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Kenya: New Kisumu Port to Operate Under Lease

By Allan Olingo

Construction of the modern Kisumu port under the standard gauge railway will take 18 months.

Documents from Kenya Railways seen by The EastAfrican show that the port will be in Usare, Kisian, 16km from Kisumu town, and will include two multi-purpose berths of 3,000 tonnes and one work boar berth.

When complete, the port will be leased to sub-operators under an agreement with the Kenya Ports Authority.

“There will also be the construction of a roll on/roll off (ro-ro) terminal that will facilitate loading and offloading from ships designed to carry wheeled cargo like cars,” the design document reads in part.

The port will be linked by rail, access roads, electricity connections and satellite buildings. It will require 20square km of land to accommodate its amenities.

Employment opportunities

“The operational port workforce would initially require hundreds of full-time employees, gradually increasing to thousands,” the document says.

As a justification for construction of the port, standard gauge railway planners say they aim to transport cement, coal and petroleum products through the port to the regional countries.

Early this year, Kenya’s Ministry of Transport proposed construction of the new port once the SGR reaches Kisumu. The ministry has already finalised a financial agreement with China Exim Bank for a $140 million loan to finance its construction.

“We aim to increase business with neighbouring countries. We have chosen this new location as it gives us the flexibility for expansion and also allows us to build a logistics and an industrial park,” Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia told The EastAfrican.


Duale to Seek MPs Approval of Sh11.5 Billion for Poll

Majority Leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale says he will be requesting MPs to approve the release of Sh11.5… Read more »

Liberia: National Elections Commission Fails to Register Vehicles

By Bettie K. Johnson Mbayo

Monrovia — With less than 21 days to elections, the National Elections Commission (NEC) recently unveiled a fleet of vehicles.

However, those vehicles remain unregistered, thereby depriving the government of US$25,800 in revenue.

A communication from the Ministry of Transport dated July 12, 2017 in possession of FrontPage Africa shows that the Ministry of Transport requested the NEC to pay US$25,880 for its recently purchased fleet.

The NEC had sought inquiry from MOT over the cost of vehicle registration.

NEC, according to the Ministry, is currently plying the streets with unregistered vehicles which the Ministry termed as risky.

“What if a ballot vehicle is attacked, how will we trace it?

It’s unbelievable that the NEC will forfeit on registering their vehicles,” Minister Samuel Wlue said in a chat with FrontPage Africa.

Chapter 3, Subchapter A, section 3.1 states that registration of vehicles is a requirement in Liberia, for the proceeding years.

The Ministry said the green plates on the NEC vehicles were decommissioned in June 2015.

Registration, according to the Ministry, enables them and the Police to collaborate in unforeseen circumstances that may affect the fleet of vehicles during operation.

The fees collected from registration supports the national budget.

“The Ministry of Transport is about to embark on a vigorous enforcement of unregistered vehicles within Monrovia and its environs.”

“If NEC is not in compliance, the Ministry in collaboration with the Liberia National Police will have no alternative but to impound your vehicles during the enforcement exercise,” the communication stated.

“It’s a Liberian issue and the NEC should have to take the lead, all those who want to lead should lead by examples,” Wlue said.

Every party has violated, we can’t have people who make the law and break the laws.

At the same time, the Ministry has expressed regret over the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) failure to register its vehicles.

MOT revealed that in July 2016, the party obtained a bill of 19 vehicles but none are registered–they are only recognized by the emblem.

For the Liberty Party, 4 of their vehicles are in the draft while some vehicles are registered in individual names.


Urey Clarifies Report On Real Estates

Businessman-turned Presidential hopeful Benoni Webster Urey clarifies here that two real estates in the United States… Read more »

Namibia: ‘Health Must Be Part of Infrastructure Development’

By Matheus Hamutenya

Aussenkehr — //Kharas regional director in the Ministry of Health and Social Services Barth Muntenda says the construction of health facilities should be core to any agreement between the regional council and private partners.

Speaking to New Era, he said it is important that infrastructure development by the regional council and any possible investors, through public-private partnerships (PPPs), always consist of a health facility to ensure people have access to health services.

He said many a time such projects are too focused on provision of housing and shopping centres, forgetting that community members also need health facilities nearby. He thus urged the regional council to ensure that any plans for development in the region include the construction of a health facility.

“PPPs are now becoming the best option and the regional council must continue to put health on their agenda – and whenever they negotiate they should always think of health, we should not be left out,” he said.

Muntenda also spoke on the progress of plans to build a health centre at Aussenkehr, a community of over 30,000 people that depends on one clinic, which has been a problem as it is too small for such a huge population.

The director said the facility would be constructed through the PPP infrastructure development project.

He explained that the government was ready to build the facility and architects have approved the site, but due to lack of funds the project was shelved.

However, he noted that there is a glimmer of hope that the facility would soon be built, adding that a health centre is part of the plans of the Aussenkehr project.

He said the construction of the facility is very important as it will improve service delivery to the community and avail additional services that the clinic is currently unable to render.

“We promise to provide all resources as soon as the facility is built – this will also curb the high cost of referrals to Karasburg hospital and reduce negative happenings during emergency drives,” he said.

The Ausenkehr infrastructure development project that will see construction of houses, a shopping mall and a health facility, among others, was set to get off the ground last week but was delayed as the ground-breaking ceremony was postponed due to incomplete paperwork.


Reparations Demands Could Top U.S.$91 Billion

Germany might end up paying N$1,2 trillion if government and the Ovaherero Traditional Authority’s demands succeed. Read more »

Govt Asked to Repossess Idle Land

Photo: Omar Furnu/The Citizen

Journalists Environmental Association of Tanzania Board member Leau Mushi speaks during a press conference in Dar es Salaam. On the left is her colleague, board member Aisia Rweyemamu.

By Kelvin Matandiko

The government has been requested to repossess more than 64,000 hectares of land owned by Bioshape Tanzania Ltd and restore it to Kilwa District villagers after the investor failed to develop it for the past five years.

The appeal was made by the Journalists Environmental Association of Tanzania (JET) Board member Ms Leah Mushi yesterday when speaking to reporters.

According to her, the land in question is located around four villages namely Mavuji, Migeregere, Nainokwe and Liwiti in the district.

Ms Leah revealed that the investor between 2006 and 2008 signed a contract with the government and acquired the land, but in the past five years he has not developed it despite promising to use it for agriculture.

A JET team is expected to prepare a report and submit it to the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development and other relevant institutions.

“We will prepare a report and submit it to the ministry. Instead of using the land for agriculture as it is shown in the contract, the investor opted to engage in timber harvesting,” she said.

She added that efforts to reach the investor to clarify on the matter were in vain and that reports availed by Kilwa District Council leaders suggested that he had abandoned the land and was not in the country.

For his part, another JET board member, Mr Moses Masenga said the investor’s failure to develop the land, has denied villagers an opportunity to carry out agricultural activities.

“We understand that the land has been abandoned for a long time and the investor has already left the country, so we call on the minister (Mr William Lukuvi) to restore the land to the villagers as he did elsewhere,” he said.


Diaspora Raises U.S.$10,000 for Shot MP’s Medical Treatment

A total of $9,968, which is equivalent to Sh22.3 million, has been raised in four days by Chadema supporters in the… Read more »

Water Utility to Rein in on Corrupt Staff

By Nasra Bishumba

Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) has reiterated that any of its employees caught asking for payment for services delivered will be handed to courts of law.

Speaking to The New Times, WASAC’s commercial director Lucien Ruterana said the tough measures were initiated by the utility’s new management as part of boosting efficiency and service delivery.

The measures were first announced last week.

“Our staff are already aware that any corruption case will be punished not only by terminating the contract but also by bringing the case to the courts of law,” he said.

The new strategy comes on the heels of the recent sacking and arrest of former WASAC boss James Sano over corruption-related charges.

Aimé Muzola, the former director of planning at the Ministry of Infrastructure, replaced Sano.

Ruterana said WASAC is working with security organs and local authorities to ensure that no one pays for what is not prescribed in the utility’s manual.

“We are discussing and developing various strategies to identify employees who solicit money from clients. Customers and the general public should call anti-corruption authorities since they have staff with appropriate skills. We will continue an awareness programme until this malpractice stops,” he said.

Asked about the timing, Ruterana said the changes will continue with more resources being channelled into improving service delivery.

“For instance, every branch has vehicles to facilitate transport of staff in daily operations. Clients should not pay “transport” for our staff. This means that we will be serving clients on first-come-first-serve basis and each branch has to make sure that every client is served accordingly,” he said.

He cautioned clients to be keen on who they let into their homes.

“Our staff must always wear WASAC uniform or carry a badge. We have some cases where some people close or open valves in the water network, cau sing disruptions in the water distribution. Report such people to help ensure equitable distribution of water,” he said.


Bank of Kigali Wins International Award for Best Bank

Bank of Kigali is the Best Bank in Rwanda, according to the 2017 African Bankers’ Awards for the East Africa region… Read more »

Justice Sector in Fresh Quest to Improve Service Delivery

By Eddie Nsabimana

The justice sector is working on a five-year strategic plan that looks at putting at the centre efficient service delivery to help promote human rights.

Isabelle Karihangabo, the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Justice, called on all institutions in the sector to join hands to strengthen justice delivery in the country by bridging the gaps wherever they might be.

She said fighting corruption will only be strengthened by striving for efficiency in service delivery, explaining that many resort to corrupt means to acquire a service they would otherwise have acquired for free.

“I am happy with the progress the country has made in access to justice and I have no doubt that we will achieve our targets if we work together. It is all down to us to improve service to the communities from the grassroots to national level,” Karihangabo said.

She was speaking on Wednesday during a stakeholders’ meeting that discussed the 2018-2023 strategic plan for the sector.

The current five-year justice sector strategic plan’s targets have been achieved at 63 per cent, which Karihangabo said is not satisfactory, given that they have only one year left to its conclusion.

“The numbers are not quite good. We still have a long way to go, but we hope to improve and accelerate the rate at which we shall implement the next strategic plan to make sure people are better served,” she said.

The PS said, in formulating the roadmap for the next five years, emphasis must be put on pursuit of emerging crimes like gender-based violence, human trafficking, drug abuse and corruption.

Other areas of focus, she added, will be improved unity and reconciliation, universal access to quality justice, peace and security, transparency, accountability and adherence to human rights.

Victor Mugabe, the executive secretary of Rwanda Bar Association, suggested that the new strategic plan should be designed around strengthening a people-centred judiciary.

“We need to deliver services beyond citizens’ expectations,” he said.

To better achieve the targets, Mugabe recommended sensitisation drives in communities on their rights to justice and teaching them about different laws that protect them.

“Obviously, some people do not know which laws are there to protect them. There is need for more awareness and streamlining legal aid policies to further build ethical standards of justice,” he said.

According to the 2016 Rwanda Governance Scorecard, the justice sector improved in the area of fighting corruption, transparency and accountability from 77.1 per cent in 2012 up to 86.56per cent in 2016.

However, access to justice reduced from 80.25 per cent in 2014 to 76.8 per cent in 2016.

After the draft is elaborated, the strategic plan’s final draft will be submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning for evaluation comments, before it is, by November, presented to the parliament for approval.

Nigeria: Nigeria Airways Pensioners Beg President Buhari Over Unpaid Benefits

By Victor Ahiuma-Young

Former employees of Nigeria Airways have pleaded with President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene and order for the payment of their entitlements, 13 years after the liquidation of the Airways by the government of President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The aggrieved and frustrated pensioners have accused the Presidential Initiative on Continuous Audit, PICA, of frustrating efforts by the government to pay them their gratuities put at N78billion.

Recalling, the pensioners said: “In 2004,Obasanjo liquidated the Airline for reasons best known to him and indirectly handed everything Airways to Arik on a platter of gold but today, Arik is in the hands of AMCON because they failed to deliver.

That is a topic for another day. Today however, we are focusing on why the liquidated staff’s entitlement is still hanging. For Airways staff in UK, USA, Dubai, etc where there are laws, they got their 25 years entitlement in 2004. Is it not strange that 13 years after, those in Nigeria and neighboring African countries are still fasting and praying for it to be paid.

Describing this as “wickedness of the highest order”, the pensioner noted that they were thankful to God when few months back the payment was approved, but lamented that till today, they “are still praying God for the payment to be effected. Why? We gathered that there is a power tussle between the Aviation Ministry and PICA.

Why the tussle? The President, it was gathered agreed that 1% of the approved sum be given to the paying agency which is the wages commission. In our case the 1% is almost N800million.

Suddenly PICA picked interest in paying and also demanded for a reduction of the agreed amount and also demanded for over N2billion as the paying agency fee. It was gathered that the Ministry said no because PICA has no right to slash it since the federal government is not complaining that the N78billion is too much for it to pay.

“Our question is, why is it possible for PICA to hold a people to ransom? We do not want to believe that President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, the Minister of finance or their various special advisers are unaware of what is going on and have left the pensioners to die by the day from curable illnesses. They cannot feed, they are not employable, they cannot pay rents, school fees, etc. This is irritating.

“Former President, Goodluck Jonathan, we learned, persuaded our umbrella body to withdraw the case from court. The Union did, but President Jonathan refused to honour his part of the bargain by paying us our entitlements before he left office inspite of the prosperity during his regime. Whoever constitutes obstacle, the set time for such to be brought to book is now.

The staff are tired of hoping against hope. Month in, month out, their hopes are dashed. September is running out again. If this regime is truly transparent and against corruption, the time to prove it is now. Delay is dangerous. It is not the dead that will spend this money.”


Nigeria’s Political Elite See Buhari As a Meal – Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani, a senator from Kaduna central, says the Nigeria political elite see President Muhammadu Buhari as a “meal”,… Read more »

Liberia: Birth Certificate Scandal At Health Ministry

By Emmanuel Mondaye

Credible document in the possession of the NewDawn has unearthed a syndicate at the Ministry of health wherein children below the age of 0-12 year are being made to pay for birth certificates in contravention to the Act establishing the Bureau of Vital Statistics at the Ministry.

The document reveals that the Health Ministry is allegedly collecting L$1,000 from children for change of name and change of child’s age, even though they are not to pay such money.

Our source says that children who had previously obtained birth certificates but misplaced them are requested to deposit money in the general account of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) for any reprint of the instrument.

The source notes that on July 31, 2017, March 7, 2011, January 1, 2015 and February 3, 2015 respectively, the Bureau of Vital Statistics issued the following birth certificates volumes numbers including 88677, 121131, 000004 and 24-E just to name a few, to children.

Several of the documents read thus: “Applicant must pay LD1000 to the LRA for reprint” affecting children under 0-12 years old while adult who supposed to pay LD500.00 for the certificate have also been allegedly charged L$1,000.

Our source indicates that all previously obtained documents with mistakes are subjected to a non-repayment, as the Ministry of Health is under every obligation to reproduce said document at no extra financial burden to applicants.

But the source suggests that this is not the current case at the Bureau of Vital Statistics responsible to produce the national instrument to its citizens.

Every effort made by this paper for the past two weeks to get the reaction of the Health Ministry proved fruitless as Public Affairs officer Mr. Sogbor George would inform the NewDawn that those responsible to address the strange charges in the issuance of birth certificate were either busy or not in office.

Investigation continues.


‘We Own but Don’t Control Liberia’

Liberians are people who are proud of their country and always want to show ownership but it is an unfortunate irony… Read more »

Kenyans Found With Plastic Bags Now Face Arrest

Photo: Daily News
By Collins Omulo

Environmental watchdog Nema on Tuesday warned of arrests if found carrying banned plastic bags.

This comes after the authority said that it was now embarking on strict enforcement of the ban, two weeks after the Ministry of Environment banned the use of plastic bags.

Nema corporate communications manager, Evans Nyabuto, said that it was now illegal to be found in possession of plastic bags as the grace period that was given by the authority’s enforcement team had elapsed.

He said that the environmental authority was still engaging in public awareness campaigns in readiness for the full implementation of the ban.

“We had earlier given Kenyans and businesses a grace period to comply with the ban that took effect last month as we set on checking for non-compliance and advising those who had not complied to do so but now the window is now closed,” he said.

Mr Nyabuto further said that Nema was currently engaging the authority’s county directors and county executives in charge of environment to work together in ensuring that the ban is complied with in each of the 47 counties in the country.

“Our enforcement team is currently in Mombasa County where we are meeting county directors and county executive in charge of environment on the level of compliance in the county. We have gone round to certain stores to check for their levels of compliance,” Mr Nyabuto said.

He also said that the authority was working with the Red Cross, National Youth Service, recyclers and other small supermarkets across the country to set up adequate drop off points to enable citizens who still have polythene bags to dispose them.

Last month, the authority struck a deal with three largest supermarkets in Kenya, Tuskys, Uchumi and Nakumatt, to act as drop-off points after the countrywide ban on non-biodegradable plastic bags.


Opposition Walks Out of Polls Body Meeting

Nasa co-principals led by Raila Odinga have walked out of planned meeting with the electoral agency, protesting a… Read more »

Health Sector Data Pool Heralds Efficiency

By Bernard Lugongo

THE health sector will from now on have harmonised data collection tools and sharing, phasing out fragmented data systems which have been hindering easy access to health information in the country.

This is in the wake of yesterday’s launching of the Tanzania Health Data Collaborative in Dar es Salaam, that will facilitate availability of harmonised health data on a single online platform. The launch makes Tanzania the second country in the continent to introduce such a programme after Kenya.

Speaking at the event, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Community Development Gender, Elderly and Children, Dr Mpoki Ulisubisya, said the initiative would further help the country achieve Goal Number Three of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

“This is a path to achieving Goal Number Three as it would address a gap in health data collection and make us abandon paper-based platform and go digital,” Dr Ulisubisya said.

The system would make different types of data collection tools speak together, unlike the current situation whereby the data are fragmented.

Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry, Prof Muhammad Bakari, noted that apart from reducing fragmentations, the tool will develop quality data, improve the capacity of the health care staff on data analysis as well as improving of data sharing through the web portal.

Representative of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Tanzania, Dr Matthieu Kamwa, said the current situation whereby funders and technical partners opt for their own systems with related tools, formats, investigations, surveys and data analysis, resulted into weakening and even the collapse of the critical building block of the national health system.

“Multiplicity of these information systems is a burden and also wastage of resources not only for the country but also for the partners.

“To measure the progress towards the SDG’s, we do need reliable and timely disaggregated data,” he added.

Executive Director of Sikika, a Non-governmental organization, Mr Irenei Kiria, who spoke on behalf more than 20 Civil society organisations working to improve the health sector in the country, said the launching was timely because the technology allows the citizens have means and greater desire to access and share information.


New Master Plan Crucial for Making Dar es Salaam Sustainable

In the middle of Manzese, one of the densely populated areas of Dar es Salaam, there is a house that belongs to one, Mr… Read more »

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