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Nine Nairobi MPs Sent Home as New Ones Take Over

By Collins Omulo

Nairobi County voters sent packing nine members of Parliament in the recent General Election.

Only eight lawmakers elected to the 11th Parliament in the 2013 elections have made it back to the 12th one.

The voters’ decision saw political heavyweights swept away.


Only Mr Kenneth Okoth (Kibra), Mr Timothy Wanyonyi (Westlands), Mr Paul Simba Arati (Dagoretti North), Mr James Mwangi Gakuya (Embakasi North), Mr George Theuri (Embakasi West), Mr Yusuf Hassan Abdi (Kamukunji), Mr Isaac Waihenya Ndirangu (Roysambu) and Mr T.J. Kajwang’ (Ruaraka) were spared.

Those sent home are Mr Dennis Waweru (Dagoretti South), Mr John Ndirangu (Embakasi Central), Mr John Omondi (Embakasi East), Mr Irshadali Mohamed Sumra (Embakasi South), Mr John Njoroge Chege (Kasarani), Mr Joash Olum (Lang’ata), Mr Benson Mutura (Makadara), Mr Steven Kariuki (Mathare) and Mr Maina Kamanda (Starehe).


Mr Waweru lost to comedian John Kiarie, alias KJ, twice.

The first time was in the Jubilee Party primary and the second was in the main election, in which Mr Waweru contested as an independent.

Mr Ndirangu lost to Mr Benjamin Gathiru in the Jubilee primary for the Embakasi Central seat, while Mr Omondi was defeated in the ODM primary by political greenhorn and former University of Nairobi student leader Paul Ongili, alias Babu Owino.


Mr Julius Musili Mawathe replaced Mr Sumra.

Ms Mercy Wanjiku Gakuya beat Mr Chege, both in party nomination and in the main election after he chose to go the independent way, to become the only woman MP in the county.

Mr Nixon Korir, popularly known to his supporters as Generali, replaced Mr Olum of ODM.


Former Nairobi mayor George Aladwa defeated Mr Mutura of Jubilee.

Lawyer Anthony Oluoch replaced Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s son, Mr Steven Kariuki, as MP for Mathare.

Musician Charles Kanyi Njagua came tops in Starehe to replace Mr Kamanda, in a contest of youthful politicians.

He contested against activist Boniface Mwangi and businessman Steve Mbogo Ndwiga.


The Jubilee Party has the highest number of new lawmakers, leading with five.

ODM has three and the Wiper Democratic Movement one.

ODM regained the Makadara and Mathare seats but lost the Lang’ata one.

Fida Moves to Court Over Implementation of Gender Rule

The Federation of Women Lawyers (Fida) has moved to court seeking to have the electoral agency compelled to present to Parliament a list of nominees that conforms to the gender principle.

Fida has sued speakers of National Assembly and Senate as well as the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and the Attorney-General while protesting lack of legislation on the gender principle.

Through lawyer Eunice Lumallas, Fida argues that Kenya lacks legislation to implement the gender rule which stipulates that any elective or appointive body should not have more than two thirds of its members from one gender.

“It is necessary that this matter is heard and determined quickly as court remedies can be implemented to solve the unconstitutionality of the composition of the 12th Parliament,” she said.

Fida claims the gender rule applies to representation in the National Assembly and Senate yet timelines for enacting necessary legislation had been largely ignored.

The federation has faulted the 11th Parliament for not enacting the disputed legislation or reporting any progress on the matter despite the elapse of the extended deadline.


Following the successful conclusion of the General Election, elected Members of the National Assembly and the Senate will soon be sworn in while IEBC will publish a list of nominated ones.

However, Fida wants the swearing in and resumption of business by the 12th parliament declared unlawful, considering the composition of both houses, adding that the gender rule was to be implemented before polls were held.

“The number of women in the list of elected MPs as published by IEBC is less than a third of the total number of legislators contrary to the mandatory provisions of the Constitution,” said Ms Lumallas.

The federation also wants failure to legislate on the gender rule be declared unconstitutional, while the IEBC be compelled to present to Parliament a list of nominees that will conform to the disputed law.

Fida further wants the sued parties compelled to remedy the constitutional breach by taking steps to ensure the gender principle is complied with to the latter.

This is not the first time protests against lack of legislation on the gender principle is being dragged to court.


Opposition MP Urges President Magufuli to Emulate Kenyatta

Arusha Urban MP (Chadema) Godbless Lema has called on President John Magufuli to borrow a leaf from Kenyan counterpart… Read more »

Tanzania: Funfairs As Lucky Vincent Accident Survivors Jet in Today

By Deus Ngowi

Arusha — THREE Standard VII survivors of Lucky Vincent Primary School bus accident return home today from the US as their fate in the national examinations hangs in balance.

The Rhotia Hill accident in Karatu district last May claimed 35 lives. Speaking on behalf of doctors and teachers, Singida North Member of Parliament Lazaro Nyalandu who coordinated the mission to the United States said it was decided the exam issue be sorted out after the trio had arrived in the country.

A former Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr Nyarandu said the students — Doreen Mshana, Saida Ismail and Wilson Tarimo, who had been undergoing rehabilitation at Mercy Hospital will be looked at on several factors, one being their psychological status, before deciding on their exams.

He said while in the US, the students received tuitions and were issued with several books from Tanzania but said it was important to note that they spent a lot of time in physiotherapies. “As you know, they were in the US for physical therapy but also had time to get tuition and had enough books at their disposal.

Stakeholders, including their doctors and teachers discussed the issue of national exams and if they will be ready for it. But, we decided against making any conclusion pending a psychological assessment at home and after visiting their school for the first time since the tragedy,” said Mr Nyalandu.

The students are expected at the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) at 0900hrs today. The team managed to secure the same DC 8 plane from Samaritan Purse, an organisation run by the family of a Southern Baptist minister, Billy Graham.

Upon arrival, there will be festivities and the children, accompanied by their doctors and parents, will head to Stem Village, a half an hour drive from KIA where they will stay for at least 24 hours.

Mr Nyalandu said the survivors had over 30 fractures, hinting that Doreen who endured great pains on her backbone had to be taken for extra medication and exercise at Roland Madonna House in Sioux City LA.

The victim was offered free medical treatment at the Centre where a patient pays at least 50,000 US dollars (over 100m/- upon registration. He said there would be several specialists in Tanzania from the US, with some having jetted in the country already.

There will also be two rescuers — Jenifer and Calvin. Along with Dr Steve Meyer, who led the surgeries, the foreign doctors were on their way from Ngorongoro and became the first to arrive at the accident scene.


Opposition MP Urges President Magufuli to Emulate Kenyatta

Arusha Urban MP (Chadema) Godbless Lema has called on President John Magufuli to borrow a leaf from Kenyan counterpart… Read more »

Bunda Urban MP to File for Compensation After Winning an Apeal

By Beldina Nyakeke

Bunda — Bunda urban Member of Parliament Esther Bulaya plans to open a case to demand compensation from four people in the constituency who unsuccessfully challenged her victory in the 2015 general election.

Speaking at a public held here on Tuesday evening Ms Bulaya said if she will win the case against the constituents, she will use the money to implement development projects in the area.

“I spent a lot of money in the case, so I will go to court to demand that they compensate me,” she told those who attended the rally.

The Court of Appeal recently dismissed with costs an appeal against the Chadema MP filed by the four who acted on behalf of former minister Stephen Wasira. Ms Bukaya defeated the long serving CCM MP in the election.

The Court of Appeal’s deputy registrar Elizabeth Mkwizu noted the alleged irregularities relied on by the appellants could not have affected the outcome of the election.

Mr Wassira’s supporters Mr Magambo Masato, Ms Janeth Ezekiel, Mr Ascetic Mlagila and Mr Matwiga Matwiga raised six grounds seeking the court to unseat Ms Bulaya, including Bulaya’s alleged failure to produce her election budget as per the Election Expenses Act No 6 of 2010.

The appellants also pointed shortcomings on the election results form and failure of the returning officer to inform the CCM candidate to attend vote counting. The court ruled the appellants had failed to show how the difference in the number of voters in the parliamentary results form affected all election results.

According to Ms Mkwizu, the appellants had failed to prove that the first respondent (Ms Bulaya) did not submit election costs as required by law. They were also ordered to pay the costs of the suit.

The appeal was heard by a panel of three judges Mbarouk Mbarouku, Augustine Mwarija and Rehema Mkuye. The appellants were represented by advocate Constatine Mutalemwa and Yasin Memba while Ms Bulaya who is the first respondent in the case was represented by advocate Tundu Lissu.

Other respondents are Attorney General (AG) and the returning officer. Mr Wassira’s voters appealed against the decision made by the High Court to declare Ms Bulaya as winner on November 18, 2016. High Court Judge Joel Chocha declared Ms Bulaya the legitimate MP for Bunda Urban Constituency.

According to the appellants, the election was not free and fair due to irregularities. They were asking the Court of Appeal to nullify the results and ordered the election to be repeated.


Cattle Moved Out of Forest Reserve on Minister’s Order

More than 50,000 heads of cattle in Kiteta and Kilangwana wards in Sumbawanga District, Rukwa Region, have been moved… Read more »

CAA Clarified, but Did Not ‘Condemn’ ICAO Report

opinionBy Vianney M Luggya

We noted with concern the headline ‘CAA upset over Uganda’s negative air safety rating’ in the Daily Monitor of August 10. The detailed explanation of Uganda’s performance in relation to Effective Implementation of safety standards arising out of the 2014 International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Coordinated Validation Mission (ICVM) was unfortunately misconstrued as dissatisfaction with the ICAO website report, which was not the case.

While the story captured part of the explanation in the main body, there was misinterpretation of the explanation manifested in a lead statement to the effect that ‘CAA has rejected a critical UN report on safety standards’.

The article goes on to wrongly state that ‘CAA officials have condemned the report and questioned the veracity of the ICVM audit’. These are strong and incorrect statements that ought to be clarified. We certainly could not “reject” nor “condemn” a report by an international body that oversees our operations.

The explanation we made was in response to the article’s author making reference to an excerpt from the ICAO May 2017 website report to the global community on safety issues, which was meant for appreciation of existing challenges. The ICAO web report had, among others, mentioned countries that scored above the global average of 64.7 per cent in relation to Effective Implementation of safety standards based on audits that had been conducted up to May 2017. CAA only offer an explanation aimed at creating understanding that the scores should not be interpreted as being based on a pass mark for passing or failure as follows:

Uganda scored 61.64 per cent in relation to effective implementation of ICAO’s Safety standards in the ICAO Coordinated Validation Mission (ICVM) in an audit carried out in June 2014.

In the last three years since Uganda was last audited, a lot has been accomplished and several milestones reached in the areas of safety compliance, which would positively improve Uganda’s performance if ICAO was to review Uganda’s status of Effective Implementation in 2017, the reporting period of the safety report.

For instance, we have promulgated a number of safety regulations and various steps taken towards amendment of the CAA Act, which is currently before Parliament. These were some of the safety challenges raised during the 2014 audit and had an effect on Uganda’s score.

ICAO has since undertaken various safety audits in other countries and some of the States mentioned in the May 2017 safety report were either audited in 2016 or early 2017. The only ICAO audit that Uganda underwent in 2017 was the Universal Security Audit Programme (USAP) in June 2017 and this is different from a safety audit.

While the official results for the security audit are yet to be formally released, provisional results indicate an excellent performance by Uganda.

Of particular significance in relation to the 2014 safety audit was the fact that Uganda’s score of 61.64 per cent was way above the African States average of 44.86 per cent and the EAC partner states average of 48.17 per cent.

Furthermore, Uganda’s score was above the 60 per cent Effective Implementation Safety Target for African states set at the African Ministerial Conference held in Abuja in 2012 (dubbed the Abuja 2012 Declaration). Uganda was among the 22 out of 48 African states that met the Safety Target.

More importantly, there was no Significant Safety Concern (SSC) registered in relation to the audit on Uganda. A Significant Safety Concern refers to serious breach of safety standards and can ultimately lead to several airlines shunning the airspace of that particular country. ICAO’s desire is for States to have an Effective Implementation of 100 per cent. However, no State has attained this as yet.

The CAA explanation was sought by the author and was only meant to throw more light on how issues of safety are looked at globally and on the continent so as to correct the impression that Uganda was not doing well in relation to safety matters. The explanation was in no way meant to “condemn” or “reject” the ICAO report as was insinuated in the article. There would even be no need to do so as the website publication alluded to was not in any way addressed to Uganda.

Uganda had already received a specific report on the country’s performance in 2014 and duly responded with a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), which is already being implemented.

Mr Luggya is the Ag manager public affairs,

Civil Aviation Authority.


3,000 Lose Millions in Pyramid Scheme

More than 3,000 people, including senior police officers, have been ripped off of their savings they deposited in Global… Read more »

Jackline Nungari, the Only Elected Woman MCA in Kiambu

By Eric Wainaina

When Jackline Wanjiku Nungari was nominated to the Kiambu County Assembly by The National Alliance (TNA) in 2013, she pledged to use the position to empower herself politically. After all, the slots which were meant to help the assembly attain the two-third gender rule are supposed to catapult women to leadership positions.

Ms Nungari is now savouring the fruits of her determination, hard work, hope and resilience after she became the only woman to win a ward representative’s seat in the county which has 60 wards.

She is also the second elected woman leader in the entire Kiambu County after her fellow nominated MCA, Anne Wanjiku Kibe, won the Gatundu North parliamentary seat.


The youthful Ms Nungari braved political heat from her seven male counterparts in the race for the Bibirioni Ward seat in Limuru on a Jubilee Party ticket.

Ms Nungari acknowledges that the battle was not easy, saying that some of her competitors and backers were using insults and propaganda with a view to embarrassing her based on her gender, but that did not distract her.

“You wake up one morning and people decide to call you a prostitute, forgetting that you are a mother and a sister of someone. Sometimes the male candidates will use your fellow women to advance their criticism towards you,” she said.

However, though Ms Nungari’s is a success story, the leadership of women in the region has been dealt a major blow considering that in the previous House, there were four elected women MCAs.


One of them was Cecilia Wamaitha Mwangi, the immediate former Gatuanyaga MCA, who despite flying the highly-coveted Jubilee ticket was beaten by youthful Joseph Kahira, who was running on a Maendeleo Chap Chap ticket in Gatuanyaga.

Ms Wamaitha, who was the Leader of Minority in the House, had been elected on Farmers Party in the 2013 elections.

Ms Margaret Mwago, who was the Kiuu Ward MCA in Ruiru, and also the deputy Leader of Majority has lost the seat to Daniel Ngure who beat her during the party primaries and in Ikinu.

In the National Assembly, Kiambu now has only one woman MP, Ms Kibe of Gatundu North, while there were two in the 11th Parliament.

The two were Ms Alice Ng’ang’a (Thika Town) and Ms Esther Gathogo (Ruiru) who have since lost their seats.

Despite flying the Jubilee Party ticket, Ms Ng’ang’a was beaten by businessman Patrick Wainaina Jungle who returned to the race as independent candidate after he lost in the Jubilee primaries.

On the other hand, Ms Gathogo lost to businessman Ng’ang’a King’ara.

MPs Question Funding to Private Universities

By Agencies

The Public Accounts Committee of Parliament has tasked Education ministry officials to explain the irregular transfer of Shs2.1 billion to private universities.

The money was allegedly transferred to six private universities in the 2015-2016 financial year.

The beneficiaries include Kisubi Brothers University College (912 million), Bishop Stuart University (380 million), Kumi University (300 million), Nkumba University (300 million), Mountains of the Moon University (150 million) and Ndejje University (150 million).

The allocation was allegedly in fulfilment of presidential pledges. In one of the pledges made in 2010, President Yoweri Museveni pledged to finance the training of 50 science teachers at Kisubi Brothers University College each year for five years.

The maiden implementation of the pledge was in the 2011-2021 financial year. During the year, the Ministry of Education provided Shs12 million per student totalling to Shs600 million.

The anomaly was detected by the Auditor General, Mr John Muwanga who said the transfers lacked detailed information regarding the status of implementation.

The audit also revealed that the transfers were made without putting in place mechanisms for accountability and that the Ministry of education issued the money without drawing any agreement with the beneficiaries.

PAC Vice Chairperson, Mr Gerald Karuhanga questioned how the Ministry would commit huge sums of money to private universities, yet public universities continue to grapple with funding shortfalls. He also questioned why the Education ministry budget should be used to implement presidential pledges, yet parliament allocates funds to the Office of the President to meet the same.

The Ministry officials acknowledged the absence of a Memorandum of Understanding with the universities that benefited adding that such requirements have since been put in place.

Mr Alex Kakooza, the ministry’s Permanent Secretary asked PAC for more time to avail letters demanding private institutions for accountability.

The Director Higher Education, Mr Robert Oceng told the committee that so far, Nkumba and Ndejje universities have availed accountability for the funds allocated to them.


Two Camps Emerge in Main Opposition Party

Two distinctive camps have emerged in Uganda’s biggest opposition party, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), ahead of its… Read more »

New Sugar Factory May Create 2,000 Jobs

Photo: Emmanuel Ntirenganya/The New Times

Sugarcane (file photo)

Dodoma — Over 2,000 people from the central zone regions may land a job at a sugar plant whose construction has been planned at Dabalo Ward, Chamwino District in Dodoma Region.

The modern factory by an Indian investor, Purandare Industries Tanzania, upon its completion, will have a capacity of producing at least 15,000 tonnes of sugar per year and will offer direct contracts to a total of 3,000 sugarcane growers.

Chilonwa Member of Parliament Joel Mwaka said the investment would a play pivotal role in advancing the economic welfare in the area.

“Despite providing permanent jobs for hundreds of farmers, the plant will also stimulate different socioeconomic activities in the district and the region at large,” he said.

(Valentine Oforo)


Local Govt Leaders Banned From Demarcating Villages

A ban has been slapped on local government leaders from demarcating villages, which have certificates for it affects… Read more »

Land Amendment Bill – Residents Say Minister is a Traitor

Photo: Daily Monitor

Relatives and in-laws have threatened to disown Lands minister Betty Amongi.

By Bill Oketch, Tobbias Jolly Owiny & Frank Jean Okot

Lira — Relatives and in-laws have threatened to disown Lands minister Betty Amongi for marketing the controversial Land Amendment Bill. The Bill seeks to give government powers to acquire one’s land without first adequately compensating them as it carries out its projects on it.

In light of the Bill, the line minister, who hails from Lango sub-region, is being looked at as a traitor at her home backyard despite her fulfilling her Cabinet responsibility.

During a consultative meeting where MPs from Lango sub-region were seeking views of the residents about the proposed land amendments at Uganda Technical College, Lira on Monday, some residents called on Lira Municipality MP Jimmy Akena to divorce his wife over the Bill. The residents booed Mr Akena as he made his speech.

Mr Akena, a son of former president Milton Obote and Ms Amongi got married in April 2013.

During the meeting, Mr Patrick Rolex Akena called on the MP to disown his wife for fronting the controversial Bill.

However, Mr Akena hit back at those asking him to divorce his wife because of the proposed Land Amendment Bill, saying he cannot do such a thing.

“I will not disown my wife here. I cannot do such a thing,” MP Akena told hundreds of residents gathered at the meeting.

In anger, the residents heckled and booed Mr Akena for defending his wife’s support for the controversial Bill.

Ms Dina Bua, a former district councillor in Otuke District, shouted that the microphone which Mr Akena was using should be grabbed from him.

The visibly shocked Akena could not believe that he was getting that kind of treatment from the same people who have often referred to him as the only ‘atin kic’ (orphan) of the deceased former president.

After composing himself, Mr Akena told the residents that he had listened to their cried about the proposed law, saying he had taken note and that he would not “betray” them.

“I heard many people saying let things remain the way they are. Before coming here as this matter was heating up, I wrote my own recommendations on how we can address some of the problems in the Land Act, not the Constitution,” he explained.

“I stand by the position to protect the rights of the citizens. I will not go against aspirations of the people of Lango and I am going to struggle to find a workable solution… ,” he added

Lango Parliamentary Group chairperson Felix Okot Ogong said almost all the legislators from Lango sub-region are opposed to the new proposed land law. He added that they would not betray their constituents by embracing a law that they (residents) are opposed to.

“You can see it clearly that the people of Lango have rejected the new Bill and that will now help us substantiate that whatever minister Amongi is saying is not the voice of the people of Lango. She is either doing it individually or fulfilling her Cabinet responsibility of the principle of collective responsibility,” Mr Ogong said.

However, Ms Amongi had a day earlier, while appearing at a local radio station, said those against the Land Amendment Bill are ignorant and they don’t understand the law.

The law

Recently, the government tabled in Parliament the Land Amendment Bill to change Article 26 of the Constitution aimed at facilitating quicker land acquisition for public projects.

The amendment proposes that where the owner of property or any person having interest in or right over property objects to the compensation awarded under the law made under clause (2)(b), the government or local government shall deposit with court for the property owner or any person having an interest in or right over the property, the compensation awarded for the property, and the government or local government shall take possession of the property pending determination by the court of any dispute relating to compensation.

This, according to government, is aimed at fast-tracking the development of government projects that have in the past been hindered by unnecessary court litigations by the owners of the land.

After Elections, Lobbying for Top Posts in Parliament Starts

By Samwel Owino and Ibrahim Oruko

Lobbying for the top positions in parliamentary leadership has started in earnest even as the MPs-elect prepare to convene in the 12th parliament next week.

Among the positions in contention both in the National Assembly and the Senate are those of the Speakers and their deputes, leaders of majority and their deputies, leaders of minority and their deputies, majority whips and their deputies and minority whips and their deputies.

In the National Assembly, the incumbent Speaker Justin Muturi and the Garissa Township MP Aden Duale, who has been the majority leader, are expected to retain their seats owing to their strong standing and the support they enjoy from the top Jubilee Party leadership.

The same could apply in the Senate where Tharaka-Nithi Senator Kithure Kindiki and his Elgeyo-Marakwet counterpart Kipchumba Murkomen are also set to retain their seats as leader and deputy leader of majority respectively.


The four are seen as insiders in the Jubilee kitchen cabinet and loyalists who have been strong in pushing for the party’s interests in the 11th parliament.

MPs who have been elected on Jubilee Party tickets will hold a parliamentary group meeting this week to decide on the line-up of the House leadership.

While it seems to be a foregone conclusion that Mr Duale will retain his position, a section of Jubilee MPs who have been re-elected are uncomfortable with Mr Muturi and are fronting former Ainabkoi MP Samuel Chepkong’a to succeed him instead.

“I am sure I will get back my seat as majority leader. Jubilee MPs will decide who they want to be their Speaker, Deputy Speaker and other House leadership positions. In my opinion, the previous leaders performed well and should be retained,” said Mr Duale.


He added: “My work this time will even be easier with this tyranny of numbers that we have.”

Mr Chepkong’a served as the chairperson of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee in the 11th parliament but lost his seat to William Chepkut who contested as an independent candidate during the August 8 election.

In the Senate, outgoing Speaker Ekwee Ethuro is now not sitting easy.

Top Jubilee Party leadership has quietly withdrawn their support for him as they have, since 2013, been increasingly uncomfortable with the way he has managed the business of the House.


A source has told Nation that both President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto are unhappy with the soft manner Mr Ethuro has presided over issues in the Senate and they are shopping around for his replacement.

The source, who did not wish to be named, says anger against Mr Ethuro is because he is deemed to have sacrificed the interests of the party at the altar of his own image which undermined Jubilee party’s performance in the Senate.

Mr Ethuro’s is accused of ambivalence and not being as vociferous as his counterpart in the National Assembly in his support for Jubilee Party policies.


Ms Amina Abdalla, who has served as nominated MP since 2002, is being touted as a possible successor of Mr Ethuro because of her perceived loyalty credentials and closeness to the President.

Others being mentioned are former National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende and Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba in efforts by the Jubilee Party to completely win over western Kenya as part of its 2022 strategy.

The two Houses will have a set of new deputy speakers.

In the Senate, Mr Kembi Gitura lost in his bid to retain his Murang’a seat to outgoing Kiharu MP Irungu Kang’ata.

In the National Assembly, outgoing Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso will also be replaced after she was elected Bomet governor.


The majority side in the Senate will also be looking for new occupants in the offices of majority whip and the deputy after the exit of Ms Beatrice Elachi and Mr Mike Sonko Mbuvi.

Ms Elachi lost in her bid for Dagoretti North MP’s seat while Mr Sonko is the Nairobi governor-elect.

Mr Kang’ata, who is the Murang’a senator-elect, said he will go for the senate deputy Speaker saying the position must go back to the county.

“It is true that I’m lobbying to be the Senate Deputy Speaker because it belonged to the Murang’a people. I demand it back. I am a lawyer qualified just like the outgoing Senator Kembi Gitura,” Mr Kang’ata said.


Mr Kang’ata claims that Murang’a County legislators are supporting his bid and will push for the position when Jubilee MPs meet this week to decide on the House leadership positions.

Having retained his Senate seat, Mr Moses Wetang’ula will most likely retain his positon as the Leader of Minority, especially because he is the only Nasa principal remaining with something to hold on to.

Makueni Senator-elect Mutula Kilonzo Jnr said it is too early to decide how the positions will be shared out.

“It is too early to tell who is going to which office. These issues will be discussed in due course,” Mr Mutula Jr said.

The opposition will discuss with their principals on how they intend to share out the available positions for them in Parliament. The positions include Senate Leader of Minority previously occupied Mr Wetang’ula and Senate Minority Whip’s position previously held by Johnson Muthama who did not defend his Machakos seat.

Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi said they are still waiting for direction from their principals.

“We have not decided on anything yet as we are waiting for direction from our leaders today,” Mr Wandayi said.

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