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KDF to Stay in Somalia Until Kenya Is Secure – Uhuru Kenyatta

By Aggrey Mutambo

President Uhuru Kenyatta has insisted Kenyan troops will remain in Somalia to complete the “objective” of securing the country before returning home.

In a briefing with journalists in Nairobi on Tuesday night, the President who has left the country for London to attend a conference on Somalia, argued Kenyan troops will not leave Somalia until Somali’s can protect themselves.

“Amisom (African Union Mission in Somalia), are not there because we have any other agenda but security,” he said referring to the African Union Mission to which Kenya Defence Forces are a part.

“Amisom is a forum that neighbours entered to provide security. [Of course] Somalia should be defended and protected by the Somalis themselves, but you cannot exit without securing Somalia. That is an objective which we set ourselves to achieve,” he argued.


Somalia has made significant political progress over the past five years, holding two elections in this period. In February, lawmakers elected President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, replacing Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

But Mogadishu still largely relies on Amisom for security against al-Shabaab. The mission, created in 2007, includes 3664 troops from Kenya. Other countries includes Uganda, Burundi, Djibouti and Ethiopia.

Amisom had indicated it would start a progressive withdrawal from Somalia ahead of 2020, as donors support the training and re-establishment of Somalia’s security agencies.

President Kenyatta argues, despite his opponents’ call to an earlier withdrawal of troops, that leaving Mogadishu without a proper security system will create room for the return of terrorists.

The President who left Nairobi on Wednesday morning is expected to meet with various other leaders within the UN and donor countries supporting Somalia’s rebuilding programme which targets 2020 as the year Somalis should have one-person-one-vote elections.


Kenya argues Somalia’s stability depends on rebuilding the country’s own security agencies such as the Somalia National Army, the police as well as ensuring the refugees return to build their country.

On Tuesday night, the President Somalia’s partners should do more to deal with a problem that now affects the region.

“We will see how we can engage with our partners to bring about stability and security to our neighbours.

“The conference is not about Somalia. It is about our region. It is therefore imperative that when there are issues regarding security in one country, we deal with them as a region.”

Organised by the British Government, the London Somalia Conference seeks to “to accelerate progress on security sector reform, build on the international response to the ongoing drought and humanitarian crisis, and agree the new international partnership needed to keep Somalia on course for increased peace and prosperity by 2020,” according to a dispatch posted on the UK Foreign Office website.


Leaders will discuss Somalia’s security situation, political reforms needed, economic development, humanitarian assistance to those affected by drought and terms for donor support for Somalia’s transition.

In 2012 when London hosted the first such conference, donors pledged $77 million for security rebuilding and the EU later specifically promises $2.4 billion to rehabilitate Somalia’s economy.

More pledges are likely to come through on Thursday.

Country Mourns 32 Pupils Who Died in a Bus Crash

Photo: Daily News

Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan pays last respects to the 32 pupils of St Lucky Vincent School, as well as their two teachers and a driver, who perished in a road car accident.

By Marc Nkwame

Arusha — The coldness of Arusha, with which the residents of this city have been long accustomed at this time of year, was deepened yesterday, as its residents, grief-stricken sympathisers from elsewhere in Tanzania and beyond the borders, coalesced into one huge family of mourners to bid farewell to 32 pupils who perished in a week-end bus accident in Karatu.

Also snatched by death were the lives of two teachers and the driver of the ill-fated bus that plunged into a ravine at Karatu.

Four major roads were closed to normal traffic to pave the way for the caskets bearing the bodies of the deceased to be ferried from Mount Meru Hospital morgue to Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium where an open farewell mass was conducted.

The venue had been jam-packed by 7.00 am and three hours later, there was hardly spare room onto which a late-comer could squeeze oneself, prompting hundreds of people to become outside-venue participants.

Many women along the route wailed wildly and some of them fainted and others plunged themselves onto muddy pools of water along the route.

The last time that Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium served as a mass funeral venue was in January 2009, for gospel music singer Fanuel Sedekia, who died in Jerusalem in December 2008. He had gone there on a pilgrimage, in the company of a local preacher, Mr Christopher Mwakasege.

In yesterday’s funeral, medical personnel had a hard time coping with scores of people – which some estimates put at over 150 – who collapsed and fainted and crowd control taxed police officers and army personnel. Christian, Islamic, Hindu and Bohra religious leaders graced the open air funeral mass which was attended, by among others, several Cabinet ministers and Members of Parliament.

Three of the 32 casualties were buried in Arusha yesterday. The Vice President, Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan, visited and consoled the families of two of them – Adai Lucas Mollel (at Olasiti) and Sabrina Said at Kwa-Mrombo, where the ill-fated Lucky Vincent School is located.

Kwa-Mrombo was one of the most affected parts of the city, as most of the children who died in the accident hailed from there.

Meanwhile, authorities dispelled rumours that, one of the three injured pupils admitted at Mount Meru Hospital, Doreen Mshana aged 13, from Olasiti, had died.

Doreen, and another girl, Sadia Ismail Awadh (11) from Kwa-Mrombo and a boy, Wilson Geoffrey Tarimo (11) also from Kwa-Mrombo are the three survivors. The Doctor in-charge, Dr Timothy Wonanji, said the girl, now under the Intensive Care Unit, was improving.

Vice President, Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan together with the Minister of Education, Science Technology and Vocational Training, Prof Joyce Ndalichako visited the three pupils at the hospital on Monday shortly before the stadium mass.

Thousands Pay Respect to Pupils Killed in Accident

Arusha — Vice President, Samia Suluhu Hassan is leading government, party and community leaders as well as thousands of Arusha residents to pay their last respects to 33 pupils, two teachers and a driver who were killed in a grisly accident in Karatu last Saturday.

Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium where the public farewell is being organised is full packed and thousands of other mourners are still outside the stadium.

In his statement earlier, Arusha regional commissioner, Mr Mrisho Gambo said the government will partly meet burial costs for each of the deceased.

Condolences have continued to pour from across the country as well as from neighbouring countries.

Kenya has sent its Education minister to attend the farewell.


Saturday Tragedy Bares Good, Ugly Faces of Social Media

Saturday’s accident that killed 33 St Lucky Vincent English Medium School pupils, two teachers and a driver has exposed… Read more »

Police ‘Endorsed’ the Overloaded Ill-Fated School Bus

Photo: Daily News

The ill-fated bus in which 35 pupils were killed on Saturday morning being pulled out of the ravine in Karatu.

By Marc Nkwame

Arusha — Lucky Vincent School has suspended classes amid reports that the driver of the ill-fated school bus was speeding to compensate for the time lost with the traffic police.

Traffic Police at Makuyuni junction, suspecting the bus to have been overloaded, reportedly stopped the school vehicle that was later involved in the grisly accident, killing 32 Standard seven pupils, two teachers and the driver on Saturday morning.

The newly bought minibus was not yet marked with the school name or logo, compelling the driver to present lengthy explanations to convince the police that the van belonged to the school and was taking pupils for examinations in Karatu.

Having been delayed, the bus was left behind by other school buses, prompting the driver to speed up to reach Karatu on time despite the lost time. The students were on their way to write the Inter- School mock examinations at Tumaini Junior Primary School in Karatu.

A day before the tragedy, the school owner is reported to have spent some good time with the pupils. Speaking for the first time since the catastrophe, Lucky Vincent Nursery and Primary School owner and director Innocent Mushi, spoke of how he had coached the pupils on the exams.

“I spent the evening with the pupils as they were preparing for the inter-school mock examinations at Tumaini Junior Primary School in Karatu on Saturday,” said Mr Mushi, adding that even before Saturday exams, he had the tradition of coaching the children every evening.

“I cannot speak further…my heart is heavy, this is the worst thing to have ever happened to my life, those children were the candidates in the forthcoming National Examinations in September,” he lamented. The school management has suspended academic activities at the school, following the tragedy.

The ill-fated bus reportedly departed from Arusha City at around 12.30 am heading to Karatu where the pupils were to participate in the inter-school mock examinations with their Tumaini Primary School counterparts of Karatu District.

After the mock tests, the pupils, all candidates for the 2017 National Examinations for Primary Schools were penciled to have an excursion into the Ngorongoro Crater.Rescuers and eyewitnesses, who arrived first at the scene of the horrendous Saturday morning accident, found all pupils and teachers who died in the crash stacked together in the front section of the bus. Speculations were viral yesterday from people gathered at the Regional Mount Meru Hospital here that the death toll had reached 36.

It however turned out that, the victim suspected to have died had simply fainted. But, two school pupils, Sadiel Ismail and Wilson Tarimo, who survived the crash are meanwhile under Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Mount Meru hospital.

As preparations for the deceased’s communal mass continued here yesterday, wananchi and government institutions retrieved the ill-fated Mitsubishi Rosa Minibus, with registration number T-871 BYS, out of the deep River Malera Ravine, in Rhotia area, some 150 kilometres from Arusha City.

Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan is already in Arusha to lead the communal mass at Sheikh Amri Abeid where she will be accompanied by Minister of State in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, George Simbachawene and Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training Minister Professor Joyce Ndalichako. Arusha District Commissioner Fabian Daqarro said the mass, which was initially scheduled for Sunday, will now take place today at the stadium.

He said the government is funding the mass, transportation and burial costs for all the victims. The names of deceased as displayed on the notice board are Mteage Amos, Justine Alex, Irene Kishari, Praise Ronald, Shadrack Biketh, Junior Mwashuya, Aisha Saidi, Heri Rashid, Gema Gerald, Rebecca Daudi, Hagai Lucas, Sada Ally, Lucy Ndemna, Mussa Kasim and Neema Martin.

Others are Witness Mosses, Rukia Khalfani, Naomi Hosea, Hevenight Hosea, Eliapanda Eliudi, Anorld Alex, Marion Mrema, Rehema Msuya, Sabrina Said, Prisca Charles, Grayson Robson Massawe, Witness Mosses, Lara Tarimo and Neema Eliwahi.

Sudan: Khartoum, Abu Dhabi Agree to Enforce Several Agricultural and Livestock Production Projects

Khartoum — A delegation from Khartoum State headed by the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Mohamed Salih Jabir and the Commissioner of Khartoum Locality Lt. Gen. Ahmed Ali Osman Abu Shanab have got acquainted with the experience of the central markets in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates within the framework of regulation and modern design of the markets to ensure circulation of agricultural and animal products of high quality in preparation for transferring the experience of the city of Abu Dhabi in this domain to Khartoum State.

The Khartoum State’s delegation discussed with the Director of the Office of the Head of Business Department of the President of the State Sheikh Mohamed Bin Khalid Al-Nahyan His Excellency Abdul-Jalil Al-Baluki, the Presidents of a group of UAE companies, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gulf Bank-Khartoum and the Chairman of the Emirates Investment and Agricultural Production Company in Khartoum, ways of joint cooperation and the implementation of a number of projects during the coming period for the benefit of the two peoples in various development, agricultural and livestock production besides activation of tourism work in Khartoum and push all projects that will achieve sustainable development in the state.

For his part, Gen. Abu Shanab said that the visit came in response to the desire of the group of UAE companies to invest in Khartoum after the visit of paid by their delegates during the past month where the two sides agreed to study a number of projects in the framework of the construction of markets, revitalization of tourism work and establishment of the largest animal park in the country.


Sudan’s Silent Conflicts – State Censorship in the War Zones

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Kenya: Go-Slow By Ferry Workers Causes Heavy Traffic Jam

By Galgalo Bocha

Some Kenya Ferry Services employees staged a go-slow paralysing ferry operations at the busy Likoni channel on Saturday.

The go-slow caused massive snarl-up as hundreds of passengers and motorists on either side of the 500-metre crossing channel were stranded.

Loading and off-loading of human and vehicular cargo from the three operating ferries – MV Kwale, Mv Harambee and MV Kilindini – took long on the island and at mainland ramps.

Hundreds of passengers and motorists were stranded for hours resulting into a massive traffic jam that snaked its way into Mombasa central business district.

“We have been here for more than one hour yet we have a very important meeting in Diani,” said John Njuguna, a motorist.


Some of frustrated motorists demanded for a total overhaul of KFS management, saying it has failed to implement the much needed reforms at the channel that links Mombasa Island and South Coast.

“We urge President Uhuru Kenyatta to come personally and send the workers home including the managing director. They are total failures, “said Sheikh Abu Hamza.

The workers were protesting KFS management’s failure to implement the second phase of 17.5 per cent basic salary increments awarded to them by Industrial Court two years ago.

The Industrial Court awarded basic salary increments across the board and various allowances to 181 unionisable workers out of a total of KFS 290 employees in 2015.

The Dock Workers Union, ferry branch, sued their employer for failing to honour collective bargaining agreement signed between the management and their representatives.


The dispute involves basic salary increment, casual workers employment, outsourcing of services , public holidays overtime pay, and extraneous, house, leave travel, duty, and commuter/transport and hardship allowances.

The workers, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also complained that key private hospitals have refused to treat them and their families due to lack of remittance towards their medical insurance scheme.

“Some of our colleagues have been surcharged because of our employer’s failure to deduct money from their salaries to repay bank loans,” said an employee who did not want to be named.

But speaking to the Sunday Nation, KFS Public Communication Officer Aron Mutiso denied the claims by the disgruntled workers and attributed the crisis at the busy channel to an influx of commuters due to children going back to school.

“That is your own creation (the go slow). There is nothing like that. The long queue you are seeing is as a result of the back school rush and the holiday,” added Mr Mutiso.

Schools are expected re-open on Tuesday, May 2, for the second term this year.

Sheikh Kamoga, 13 Others Start Defence Today

By Anthony Wesaka

Kampala — The leader of the Tabliq Sect Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and 13 others are on Tuesday xpected to start defending themselves against accusations that they were behind the wave of killing of rival Muslim clerics about two years ago.

Their defence follows the ruling of the International Crimes Division of the High Court about three weeks ago that they all have a case to answer.

This was after a panel of three justices led by Ezekiel Muhanguzi, observed that the prosecution had adduced sufficient evidence against each of the accused warranting them to explain their side of the story.

“The prosecution has established a prema-facie case against each of the accused in respect of each of the four counts,” ruled Justice Muhanguzi, the lead judge.

“Consequently, court basing on Section 73 (2) of the Trial and Indictments Act, hereby informs the accused persons of their rights to give evidence on his or her own behalf, make unsworn statement or to call witnesses in his or her defence. That is the ruling,” he said.

Those charged together with Sheikh Kamoga are Sheikh Siraje Kawooya, Abdulsalam, Abdulhamid Sematimba, Rashid Jingo, Twaha Sekkitto, Yusuf Kakande alias Abdallah, Sheikh Murta Mudde Bukenya, Kakim Kinene Muswaswa, Muzamilu Kasawuli, Arafa Serunjoji alias Bukenya, Badru Bukenya, Alex Okot, Joseph Olanya, and Amir Kenene.

The first thing that the accused are expected to do this morning is to choose among the three options on how they will give their defense.

The first option is to give their defence on oath with the respective lawyers guiding them and the state prosecutors cross examining them.

The second option is giving their defence without taking oath. Under this option, their defence lawyers won’t guide them and the state prosecutors will also not ask them any questions.

The last option is to just keep quiet and equally no questions will be asked.

After the accused have defended themselves, court will pass its final judgment to determine whether they are guilty or not.

It’s alleged that the 14 suspects masterminded the coordinated assassinations of rival Muslim leaders resulting into the killing Mustafa Bahiga who was gunned down at Bwebajja Mosque and Sheikh Hassan Kirya, who was gunned down at Bweyogerere, Wakiso District.

They face grave charges ranging from murder, terrorism, crimes against humanity to attempted murder.

Address Union Gaps, We’re but Two Sides of One Coin


Ask any ordinary citizen about the Union between the Republic of Tanganyika and the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government, which gave rise to the current Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, especially those born after independence, and you won’t be surprised if that majority will only tell you sketchy information apart from ‘knowing that one is free to move between the two without a passport or visa’.

That is true because, in the first place, a lot of awareness has not been created in the two States at the grassroots level on what joins them together in this ‘marriage’ altogether.

Now that a governing body responsible for the Union issues will pitch tents to resolve pending matters in a win-win situation between the two, and particularly address themselves to establishing a joint finance commission and finance account, ordinary citizens should also be given a chance or a forum to know what is going on, instead of making them mere observers in their own land of birth.

The stakeholders should include the youth who are the majority, traders to whom this matters even more, the vulnerable people as well as faith-based leaders, among others, because once they are enlightened on what binds the two States, they will become good ambassadors for current, as well as future generations – the latter more so.

This school of thought is important instead of solely relying on scholars and politicians who are few and farther apart, and may also decide to enjoin the meeting with their own agenda as opposed to the expectations of the majority.

The approach should be what Nelson Mandela once said: “If you talk to (read enlighten) a man in a language he understands, that will go into his head, but if you talk to him in his language that will go into his heart.”

All sorts of support should be given to the team to resolve challenges and gaps which may make one feel like a ‘native’ of Zanzibar or that of the Mainland as opposed to addressing issues such as shares in the Central BANK (BoT), motor vehicle registration wrangles, which have been cited as having created unnecessary tensions between the two States.

If we shall resolve what keeps us apart, we shall have paid a great homage to the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere who opposed and fought such drawbacks from the very beginning as well as Sheikh Abeid Karume, who became his First Vice-President in the United Republic of Tanzania and the President of Zanzibar.

At the end of the day, we all want Tanzanians to benefit from this Union – as One People.


Tanzania Maintains Place As Second Largest Military Spender

Tanzania maintained its position as the second largest military spender in East Africa last year as the global… Read more »

Museveni Throws Out Officials On Qatar Trip

Photo: PPU/Daily Monitor

Visiting. President Museveni and the First Lady Janet being received by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani (right), the Amir of the state of Qatar at his residence (Emir Dewani). Left is Sam Kutesa, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

By Frederic Musisi

Kampala — President Museveni single-handedly picked the list of government officials in the delegation accompanying him to a three-day State visit to oil producing Qatar in the Middle East, according to highly placed sources.

The President, who left for Qatar on Tuesday afternoon with his wife Janet, sources said, threw out a list of officials from the ministries of Labour, Agriculture, Energy and the usual long line of protocol officers who had lined up for the trip, opting to unusually travel with a lean team comprising select officials from Foreign Affairs and Finance. The President’s delegation usually varies from time to time depending on the nature of the trip and assignments at hand.

A technical team was in Qatar much earlier shuffling back and forth over the MoU paper work but sources intimated the President could have dropped some officials premised on his “Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo” (era of no-compromise) sloganeering, in which he signaled government starting to show some seriousness. During this year’s Liberation Day celebrations, the President rapped officials for excess travels, even where assignments can be executed by a small team, a practice he said should stop.

At the Hamad International Airport in the capital Doha, Mr Museveni was received by out-going ambassador to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) Dr Ssemuddu Yahaya who was reassigned to Tehran (Iran), and Qatari minister for Municipality and Environment Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi.

Yesterday, the President held bilateral talks with the Qatar Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Thani at his residence, who expressed interest in exploring investment opportunities in Uganda and proposed that the two countries create a coordination team led by two ministers to oversee this prospect.

“We can work in two ways, through government and the private sector,” President Museveni was quoted in a statement issued by his press secretary Linda Nabusayi.

“The private sector can invest and process food, textiles, minerals and tourism while government cooperation can look at energy, roads, technical education, innovations and industrial parks.”

The President, who specifically tapped junior Finance minister in charge of Investment Evelyn Anite to coordinate the Qatar-Uganda business interests, said the two countries could as well cooperate in the fields of Energy and Infrastructure.

Premier Abdullah bin Nasser, according to the statement, indicated that with his country hosting the World Cup tournament in 2022, Ugandans could as well take advantage of the migrant labour wave sweeping into the country to tap into the immense jobs available, especially with construction of stadiums and other amenities.

Earlier, the President held a meeting with the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, where they witnessed the signing of four MoUs between Uganda and Qatar in the spheres of defence signed by Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kutesa and Qatari defence minister Khalid bin Mohammad Al-Attiyah, and on political consultations also signed by Mr Kutesa and his Qatari counterpart Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani.

Other MoUs, on reciprocal cooperation in the protection of investments was signed by Finance minister Matia Kasaija and Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim Al-Thani, the Qatari minister for economy and commerce, and cooperation in agriculture also signed by Mr Kutesa and Sheihk Mohammad Al Rumaihi, the minister for Municipality and Environment.

Later, Mr Museveni and his wife held a meeting with Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser, the chairperson of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, a non-profit organisation.

The meeting discussed investments in Uganda, especially in education. The Foundation previously, has been working with the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative, founded by US Actor Forrest Whitaker, in empowering youth in Northern Uganda.

Sheikhs Call On Wananchi to Back Police in Hunt for Killers

By Azory Gwanda

Rufiji — Islamic religious leaders from Mkuranga, Kibiti and Rufiji districts in Coast Region have called upon residents in the districts to cooperate with security and defence organs.

Citizen’s cooperation, they said, would bring to fruition the ongoing efforts to track down and bring to book criminals behind the killings of local government leaders and police officers.

The call was made last Friday at the main mosque in Ikwiriri during special prayers for order, security and tranquility in the three districts that have been hit by a spate of killings of local government leaders and law keepers.

Speaking during the special prayers, the chairman of the Islamic Council of Tanzania (Bakwata) in Mkuranga District, Sheikh Mohammed Maulid Katundu, said they, as religious leaders, had been compelled to conduct special prayers to for peace in the districts so that murder incidents should come to an end.

Besides that, he said, they prayed for those who lost their lives, including the police officers who were shot dead in the area of Mkengeni in Kibiti District.

He said wananchi should cooperate with state organs by revealing all suspected criminals for such people act contrary to will of God.

“Keep on cooperating with the state organs by revealing all those suspected to have been involved in the murder of village leaders and police officers since the killers are going against the instructions of Allah the Almighty,” he said.

Coast Region’s member of Bakwata, Sheikh Ramadhan Mohammed Kinjumbi, speaking shortly after the special prayers, said the escalation of murders in the three districts was a blot against peace and hindrance to implementation of economic activities.

To counter this situation, he said, the community was supposed to pay attention to the directives issued by the government, including heeding to orders issued by the Police Force.

Sheikh Kinjumbi added that the cause of the killings was still a mystery. He said as the police were pursuing the assailants and investigating the incidents, the community should give a hand in efforts to unearth the killers.

Earlier, speaking to reporters on Friday in Dar es Salaam, Police Commissioner for Training and Operations Nsato Marijani said the spate of killings in the districts was not associated with terrorism. He said they were the work of a criminal gang comprising a few people, which had been prevented by police from committing crime.


Form Six Student Invents Solar Powered Robot

Arusha-based Ilboru High School’s Form Six student Gracious Ephraim has created a solar energy powered human Robot that… Read more »

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