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South Africa: Num Statement On Rotation of Current Executives At Eskom

press release

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) is highly agitated by the decision of Eskom chairman Mr. Zethembe Khoza of rotating current executives to the role of Eskom Group Chief Executive. The chairman informed the public that exposure of all directors to this critical position will stabilize ESKOM.

“The rotation strategy will weaken the accountability towards decision towards stabilization of ESKOM. It will only increase competition amongst directors. It is a bad decision.

The NUM is astonished by this shallow reasoning of the chairperson, who is unable to steer the Board in the right direction for the attainment of the Stakeholder mandate and halt corruption in this parastatal,” said Paris Mashego, NUM Energy Sector Coordinator.

The NUM as a key stakeholder demand the following:

The reversal of the decision to rotate EXCO members.

Proper consultation on the strategic direction of Eskom and appointment of directors.

Immediate appointment of a permanent Group Chief Executive with authority to bring stability in ESKOM, set up financial management systems and controls to eradicate institutionalized corruption.

South Africa

Heavy Snowfall, Thunderstorms Warnings Issued for South Africa

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) has issued a warning for an “intense cut-off low” system that will affect… Read more »

South Africa: NUM to Embark On Strike At Petra Diamonds Koffiefontein Mine

press release

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has served Petra Diamonds with a 48 hours notice to embark on a protected strike at Koffiefontein Mine in Northern Cape.

The strike will be in the form of a total withdrawal of labour of all NUM members working in Petra Diamonds at Koffiefontein Mine.

The strike will commence on Saturday 24 September 2017 starting with a morning shift at 6 am and include every shift that follows thereafter and will continue indefinitely until the NUM demands are met.

The purpose of the strike is to compel Petra Diamonds and its management to accede to the demands of the NUM.

The NUM demands are as follows:

1. Wages

We demand a 10% wage increase across the board to be paid every month for three years.

2. Housing

We demand a housing subsidy and living out allowance of R1 500 to be paid every month for three years.

3. Medical Aid.

We demand an increase of R1000 be paid to all employees who are part of the in-house medical aid scheme and 100% medical aid subsidy to employees who do not belong to the in-house medical aid scheme.

4. Family responsibility leave

We demand that family responsibility leave to be increased from 3 to 5 days and 4 days must be fully paid and 1 unpaid.

5. Annual leave

We demand that annual leave days must be increased from 19 to 21 days for Petra Diamonds Ekapa and Koffiefontein operations.

6. Pension Fund

We demand that the pension fund must be increased from 7,5% to 9% per employer’s contribution.

7. Unequal pay

They demand equal job value as per employment equity act.

8. Long Service Awards

We demand that employees who have worked for 10 years must be paid R5 000, 20 years to be paid R15 000, 25 years to be paid R35 000 with R7 000 for a spouse, 30 and 40 years to also be paid R35 000, NB: grandfather’s current Section 197 employees as per their conditions of employment for the 25 years and 40 years beneficiaries.

South Africa

Understanding the Court on Polygynous Muslim Marriages

Wills Act unfairly discriminates against second and subsequent wives Read more »

South Africa: Mineworkers’ Union Opposes Retrenchment of 30 Workers

press release

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) is strongly opposed to the retrenchment of 30 NUM members by a construction company called Ultimate Dynamics which has sites in the following areas; Bloemfontein, Vryburg, Rustenburg, KZN, Hammanskraal and Khuma respectively.

The NUM is opposed to these retrenchments because the company has not complied with Section 189(A) of the Labour Relations Act.

“The company lawyer issued notices of retrenchment on the 14th of August 2017 wherein, he informed workers that their contracts will be terminated on the 31st August 2017 and we opposed to such a short notice and further requested them to comply with section 189(A) of the LRA which require the employer to provide sufficient reason for their intention and further provide necessary information pertinent to the process. To this end, we came to conclusion without any contradictions that this company is one of the worse companies. They don’t want unions in their fold,” said Maja Mphahlele, NUM Matlosana Regional Coordinator.

The company intends to retrench 30 workers situated in Hamanskraal. The NUM convened a meeting with the company but unfortunately, they referred the NUM to their lawyer who convened a meeting and subsequently confirmed the company’s intention to retrench.

South Africa

Top Audit Execs Quit After #Guptaleaks Association Exposed

KPMG CEO Trevor Hoole, chief operating officer Steven Louw, chairperson Ahmed Jaffer and five senior executives have… Read more »

South Africa: Truck, Bus Torched in Violent Lephalale Protest

A truck and a bus were torched in violent a protest in Marapong outside Lephalale, Limpopo, on Thursday afternoon, police said.

It is unclear whether the protest was related to a National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) strike at a nearby Exxaro coal mine, Limpopo police spokesperson Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe told News24.

When police arrived at the scene they found a large gathering of people and the burning truck and bus barricading the road and “reacted swiftly to restore order to the area”. Ngoepe said the vehicles burnt out completely.

He said during the “unlawfulness” police were unable to determine the grievances of the protestors.

No arrests have been made.

“We would like to call for calm from community members and ask them to go through the necessary processes to raise their concerns without using violence.”

NUM embarked on protests at the Exxaro mine on Thursday morning after the union failed to reach a wage increase agreement with the employer through the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration on September 6.

In a statement, NUM spokesperson William Mabapa said Exxaro was served a 48-hour strike notice on Tuesday.

“The union demands a wage increase of 10%, service increment of 0.5% that is given to other employees and denied to other employees, housing increase of 10% or R5000.00, standby allowance of 10% [and] family responsibility leave of eight days,” Mabapa said.

Source: News24

South Africa

West Coast Phosphate Mine Stopped – for Now

Activists and state departments fear Elandsfontein mine could damage area Read more »

South Africa: Mineworkers’ Union to Embark On a Strike At Exxaro Coal

press release

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has served Exxaro Coal, which comprises of Grootgeluk and Leeuwpan mines respectively, with a notice to embark on a protected strike at Lephalale in Limpopo and Delmas in Mpumalanga.

The NUM has submitted wage demands on Thursday, 13 April 2017 and engaged with the company ever since until on the 6th of September 2017 through the conciliation by CCMA whereby parties failed to resolve the wage dispute. The NUM then served Exxaro with a 48-hour strike notice that became active from the 12th September 2017. The strike will start tomorrow morning at 6 am.

“The union demands a wage increase of 10%, service increment of 0.5% that is given to other employees and denied to other employees, housing increase of 10% or R5000.00, standby allowance of 10%, family responsibility leave of 8 days, long service award of 15 years with one Kruger rand etc,” said William Mabapa, NUM Deputy General Secretary.

South Africa

Ex Deputy Minister Convicted on Three Counts of Assault

Former Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Mduduzi Manana was convicted of three counts of assault with… Read more »

South Africa: Union Concerned at Possible Mass Retrenchment of Miners at Sibanye Gold

press release

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) is shocked and disgusted after it received Section 189 notice today from Sibanye Gold to retrench 7 400 permanent employees at Beatrix West and Cooke Operations. The number excludes close to 3 000 contractors who are also facing these retrenchments.

The NUM strongly condemns in the strongest words possible the blackmail unleashed by mining companies led by Sibanye Gold, AngloGold Ashanti and Bokoni Platinum mine in announcing these massive retrenchments.

The NUM strongly condemns these irresponsible companies. The jobs bloodbath is a clear attack on the working class, communities and the poor, a direct attack on mine workers in particular.

South Africa

Sex, Shrugs and Policy Holes – Why Partially Decriminalising Sex Work Isn’t Enough

After almost two decades, the South African Law Reform Commission chose fiction over facts. Read more »

Zimbabwe: Mining Sector to Meet Over Minimum Wage Stalemate

By Kudzai Kuwaza

THE Chamber of Mines will meet the Associated Mineworkers’ Union of Zimbabwe this month over a deadlock on the increase in the minimum wage for this year with both parties having moved from their original positions, businessdigest has established.

The employer body had initially told the mineworkers that there will be no wage increment this year while the workers’ union had begun by tabling a demand for a 10% increment.

However sources told businessdigest this week that the two parties have met informally since then to further discuss the issue with a formal meeting set for February 22.

“We have met informally and both parties have since made some movement, but with no agreement,” a source privy to the discussions revealed.

“Employers have moved from not giving anything at all because of the performance of the economy to around 1% while the mineworkers have considered coming down to between 4-5% from the original demand of 10%.”

One employer who was involved in the talks said they had offered a 1% increment “even though common sense tells us we should not do so.”

The mineworkers, the employer revealed, laughed off the chamber’s offer, calling it derisory.

The differences between the two parties could set the tone for a tense meeting later this month.

Sources said given the differences, they cannot rule out a deadlock with the case going to arbitration, adding however that there is very little appetite by both parties to go that route.

“Arbitration is fraught with difficulties and the process is very unpredictable,” the source said.

The negotiations come at a time when the economy is in the doldrums characterised by a debilitating liquidity crunch which has resulted in a severe cash shortage, capacity utilisation of less than 50%, company closures and widespread job losses.

The two parties agreed a 1,5% increment to the minimum wage for the sector for 2016 which brought the minimum wage to the current US$249,24.

Despite the slight increment for 2016, a number of mining companies applied for exemption from paying the increment, citing viability challenges.

Mining sector output recorded a negative growth of around -3,4% and -2,5% in 2014 and 2015 respectively as most minerals recorded declines in output, led by chrome, which reported the largest decline of 48% in output, followed by coal and diamonds at -31% and -30% respectively.


Warriors Drop Two Places in Fifa Rankings

THE complexity of the FIFA rankings came into question again yesterday when the Zimbabwe Warriors plunged down the… Read more »

South Africa: Lily Mine Remembrance Service Postponed Due to ‘Threats’

Lily Mine has cancelled its Sunday remembrance service in honour of three mineworkers who died in a tragic mining accident last year.

On Thursday business rescue practitioner Rob Devereux said management, in consultation with the families of the three mineworkers, had agreed to postpone Sunday’s service, saying a “blockade” had been planned to disrupt the ceremony.

Sunday marks the first anniversary of the disaster which shut down the gold mine and sent it into business rescue.

Devereux said: “There was an apolitical service planned at the site of the accident. It was supposed to be religious. But due to threats, we were told it was not safe to hold the service. We discussed it with the families and they agreed we should postpone it.”

Workers have not been paid their salaries since last year and hopes of an investor saving the mine with a cash injection of R200 million are fading.

Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) boss Joseph Mathunjwa said the union had cancelled its plans to hold a memorial ceremony because the mine had already planned one.

“I don’t know what happened,” he said.

NUM hoping for bodies’ recovery

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) earlier on Thursday said it would not be part of the service because there was nothing to commemorate since the bodies of the three mineworkers were still trapped underground.

“We have not lost hope that the miners should be rescued from underground. So what are we commemorating? Are we commemorating that those mineworkers are still trapped in the belly of the earth?

“The people who are organising this kind of event are unreasonable and they do not care. Shame unto them. We are not going to participate in this event,” said Joseph Montisetse, NUM deputy president.

“We will make sure that those workers are rescued whether they are alive or dead. We believe that God is great. For now, we cannot speak about any commemoration and we are not going to be part of it.”

Source: News24

South Africa

Education Department Admits to 2017 Textbook Crisis

The Department of Education in Limpopo has finally admitted to the Limpopo textbook crisis of 2017, in that not all… Read more »

South Africa: #FeesMustFall – Should the Chamber of Mines Pay?


As protests continue at universities across the country, there was a call in Johannesburg for the Chamber of Mines to help fund free education. In their demands for equal access to education, students have targeted government, but also called on the private sector and big business. While many campuses have closed, protests are set to continue this week. By GREG NICOLSON.

On Wednesday, hundreds of protesters from the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) marched through Johannesburg to the Chamber of Mines to demand it help cover the cost of free higher education. Students, who were joined by religious leaders and a National Union of Mineworkers SA representative, delivered a memorandum to the Chamber.

“Our generation is shaping the policies of this country,” said former Wits SRC president Mcebo Dlamini. “This is the beginning of us retaking what was taken from our ancestors.”

Students urged the Chamber of Mines to get mining companies to commit more money to funding higher education, list public companies locally rather than abroad, and lobby government to increase its spending on higher education. The memorandum called on the private sector to help save universities and invest in a new social compact to reduce inequality.

Senior Chamber of…

South Africa

Doctors and Nurses Out of Touch With Patient Experiences

UCT study results “a cause for concern” Read more »

South Africa: We Won’t Leave Gauteng Till We Get Paid – Northern Cape Mineworkers

A group of disgruntled mineworkers who travelled from Kuruman to Centurion have vowed to stay at their employer’s headquarters until their salaries have been paid.

The mineworkers, who have been staging their protest since last week Tuesday, claim the directors of Diro Resources have failed to pay them their salaries since April.

“From Tuesday we’ve been demanding our salaries from our directors but they ran away,” said Lesego Seleke, who is one the 36 protesters who travelled the 530km to Gauteng by taxi.

Last week, a group of mineworkers took the company’s chief financial officer hostage but released him following an agreement for all directors to meet with them over their demands.

Seleke said they have since been told that the company was under business rescue and that they would be compensated once the process had been completed, but that on Friday, when a potential investor offered to pay for their salaries the directors rejected the offer. The mineworker said their bosses have not pitched for work at their Centurion offices the entire week.

“These people have run away from us, we know they have been deducting money for UIF [Unemployment Insurance Fund], medical aid and retirement yet that money doesn’t appear with the relevant institutions. They are crooks, used us and left, now nowhere to be found,” Seleke told News24.

“We’ve just been living in hope; our children no longer go to school because we can’t afford it. Last week a colleague’s child died we couldn’t even contribute to the funeral.”

Nine women are also taking part in the protest.

EFF lending a hand

The group has the support of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) in the Northern Cape, which says it’s also been struggling to get in touch with the directors of Diro Resources.

“The reality is that those workers are angry; the company has not been paying them for some months now. We support their decision to go and demand their salaries,” said NUM regional co-ordinator Lucas Phiri.

He also claimed their attempts to assist have not been successful because the employers are nowhere to be found.

“We are also looking for the employers; if you find them please tell them NUM also wants to talk to them.”

An Economic Freedom Fighters branch in Centurion has become involved in the matter. The party says the workers approached it asking for help.

“We felt they couldn’t be left on their own without any support. So we’ve decided to help in whichever way possible; make sure they get food and help with trying gather more information regarding their situation,” said EFF Tshwane south convenor Lephoho Thato Motloung.

Several attempts to contact Diro Resources by phone and by text message were unsuccessful at the time of publishing.

Source: News24

South Africa

U.S. Pastor Rails Against ‘Sinful’ South Africa

South Africa is a “den of iniquity” and a “demonic stronghold”, US pastor Steven Anderson said as he continued to rail… Read more »

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