ABS Television’s broadcasting license without any further notice,” should the commission not receive “convincing representations from ABS Television demonstrating the measures instituted to ensure that all its programmes have been modified to comply with the law.

Although the letter made no reference to the programmes in question, Kalondoozi, an adult content-filled programme that airs on the station is believed to have influenced the regulator’s move.

Notorious for its soft porn content, the programme is a loose imitation of Cheaters, a popular internationally aired reality television show meant to track down unfaithful partners.

UCC has persistently warned the station in the past, culminating in its license suspension.

The programme divides opinion as many supports its broadcast, while many, mainly moralists, loathe the show for its explicit sexual content.

“By copy of this letter, signal distributors are hereby required to immediately disable ABS Television content from their broadcasting platforms,” Mr Mutabazi concludes in the letter.

ABS TV is run by Revival Christian Church in Kawaala, Kampala, under the stewardship of Pastor Augustine Iga.

According to the TV’s website, the station is a “project with highly inspirational programmess and broadcasts dedicated to those interested in new content, across the East African region.”

It also aims at becoming the world’s most well known and trusted source of informative, educational and entertaining content.

63 Entrepreneurs to Battle It Out in KCB’s Lions’ Den

Nairobi — KCB Bank’s leading entertainment and entrepreneurship show–the KCB Lions’ Den–to the screens on September, 5, 2017, pitting 63 entrepreneurs seeking growth opportunities for their businesses.

Much like Dragons’ Den or Shark Tank, the weekly Lions’ Den show, which will air on KTN every Tuesday at 8pm offers selected entrepreneurs an opportunity to get funding for their businesses.

Competing entrepreneurs will be expected to pitch their ideas and negotiate for the capital they need to catapult to take their enterprises to the next level in exchange for a stake in their business.

The financing will come from one or more of the five Lions–renowned Kenyan business gurus who are part of the panel who will be evaluating the ideas.

KCB Director of Marketing and Communications Angela Mwirigi said of the second season: “We are promising viewers a high quality shows with much more expectation than the first season because applicants had time to learn from Season One. We can tell from the quality of applications that the standards have changed so much for the better and we certainly have great applications that will without a doubt engage the Lions and the audience intensely.”

“Our desire as KCB Bank is to see young entrepreneurs connect with successful venture capitalist who have already cut their teeth in the business world, not only at the show but also SMEs out there watching the show,” said Ms Mwirigi.

The Show received at least 5,000 applications. After the rigorous vetting process, 63 successful contestants were chosen to face the Lions. Of the successful applicants, 32% of them were women and 68% were men with businesses cutting across agriculture, design, education, energy, ICT, health, publishing, food & beverages, manufacturing, environment, entertainment and service. At least 12 counties were represented.

The KCB Lions’ Den mainly seeks entrepreneurs looking for financial, social and intellectual capital for their new and innovative businesses in the country.

Audiences will engage with the contestants as they battle in the Den.

The Lions are Kenyan-based business moguls who have risen through the business world and established themselves as trailblazers in their respective industries in their journey to grow Kenya-based businesses.

Returning for season two are Myke Rabar, CEO Homeboyz Entertainment; Darshan Chandaria, Group CEO and Director of Chandaria Industries; Olive Gachara, Founder and Publisher of Couture Magazine Africa; Kris Senanu, CEO of Blackrock Entertainment and Wandia Gichuru, Co-Founder and MD of Vivo Activewear.

The TV show is part of the KCB Group 2Jiajiri programme expected to benefit at least 500,000 youth in a period of 5 years.

The programme, which also encompasses a business challenge for start-ups, will enable young entrepreneurs to submit their business ideas for funding.

“The KCB’s 2jiajiri initiative aims creating job creation opportunities for the youth and skilling them for self-employment while at the same time providing funding, nurturing and mentoring future entrepreneurs,” Ms. Mwirigi noted.

For the first season, over 5,000 applications were received from sectors such as agriculture, design, education, energy, ICT, health, publishing, food & beverages, manufacturing, environment, entertainment and service.

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