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Small-Scale Sugarcane Growers Trained On Modern-Day Farming

By Juma Mtanda

Morogoro — The Kibaha Sugarcane Research Institute has advised small-scale sugarcane farmers to follow proper methods and refrain from setting their farms on fire in order to avoid losses.

This was said during a one-day symposium, which involved sugarcane stakeholders on modern farming, seedlings resistant to diseases, good methods of applying fertilisers and pests control.

The symposium was held in Morogoro Region recently.

Speaking during the symposium, the lead researcher from the Institute, Dr Hildelitha Msita said cases of destroyed sugarcane farms were largely happening during harvests because the farmers prefer quick ways of harvesting.

Due to various research findings by the institute over losses caused on farms destroyed by fires, she said they would now be focusing on training them on how to shun the business as usual faming.

According to her, they were planning to provide education to the farmers on modern agriculture so that they manage to harvest 90 to 120 tonnes of sugarcane per hectare.

The symposium attracted a number of participants including experts in sugarcane farming, farmers, leaders of the sugarcane growers association, members of the press, extension officers and radio programme producers from the ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

“Small-scale sugarcane farmers have engaged in the business as usual cultivation that makes them obtain little harvests of 25 to 40 tonnes per hectare.

“Setting fire on their farms to make harvesting easy has cost a lot of them. Most of them have lost hope to continue with farming because of the losses they have been making for using improper methods,” said Dr Msita.

She advised that once sugarcanes are burned for the sake of harvesting, they should stay on the farms for 70 hours only otherwise they become useless.

Dr Msita suggested that a sugarcane farm could be protected by weeding out grass from all sides around the farm so that fire would not enter the farm.

Farmers will be educated on modern sugarcane cultivation and how to counter fire accidents through radio programmes after a panel of the crop stakeholders prepared a topic.


UK Lawyers Write to President Over Shooting of MP

The Law Society, the Bar Human Rights Committee (BHRC) and Bar Council of England and Wales (BHRC) have written a letter… Read more »

Dar Doubles Effort to Clear Rwanda Cargo

TRANSIT cargo destined to and from land-locked Rwanda at the Dar es Salaam port has been piling at an average 9.9 per cent over the past five years – from 630,000 metric tons during FY 2012/2013 to 950,000 tons to date.

The Director General of Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA), Eng. Deusdedit Kakoko, disclosed the figures when he met with Rwandan Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Eugene Kayihura, who paid a visit at TPA offices in Dar es Salaam, yesterday.

Eng. Kakoko informed the envoy that both exports and imports from Rwanda and other neighbouring landlocked countries were being stocked within the port premises to ease clearances and ensure security while in Tanzania.

“To strengthen business ties with clients, the government of Tanzania through TPA has also allocated space at its Kwala dry port in Ruvu specifically for Rwanda exports and imports that pass through the Dar es Salaam port.

“… it is our hope that exporters and importers from Rwanda will start using the Isaka dry port (in Shinyanga Region) for transporting their cargo through the central railway line and this will reduce the distance of travelling by road all the way to Dar es Salaam,” the TPA boss advised.

Eng. Kakoko also informed the Rwandan envoy that TPA had completed construction of its offices in Kigali which would serve customers from Rwanda. “The office will play a significant role in improving services to our customers in Rwanda; the office building has been completed … what remains is the official opening after meeting all required procedures,” he explained.

Speaking during the meeting, Ambassador Kayihura hailed the Tanzania government – through TPA – for availing space for storing Rwanda’s shipments. The envoy remarked further that improvement of services at the Dar es Salaam harbour has played a great role in boosting trade between Tanzania and Rwanda.

“At present, the harbour handles 90 per cent of all Rwanda’s exports and imports, setting a new record for rapid increase of Rwanda’s cargo handled at the Dar es Salaam port,” he explained.

Amb. Kayihura stated further that his visit at the port was part of determination by the government of Rwanda to strengthen business ties between the two countries through transportation of shipments to the Dar es Salaam port.

Just recently, TPA took part in Rwanda’s international trade fair where, among others, it met with exporters and importers from that country who expressed their willingness to continue using services of the port.


Lissu to Remain At the Nairobi Hospital

Opposition Chief Whip and Singida East Member of Parliament Tundu Lissu will continue to receive treatment at the… Read more »

Relief to Traders As Mirerani Road Opens

Photo: State House

President John Magufuli joins officials to cut a ribbon to officially launch a 26km tarmac road linking Kilimanjaro International Airport and Mererani in Manyara Region.

IT was all smile for residents of Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara regions yesterday following inauguration of a 26- kilometres road from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) to Mirerani, a small mining town and the only place in the world where the violet-blue gemstone, Tanzanite is found.

The Minister for Works, Transport and Communication, Prof Makame Mbarawa said yesterday that the road links many areas to the business network and that the government expects to see wananchi utilizing it properly to boost economic activities and building up the economy.

“This road must boost business activities in the surrounding areas, I would like to ask wananchi to utilise it effectively,” he said during the inauguration of KIA-Mirerani road by President John Magufuli. He said the first ever 26-kilometre tarmac road in Simanjiro District has cost 32bn/-.

“The project has been implemented by the China Henan International Corporation Group Limited (Chico) and it has been funded by the government of Tanzania,” said Prof Mbarawa.

According to Prof Mbarawa, the road will help to open up markets in Simanjiro, Arusha, Moshi and other towns.

“With reliable infrastructure, it is obvious markets for various products will be open, this will boost our economy since everyone will be able to move and do profitable business without problem,” said Prof Mbarawa.

Upgrading of the busy road was one of the promises made by the government way back some years ago.

The road is expected to boost the economy of the area, especially tanzanite mining at Mirerani which has led to the flourishing of other economic activities in the semi-arid area and ease transportation between Mirerani and Arusha and Moshi.


UK Lawyers Write to President Over Shooting of MP

The Law Society, the Bar Human Rights Committee (BHRC) and Bar Council of England and Wales (BHRC) have written a letter… Read more »

President Orders Wall to be Built Around Tanzanite Mine

Photo: The Citizen

President John Magufuli

By Deogratius Kamagi

Dar es Salaam — President John Magufuli has directed the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) to build a wall perimeter around the Mirerani Tanzanite Mine in Simanjiro District, Manyara Region.

The fence will cover blocks A, B, C and D at the 81.99km square of the Mererani mining site.

Dr Magufuli made the directive Wednesday September 20 as he was launching the newly constructed 26km tarmac road from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) to Mirerani.

He said the decision aimed to control irregularities and smuggling of tanzanite.

“I want the wall to be built immediately to reassure safety of our unique resource. It will have only one gate and detailed security equipment that will have a capacity of detecting whatever cheating that may be made,” he said.

The move, according to the head of state, will also help to add value to and the price of Tanzania’s unique gemstone at the world market.

“I was so saddened by the findings of the reports from a Parliamentary probe team formed by Speaker Job Ndugai. It shows how much the resource did benefit the few. I don’t want this to happen again,” he added.

In his speech, President Magufuli commended the Simanjiro MP, Mr James ole Millya (Chadema), for being concerned with the challenges facing his people, urging him to keep his spirit.

According to the President, the opposition law-maker can be taken as a role model as he has kept aside the political differences with the ruling party for the betterment of the people.

“Mr Ole Millya is doing a great job as he was groomed in the ruling party’s youth wing –UVCCM. So, we have made a big contribution towards making him who he is today,” he said.

“He might be in the opposition physically, but with the CCM blood,” added Dr Magufuli.

Earlier, Mr Ole Millya appealed to President Magufuli to intervene in land conflicts in Simanjiro as the issue had been a public outcry for a long time.

Without mentioning names, the lawmaker said one of the CCM chairpersons in the region had illegally grabbed a big chunks of land for personal use.

“The plot was being used by the public for their economic activities. We ask for your immediate intervention in order that our people can continue with their activities as they are stuck,” said the law maker.

The Manyara Regional Commissioner, Dr Joel Bendera, apart from thanking President Magufuli for his tour, asked him to facilitate the construction of water projects in the district as the problem has persisted for a long time.

Responding to the concerns, the president pledged to work on water challenge, saying the government was eyeing the big project from River Ruvu.

“I know there is a water project worth Sh45 billion. So, the government is concerned too about the challenge,” he explained.

He also directed regional and district leaders to be close to their people in order to make them be in a better position of addressing the challenges that are within their capacities.

Earlier, on his welcoming remarks, the Minister for Works, Transport and Communication, Prof Makame Mbarawa, said the road would ease the transportation of goods and commodities in the northern regions, and open other development opportunities.

“Moreover, it provides a quick link to the people of Manyara, Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions,” he said, adding that the project was funded by the government by 100 per cent at a cost of Sh32.5 billion

President Magufuli is in a three-day official visit to Manyara and Arusha regions.

Namibia: Vets Struggle to Diagnose Disease Killing Chickens

By Nuusita Ashipala

Ongwediva — The state veterinary office in Omusati Region is investigating the cause of death of a number of chickens in Oshikuku and Otamanzi constituencies, where chickens have been dying since August.

The state vet in Omusati Region Josephat Peter said it was initially suspected to be an outbreak of Newcastle disease – however the fowls tested negative for Newcastle as well as for Marek disease.

Although the situation is said to have improved in Otamanzi, chickens in Oshikuku continue to die, with many households now left without chickens.

The state vet said the matter is quite delicate because people whose chickens are dying do not leave contact details at the constituency offices to enable officials to visit their homes and make an informed diagnosis.

“We are keenly interested to know what is causing the death of the chickens and we are appealing to people to visit our offices in the constituencies,” said Peter.

He acknowledged that there is a need for further tests to determine the cause of death, but the challenge shall remain if the symptoms are communicated through a third person. He said that currently the deaths are more prevalent in young chickens.

Oshikuku Constituency Councillor and Chairperson of the Regional Council, Modestus Amutse, is appealing to the government to accelerate the process of diagnosing whatever is killing chickens in the region.

Amutse said determining the affliction would help the community to purchase the correct medication.

“People are now just buying whatever medication, but they do not have a proper diagnosis,” said Amutse. When the deaths were first reported in August the regional council was ready to fork out funds to buy medicine for the 38 villages in Otamanzi and 25 others in Oshikuku – however the process was halted after the chickens tested negative for Newcastle.

Petrina Shikomba from Oniingilamo village in Oshikuku said the situation is a big blow to farmers, adding that she only has six chickens left.

“At least I have six left, about seven [of my] neighbours have nothing left,” said Shikomba.

She said the chickens’ symptoms range from lack of appetite to having lice, amongst others.


Special Olympics Namibia License Revoked … Boardroom Politics Leave Athletes Stranded

Special Olympics Namibia (SON) has been stripped of its license by its mother-body, Special Olympics International… Read more »

AT Envisions Major Transformation

ATHLETIC Tanzania (AT) has outlined programmes to create a pool of young athletes, through the establishment of high performance Athletics training centre in Mbeya Region.

AT President Anthony Mtaka unveiled the plans recently; when the association’s top officials toured the Tanzania Standards (Newspapers) Limited (TSN) headquarter in Dar es Salaam.

He disclosed that the establishment of the centre was part of ‘serious’ transformation efforts of investing more in the sport initiated by AT, in an attempt to restore the country’s lost glory in the sport.

“For the past decades, we have witnessed little investments in athletics… we want to turn things around by investing heavily in the sport,” he said. Mtaka said in the recent past, the sport has shown some positives, drawing attention of several supporters, well wishers and the government.

And, this new initiative, he said, targets heavy investments in the sport as to groom more talents as well creating employment opportunities for Tanzanian youths. He said the envisaged transformation also aims at kicking off of early preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia and 2019 All Africans Games in Equatorial Guinea.

Apart from plans to establish the high performance athletics centre, Mtaka, who is also Simiyu Regional Commissioner, urged media outlets to support the body’s envisaged transformation. “The transformation needs great awareness of the public and in-fact, AT targets to commercialise the sport so as to create as many employment opportunities as possible,” Mtaka said.

Mtaka said the body has organised a fund raise drive through a ‘Marathon Safari Walk across Tanzania’ to enable them set up the ultra-modern centre in the Southern Highlands Zone.

Speaking on the planned transformation, AT Secretary General, Wilhelm Gidabuday said to facilitate the establishment of the centre, AT has organised charity walk from Kigoma- Ujiji to Dar es Salaam via Bagamoyo (Coast region).

“Marathon Safari Walk across Tanzania seeks to draw attention of the public and stakeholders support to the sport,” he said.

Gidabuday disclosed that AT will involve government leaders and athletics legendary such as Juma Ikangaa, Filbert Bayi, John Stephen Akhwari, Mwinga Mwanjala and others to inspire stakeholders and the public in general to contribute to the project of construction of the centre, which will stay for years to benefit the country.

On his side TSN Managing Editor, Dr Jim Yonazi assured AT of support through its brands Daily News, Sunday News, HabariLeo, HabariLeo Jumapili and SpotiLeo because TSN is among the great sports stakeholders and willing to help whenever needed.

Dr Yonazi urged AT and other people to continue believing in TSN products, which are credible and accessible throughout the country and soon accessibility will be much easier as TSN is going to launch Daily News App, whereby people can easily access news from wherever they are in the world.


Govt Slaps Tabloid With Two-Year Ban

Director General of Tanzania Information Services (MAELEZO) and Chief government spokesperson Dr Hassan Abbasi. Read more »

Tanzania: Teu Speaks Out About Grisly Accident That Killed 13 People

By Valentine Oforo and John Namkwahe

Dar/Dodoma — Former deputy minister for Finance, Mr Gregory Teu, whose relatives perished in a road crash in Masaka, Uganda, spoke about the loss of family members.

Mr Teu said he learnt of the sad news, when he and his wife landed at the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA).

Mr Teu revealed that after the wedding ceremony on Saturday in Kampala, Uganda, he and his wife boarded the plane from Uganda to Dar es Salaam via Nairobi while the rest left Uganda for Dar es Salaam aboard a mini-bus on Sunday at around 4pm.

“We left Uganda for Dar es Salaam by plane at midnight and landed at JNIA at around 2 am.” Adding “After landing at the Airport, I received a call from Uganda informing me about the deaths, we were very shocked and saddened by the reports.”

Seven out of 13 bodies of Tanzanians killed in the road crash in Kampala, Uganda, will be transported to Moshi while the remaining will be ferried to Mpwapwa in Dodoma Region for burials tomorrow.

The accident occurred on Sunday in Kampala, Uganda when the family of the ex-deputy minister was returning home from the wedding of his daughter.

A mini-bus that was carrying the victims was involved in a head-on collision with a truck on the Mataka Highway, leaving eight others seriously injured. Speaking today with The Citizen over the incident, Mr Gregory Teu’s sister, Ms Mary Teu, said the bodies were expected to arrive today in the country at around 20pm by air from Kampala.

“The bodies will be received by soldiers, who will take them to Lugalo General Military Hospital in Dar es Salaam for preservation until tomorrow when a Requiem Mass for the repose of the souls will be held at Lugalo,” said Ms Mary. She added that two vehicles have already been prepared for transporting the bodies tomorrow to different places.

“We will go to Mpwapwa for burials this Thursday while others will go to Moshi for burials of seven other bodies. After the burials in Mpwapwa, we will go to Moshi for burials of the seven bodies this Friday.

“This is because both sides belong to us as they are relatives of my sister in-law and they are relatives of my brother too,” she said.

She clarified that this Thursday the late relatives of her brother (Gregory Teu) would be laid to rest in Mpwapwa and this Friday again the late relatives of her sister-in-law ( the wife of Gregory Teu) would be laid to rest in Moshi.

She mentioned the names of the bodies being transported to Moshi as Edwin Kimario, Aristarick Shayo, Vivian Msacky , Digna Bosco, Happy Soka, Dr Einoth Laizer and Easter Teu, saying they were coming from different families in Kilimanjaro Region.

According to her, the bodies to be transported to Mpwapwa are those of George Teu (father of former MP Gregory Teu), Alfred Teu (young brother of former MP), Paulina Ndagala (aunt), Rehema Kamwaga (sister), and Boniface Njenga Sakas Teu (son of Gregory Teu).


Govt Slaps Tabloid With Two-Year Ban

Director General of Tanzania Information Services (MAELEZO) and Chief government spokesperson Dr Hassan Abbasi. Read more »

Angola: Chinese Business Group Invests U.S.$1 Million in Tilapia Production

Caxito — Two hundred tanks for the production of tilapia are being built in the Barra do Dande commune, north-western Bengo Province, by the Chinese firm RSI Su-Lda, a project that is to absorb one million US dollars, the company’s spokesman, Pedro Panzo, revealed Monday to ANGOP.

Pedro Panzo explained that the project – which has 80 per cent of it already done – aims to contribute to the social and economic development of the country and improve the subsistence of families in the region.

He said so far the project has employed forty workers, both nationals and expatriates, but it is predicted to take more manpower in its next stage.


MPLA Invites Angolans to Honour Nation’s Founder

In order mark National Hero’s day, MPLA Politburo pays a deep tribute to the fighters of National Liberation Struggle,… Read more »

Namibia: #Gabis Community Grows Lucerne to Beat Drought

By Luqman Cloete

Nmaibia had in 2013 experienced its worst drought in 30 years, which resulted in massive livestock losses due to a lack of pasture.

That year, a bright idea sprouted in a group of #Gabis settlement farmers near Karasburg to start a community gardening project to grow lucerne to feed their livestock.

Besides lucerne, the group also grows a variety of vegetables like onions, carrots, pumpkins and beetroot on a piece of land allocated to them by the Bondelswarts Traditional Authority. Martin Bezuidenhout (47), one of the founding members of the project, still vividly remembers 2013 as one of the most challenging and toughest years.

“It was one of the most difficult years, but it inspired us to prepare for recurrent droughts to avoid livestock losses during dry seasons,” he stated.

The crop and livestock farmer says he no longer worries about fodder for his animals during the dry season.

The idea to cultivate a variety of vegetables was aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among the community. The group had also approached the Karasburg East constituency office to request financial assistance.

“At first, they were reluctant to assist us because similar initiatives in the region had previously failed. We had to convince them that we aimed to have a project to sustain the future generation when we are gone,” Bezuidenhout said.

He explained that instead of sitting around waiting for handouts, the group bought seeds from their resources, and started digging a well to source water for their envisaged community garden.

The group eventually persuaded the constituency office to assist them with fencing materials, water storage tanks, a solar pump and with the drilling of a borehole.

“We had even gone to the extent of calling in a nearby commercial farmer who assisted us to construct the beds for lucerne to explain to the government officials the viability of growing lucerne in the area,” he added.

Bezuidenhout thanked constituency councillor Dennis Coetzee and his office staff for the assistance they have given to the group to date to establish the community gardening project.

Indeed, hard work, perseverance and dedication have paid off for the group as the community garden they planted has already yielded a harvest.

“We have already produced a variety of vegetables and lucerne,” a proud Bezuidenhout said, adding that they sold some produce to sustain the project, taking some for their own use, as well as donating fresh vegetables to those in need at the settlement to promote healthy living.

One of the biggest challenges the project faces is the lack of a cultivator, and a lucerne pressing machine.

Currently, the group relies on a home-made cultivator and lucerne pressing machine, which was built by project member Ben Ortman (67) to plough their land for cultivation.

“Hard work, dedication and perseverance are the best medicines to succeed amid tribulations,” said Ortman, adding that the group would appreciate any help to expand their project.

He said although the home-made gardening implements are not perfect, they are performing a similar function as those sold in gardening shops.

“It is a tough job to plough with your own hands, but this will not discourage us,” said another founding member, Moses Swartbooi (77).

Martin Swartbooi (47) is also a member of the group which aims to create self-employment and food security through their dream initiative.


Meteorological Department Predicts Flooding at the Coast

By Jeremiah Wakaya

Nairobi — Heavy rainfall is expected in parts of coastal counties Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi, Tana River, Taita Taveta and Lamu this week.

According to an update published by the Kenya Meteorological Department on Monday, rains exceeding 30mm are expected on Tuesday on the Southern Coast before spreading to North Coast on Wednesday.

The rains are expected to continue on Thursday with the possibility of flooding in some parts of the region.

The meteorological department has called for residents of Mombasa, Kwale and Kilifi to exercise vigilance, especially on Tuesday when flood waters are expected to hit parts of the said counties.

On Wednesday, parts of Tana River and Taita Taveta could be flooded as well.

All disaster management bodies including the Kenya Red Cross Society and National Disaster Operations Center have been put on high alert to avert the loss of lives in the event of flooding.

In May this year, Mombasa and Kwale suffered a devastating flood which left over a dozen people dead.


Duale to Seek MPs Approval of Sh11.5 Billion for Poll

Majority Leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale says he will be requesting MPs to approve the release of Sh11.5… Read more »

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