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Zimbabwe: Tussle Over Flyafrica Continues

By John Kachembere

An acronious dispute that once grounded budget airline, flyafrica Zimbabwe, two years ago is far from over, with former chief executive officer, Chakanyuka Karase and his company challenging the takeover of the airline by Mauritius- based Flyafrica Limited.

Court documents show that Karase and his company, (Pvt) Limited, are seeking a court order declaring their ouster a illegal. They insist that they still control a 51 percent stake in the airline.

In 2012, Karase’s firm and Mauritius-based flyafrica entered into a joint venture agreement for the provision of low cost air travel in Zimbabwe under a company called Nu-Aero (Pvt) Limited, trading as flyafrica Zimbabwe, using flyafrica’s business model.

The airline, however, hit turbulence shortly after taking off in 2015, following shareholder squabbles that culminated in Karase voluntarily surrendering the firm’s Airline Operator Certificate to the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe.

flyafrica directors reacted by suing Karase in the High Court, where they got an order barring him from making unilateral decisions in relation to the Zimbabwe business. In October 2015, flyafrica served Karase and his firm with a “default call option notice”, in terms of a clause of the shareholders agreement entered at the formation of the joint venture.

The notice required to sell to flyafrica all its shares within the time frame stipulated in the clause. Karase and his company did not respond to the notice, resulting in the Mauritian firm acquiring the’s shares as per the provisions of the shareholders’ agreement without any further notice to Karase.

After that, flyafrica Holdings went on to sell the entire shareholding of Nu Aero to Low Cost Enterprises (Pvt) Limited. It is this development that prompted Karase and his company to apply to the High Court seeking a declaratory order to the effect that is still the 51 percent shareholder in Nu Aero and therefore in the airline project.

Karase and his company aver that they never sold their shares and argue that such a suggestion “is untrue, unlawful and mischievous”.

For the second time this year, the trial of the case at the High Court has been stalled by legal technicalities with regards to service of the application on flyafrica in Mauritius in order to get it to be part of court proceedings.

In January this year, High Court judge, Justice Davison Foroma, postponed the matter indefinitely to enable Karase’s lawyers to properly serve the application on flyafrica after agreeing with the lawyers for Nu Aero and Low Cost Enterprises that the service had not been properly done.

This prompted Karase and to repeat the process, serving the application to a South African law firm that claimed to be representing flyafrica, and even getting one of the directors of the company to confirm, via emails, receipt of the application and expressing no interest to be party to the case. Nu Aero and Low Cost Enterprises lawyers raised another legal technicality … that the process had not sought leave of the court to serve an application to a party that is outside its jurisdiction.

In a judgment made available this week, Justice Esther Muremba concurred with the airline’s lawyers that it was a mandatory legal requirement to secure the court’s permission before seeking to bring a foreign party into a local court action and, therefore, declared that the case could not be heard.

“The phrase ‘no process or document’ means that every court process and every court document has to be served outside the jurisdiction of this court with the leave of the court or a judge,” Justice Muremba said.

“The word ‘shall’ means that the requirement is peremptory. An application for a declaratory order is a court process. With the rule giving no exception, it means that an application for a declaratur cannot be served outside Zimbabwe without first obtaining leave,”

she said, adding that if such an application was meant to be an exception or exempted, then the rule would have provided so.

“Therefore, the certificate of service filed by the applicants on 10 March 2017 and all attachments attached to it including the email consenting to the application which the second respondent (flyafrica Limited) purportedly gave is invalid. It is therefore not on record that the second respondent is not opposing the application.

“Secondly, it should be noted that the second respondent is very critical and central to this case. It is the one that sold shares to the third respondent (Low Cost Enterprises) and the consequential reliefs being sought by the applicants nullifying all transactions it entered into

with the third respondent have an effect on it. The case cannot therefore proceed without proper service having been effected on it in terms of the rules. In the absence of proper service on the second respondent this matter cannot be heard,” the judge ruled.

Karase and his company allege that the take-over did not comply with the Companies Act as well as the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Low Cost Enterprises, which says it has injected more than $8 million into the business to get the airline back into the skies, is owned entirely by Mugwagwa Resources, a company owned by Cassidy Mugwagwa. flyafrica resumed flights in June this year.

Mozambique: Australian Mining Firm Exceeds Ruby Auction Target

London — The Australian mining company Mustang Resources on Tuesday announced that it has gathered more rubies than expected from its mine in Montepuez, in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado.

In a press release, the company revealed that an increase in production has led to its inventory increasing to 277,852 carats of rubies. Mustang stated that it is set to comfortably exceed 300,000 carats by the time of its maiden auction, which will take place over four days from 27 October in Mauritius.

The company had planned to accumulate 200,000 carats of the precious gems. However, record production at its mine and strong results its artisanal miner development programme (where the company buys gems from local miners) has surpassed expectations.

According to the company’s managing director, Christiaan Jordaan, “we have exceeded our most optimistic inventory targets and all the feedback we are getting points to strong demand for rubies among global customers”.

Mustang’s Montepuez Ruby Project consists of four licenses covering 19,300 hectares directly adjacent to the world’s largest ruby deposit which is mined by Montepuez Ruby Mining Ltd.

The price of Mustang’s shares on the Australian Stock Exchange increased by ten per cent after the announcement.


Maputo Ferry Workers On Strike

Workers of the state company Transmaritima, which operates the ferry service across the bay of Maputo, from the centre… Read more »

Mauritius: Agro-Industry Ministry Presents Macadamia Nut Agribusiness Pilot Project

press release

The Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security organised a Macadamia Nut Agribusiness meeting, in collaboration with the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI), yesterday at the Farmer Training School of FAREI at Wooton. The aim was to present the Macadamia Nut Agribusiness project as part of the diversification process of the sugar cane industry.

In his address, the Acting CEO of FAREI, Mr. R. Rajcumar, highlighted the essence of the meeting which is to bring forth to the various stakeholders the Macadamia Nut Agribusiness project that would be implemented on 100 acres of land on a pilot basis. He further dwelt on the sugar cane industry which according to him is not as flourishing as in the past. Hence, he called for a diversification process of the cane industry as the price of sugar on the market is decreasing.

The Macadamia Nut Agribusiness is an opportunity for many planters in the country as this new crop can bring much more revenue than sugar cane, he added. Moreover, he underscored that training will be given to FAREI and Mauritius Cane Industry Authority staff for implementation of the project.

Various planters from across the country who attended the meeting were also given a glimpse of the Macadamia Nut Agribusiness by the Chairman of Dale Capital Group Limited and had a plenary discussion on Macadamia Nut Agribusiness with experts from the company.

The required technology for the implementation of the Macadamia Nut Agribusiness project in Mauritius will be brought by the Dale Capital Group Limited, a publicly-quoted Private Equity Investment Holding Company. The company has a successful private equity track record in Southern Africa and in 2007 it was listed on the official market of the stock exchange of Mauritius. Its core focus is now the Sub-Saharan Africa region and its strategy is to invest from its own balance sheet and also with the funds of partners and co-investors.

Macadamia Nut

Macadamia nuts are small buttery flavoured nuts cultivated from macadamia nut trees that are grown in tropical climates of countries like Australia, Brazil, Kenya, and South Africa. Only two species of macadamia produce edible nuts: Macadamia integrifolia and Macadamia tetraphylla. Benefits of Macadamia nuts are that they are globally traded, are high income crops, contain high levels of vitamins and minerals, and their demand is high and growing.


Mauritius Hosts 5th International Conference On Managing Organisations in Africa

Mauritius is hosting the 5th International Conference on Managing Organisations in Africa from 29 to 31 August 2017. The… Read more »

Zanzibar in Short Supply of Skilled Tourism Staff

By Apolinari Tairo

Zanzibar tourism and hospitality players are establishing training programmes to help equip the workforce with skills needed to make the sector more competitive.

The Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (Zati) said that a skilled workforce would help Zanzibar compete against other islands in the Indian Ocean like Seychelles and Mauritius, and boost sector earnings.

“We need more co-operation between the government and private sector to support our investment,” said Zati chairman Seif Miskry, adding that some 24 tourist hotels on the island are already providing in-house training to young job seekers.

“Our aim is to train a large number of people to provide quality tourist and hospitality services,” he said. “We are targeting to have more people at diploma and degree levels.”

The association hopes to attract 500,000 tourists in the next three years. Last year, some 300,000 tourists visited the island.

The tourism industry in both Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar has been depending on foreign skilled workers. There are about 3,500 trained skilled workers in hotels, transport and ticket booking companies in Tanzania, mostly in managerial posts.

According to the chief executive Hotels Association of Tanzania Nura-Lisa Karamagi, the skills gap is a threat to tourism.

More than a million guests visit the country annually, earning Tanzania about $2.05 billion, the equivalent of 17.6 per cent of GDP.

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism Dr Alloyce Nzuki said the country attracted 1.3 million tourists in 2016 compared with 1.1 million in 2015 which is an increase of 12 per cent.

The country is facing a shortage of over 30,000 hotel beds to accommodate the demand. Only 38,000 hotel beds are currently available against a demand of 70,000.

Zanzibar is famous for its historical culture, architecture and beaches, attracting mainly high-end tourists whom it competes closely with Vanilla Islands made up of Seychelles, Mauritius and Maldives.

Cruise ships are a key source of income, made possible by the island’s proximity to the ports of Durban (South Africa), Beira (Mozambique) and Mombasa on the Kenyan Coast.


Fear Grips Arusha Parents Amid String of Child Kidnappings

IT is not easy being a parent, but the situation gets even harder if you happen to live in Arusha. Despite grappling… Read more »

Mauritius: National Action Plan On Antimicrobial Resistance for Period 2017-2021

press release

A National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance for period 2017-2021 has been elaborated in line with the Resolution of the World Health Assembly.

The strategic objectives of the National Action Plan focuses on the engagement and education on antimicrobial resistance among all stakeholders and the electronic surveillance of antimicrobial use and resistance in human, animal and environmental health.

The Action Plan aims for an effective bio-security, infection prevention and control mechanism and enforceable regulations and protocols to advance antimicrobial resistance prevention and containment.

Antimicrobial resistance, the consequence of overuse or misuse by professionals of antibiotics threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an ever-increasing range of infections caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi.


MRA Launches Individual Income Tax Filing Season 2017 and Taxpayer Satisfaction Survey

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) launched the Individual Income Tax Filing Season 2017 and the Taxpayer… Read more »

Mauritius: New Technologies Vital to Position Mauritius As a Software Development Platform, Says ICT Minister

press release

Government is conscious of the need to give due recognition to the importance and potential of adopting new technologies, matched with infrastructure, as Mauritius moves towards a service and knowledge economy, said the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Mr Yogida Sawmynaden, this morning at the Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa, in Balaclava.

The Minister was speaking at the launching of the Mauritius CIO (Chief Information Officers) Summit 2017. The ICT sector strategy, highlighted Mr Sawmynaden in his address, aims to position Mauritius as a reliable software development platform for the African market.

According to him, one major area of focus is to make sure that the country has a critical mass of competent software developers, skilled in the latest mobile and web development techniques who are capable of finding efficient and cost-effective software solutions to existing problems.

Speaking about CIOs’ role, the Minister underscored that they will be facing numerous new challenges in this period of ever-shortening cycles of innovation, agile development and deployment, multi-platform and multi-device delivery, and cybersecurity threats. Businesses from different sectors are all rethinking their digital strategies and you, as CIOs, need to keep abreast of latest developments to properly guide your upper management in future plans, he added.

For his part, the Group Vice President, Regional Managing Director, IDC Middle East, Africa, & Turkey, Mr Jyoti Lalchandani, gave an overview of how businesses are being reinvented through customer, information and business model transformations. He dwelt on digital transformation investments in Mauritius. These include web-based self-service portal to customers; infrastructure modernisation; and collaborative technologies for employees.

Summit 2017

The networking conference which is at its third edition is organised by the International Data Corporation (IDC), in collaboration with the National Computer Board and other key ICT stakeholders. It is bringing together several influential decision-makers of Mauritius in the ICT sector to share ideas and experiences with regard to latest tech trends and proven IT strategies for organisations.

Globally respected IDC analysts are providing the compelling intellectual framework and guidance required to power the Summit’s discussions. The agenda comprises interactive panels, roundtable debates, best-practice workshops, and dedicated networking sessions.

Six sessions are scheduled with focus on: Developing the New IT Capabilities for Digital Transformation; Combating Cyber-Risks with Smart Security Solutions; Future of Business; Internet of Things and Datacentre; Security in an Open Source Digital World; and, Real Challenges, Real Stories – Turning Adversity into Opportunity.


Commerce Minister Highlights Major Projects in Petroleum Sector

Two major projects of the Indian Oil Mauritius Ltd will contribute to the economic development of Mauritius, said the… Read more »

Mauritius: State Secretary Lindner On the Signing of an Air Transport Agreement With Mauritius

press release

Berlin — State Secretary of the Federal Foreign Office Walter J. Lindner issued the following statement today (14 August) in connection with the signing of an air transport agreement with Mauritius:


This air transport agreement with Mauritius is part of the German Government’s efforts to increase cooperation with the countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

Background information:

On Monday, 14 August, State Secretary Walter Lindner met with Dr Kheswar Jankee, the Republic of Mauritius’ Ambassador in Berlin, for talks at the Federal Foreign Office.

In addition to discussing regional political and economic issues, they signed an air transport agreement that replaces the previous one, which dates back to 1974. The new agreement gives both sides additional traffic rights and thereby promotes bilateral tourism and trade.

SOURCE Federal Foreign Office, Federal Republic of Germany


Mauritius to Host African Union Commission’s Experts Meetings

The African Union Commission will hold the following two Experts Meetings in Mauritius during the period 28 August to 2… Read more »

Mauritius: Construction of a Second Passenger Terminal to Start in 2019, PM Announces

press release

The Airport Master Plan is being reviewed to accommodate the construction of a second passenger terminal which is another major infrastructure project in view to modernise the transport sector, announced the Prime Minister. The construction is expected to start in 2019 and should be completed by 2020.

This announcement was made by the Prime Minister, Minister of Home Affairs, External Communications and National Development Unit and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, on 11 August 2017 during the cocktail ceremony on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Air Mauritius. The ceremony held at Hennessy Park Hotel, Ebène, was attended by various eminent personalities.

The Prime Minister pointed out that celebrating 50 years of existence is an incredible milestone for any company. On that score, he highlighted that Air Mauritius is a symbol of national pride and a living example of how private and public partnership can collaborate together in the interest of the country.

He recalled that Air Mauritius accompanied the country during its golden years when economic development became synonymous with air connectivity. It helped bringing Mauritius closer to its main markets thus giving a new impetus to key sectors of the economy, he added.

Air Mauritius, the national carrier, has had a fundamental mission to accomplish, that of representing national interest in supporting the government policies in terms of connectivity with the rest of the world and in particular spurring the growth and development of a nascent tourism industry, he further added.

Air Mauritius will also have to adapt to government policy of developing an airport brand as having a strong national airline has become even more crucial as a realisation of the vision of a modern Mauritius, highlighted the Prime Minister. This in turn will hinge on our capacity to expand connectivity and to further open our country to the rest of the world, he stated.

He concluded by stressing that Air Mauritius needs four quintessential ingredients to achieve new heights: a renewal of fleet , which soon will be strengthened with the acquisition of two new airbuses A 350, one by the end of October and another one by the end of November this year and six additional airbuses over the next five years ; a quality of service that will make it an airline of choice ; achieve economic sustainability in the face of erratic economic cycle; and become relevant to its customers.

For his part, the CEO of Air Mauritius, Mr Somas Appavou, underlined that the main challenge of the company resides in their capacity to break the glass-ceiling to transform Air Mauritius from a national carrier to become the leading and preferred airline in Africa. To this end, it will upscale its operation and services based on new business models.

He also announced the setting up of the Air Mauritius foundation which is a concrete example of the company’s commitment to support the country and its operation in areas of importance.

The Foundation, launched by Mrs Kobita Jugnauth, aims at promoting arts and culture, conservation of natural heritage and environment, empowering youths by contributing to the development of sports and encouraging excellence in education.

Mauritius: Bilateral Cooperation – Mauritius to Endorse Swiss Model for ICT Sector

press release

Government wants to endorse innovation and technology by using Switzerland as a model to boost the ICT sector in Mauritius, emphasised the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Mr Yogida Sawmynaden, yesterday at the Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebène during the opening of a half-day conference on Innovation.

In his address, Minister Sawmynaden highlighted that Switzerland has a remarkable track record in terms of political stability and this in turn creates a climate of trust conducive to innovation which has an essential role to play in the development strategy of any country. New or enhanced products as well as the associated methods of productions have, for a long time now, been considered as the main engines of economic growth, he added.

The Minister dwelt on modernising Mauritius by 2030 and transforming the country into a higher income economy and one of the effective means of achieving this objective is by making the country more innovative. He highlighted the need for the development of adequate skills in technology, high-tech engineering and agriculture, finance, oceanography and tourism.

He recalled that Government wants to make Mauritius an entrepreneurship nation, capable of using technology to create innovative products and market them on the African continent and across the world. The reopening of the Geneva-Mauritius air route will no doubt contribute to making this vision a reality, he added.

An initiative of the Mauritius Institute of Directors, the Conference under the theme Innovation: a Swiss-Mauritian Perspective, brought together some 150 participants from both the private and public sectors. The objective was to explore Switzerland’s overall success, innovation covering technological and non-technological aspects, and, help Mauritian companies adopt strategies implemented by the Swiss Model.


There Will Be No Increase in Price of Bread, Says Commerce Minister

There will be no increase in the price of bread following the recent rise in fuel prices. Such an increase would be… Read more »

Mauritius: Metro Express – Larsen & Toubro Ltd Awarded Contract

press release

The Metro Express Ltd has awarded the Turnkey Design and Construct Contract to Larsen & Toubro Limited for a fixed sum of MUR 18, 799, 880, 000 following recommendations made by the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise.

The sum allocated is inclusive of provisional sums works, and with no variation and extension of time of execution, and without being detrimental to the norms and the standards of quality and safety as spelt out in the Request for Proposal.

The implementation of the project is scheduled to start in September 2017 and to be completed in November 2021. The sector stretching from Rose Hill to Port Louis is expected to be operational in September 2019.

A Traffic Engineering Unit, with the Korea Expressway Corporation, the Mauritius Research Council, and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport, has been created to address issues of traffic interference.


Networking Conference to Explore Mauritius’ ICT Environment

The third edition of the Mauritius CIO (Chief Information Officers) Summit, a networking conference for the topmost… Read more »

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