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Ethiopia:Ethiopian Goes Fully Digital


The transition to a paperless system was marked by a paper burning ceremony held at the premises of the Airline.

press release

Flying even more greener; Ethiopian Airlines Group, the largest airline in Africa, is pleased to announce that it has fully digitalized all its business processes like aircraft maintenance and Flight Operations, Commercial Operations, Finance, HRM, Customer Services, Procurement and supply Chain Management, Online learning, management approvals and authorizations etc… by removing paper from the entire system as of today, September 28, 2017.

Group CEO Ethiopian Airlines, Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam, said; “Although we started the digitization project in the last few years, today marks an important milestone in our history as we are removing paper from our entire business processes. Leading in the Digital Revolution and leveraging on the latest advancement in the Information and Communication technology of the global airline industry, Ethiopian will scale up its operational Excellence, Customer intimacy and cost leadership strategies. ICT will enable us to deliver customized global standard customer services as per the preferences of each and every customer.

We are living in the fourth industrial Revolution which is fundamentally different from the previous industrial revolutions specially in the speed of change and disruptions and our continued success depends on our strategic response and our abilities to adapt to the velocity, breadth and depth and scale of the quantum changes coming our way. To this effect, we have embedded digitization in our organizational operating system with our valued customers in our mind.”

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From the perspective of pursuing environmentally friendly operation, it is worth mentioning that Ethiopian operates the youngest, latest aviation technology and most environmental friendly fleets with less carbon emission to the environment.About EthiopianEthiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) is the fastest growing Airline in Africa. In its seventy plus years of operation, Ethiopian has become one of the continent’s leading carriers, unrivalled in efficiency and operational success.Ethiopian commands the lion’s share of the pan-African passenger and cargo network operating the youngest and most modern fleet to more than 100 international passenger and cargo destinations across five continents. Ethiopian fleet includes ultra-modern and environmentally friendly aircraft such as Airbus A350, Boeing 787, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777-200 Freighter, Bombardier Q-400 double cabin with an average fleet age of five years. In fact, Ethiopian is the first airline in Africa to own and operate these aircraft.Ethiopian is currently implementing a 15-year strategic plan called Vision 2025 that will see it become the leading aviation group in Africa with seven business centers: Ethiopian Express & Ancillary Services; Ethiopian International Services; Ethiopian Cargo Services; Ethiopian MRO Services; Ethiopian Aviation Academy; ET In-flight Catering; and Ethiopian Ground Services. Ethiopian is a multi-award winning airline registering an average growth of 25% in the past seven years.For more information about this press release, please contact:Mrs. Hanna AtnafuManager Corporate Communications, Ethiopian AirlinesTel 🙁 251-1)517-89-07/656/165/913/

Ethiopian Athletes to Spice Up Baringo Half Marathon

By Timothy Olobulu

Nairobi — Organizers of the Baringo Half Marathon have confirmed that two Ethiopian athletes will be invited for this year’s edition which is set to be held on November 4, as part of their collaboration with the Great Ethiopian Run.

Simon Chebon, who is one of the organizers of the annual 21km showpiece, also hinted that 2016 Paris Marathon champion Visiline Jepkesho who is a past winner of the event might be coming in for this year’s edition.

“We have been partnering with the Great Ethiopian Run but we stopped for the last like two years. We will resume and they have confirmed they will send two athletes and one manager and in turn we will also send two athletes and a manager for their run which will be on November 26,” Chebon told Capital Sport.

He also added that Jepkesho will confirm her participation once she knows whether or not she will compete in the November 4 New York Marathon.

-Change route-

The organizers meanwhile have disclosed they will be changing the route for this year’s showpiece which will mark 15 years since the first race, organized by former Marathon World Record Holder Paul Tergat and his foundation.

“The technical team has advised that we chose a different route since the one we have been using is currently not tenable for both athletes and spectators. We have been starting from Kabartonjo but this year owing to the state of that course, we will change,” Chebon said.

“We will be using the Kabarnet-Sacho-Tenges road and we will start near Timboiywo, a town that is approximately 18km away from Kabarnet,” He added.

Chebon also noted that a 10km run on the same course and a 6km fun race for kids within Kabarnet town has been added to this year’s event.

The organizers received a shot in the arm with gaming company Lotto pumping in Sh5mn sponsorship, moving up from their Sh4mn sponsorship last season.

“We are pleased to partner with such noble events because as a company our ambition is to help grow sports in the country. Not only the Baringo Half Marathon but we are also looking to venture into new ways of seeing sports grow and among the items we are deliberating on is rehabilitation of infrastructure because we have noticed this is an area of concern,” Lotto Foundation chairman Brian Walucho said.

-Baringo Governor-

The launch was also graced by Baring Governor Stanley Kiptis who has vowed to give more support to sports in the county; one he says is rich in sporting talent.

“I am very pleased when such partners come on board and it is one of the things we want to do as a county because there is so much talent. We have an example in Mary Keitany who will be running in New York, she is from our own county. How many more can we get? We want to have many more of such noble events and this will help us grow” Kiptis posed.

The Governor, speaking to Capital Sports on the sidelines of the event also hinted he will be looking to pump up the financial allocation for sports in his county during the supplementary budget in January to add on to the meager Sh6mn allocated during the last budget reading.

“To be honest, Sh6mn is very little money. I want us to add on to something close to Sh20mn so that we can fully maximize on the sporting talent. We have four training camps around our county and we want to see whether we can equip them with modern training facilities,” the Governor revealed.

He has also hinted that he wants to engage apparel company Nike, sponsors of three-time New York Marathon Champion Mary Keitany to partner in constructing a new modern stadium in the county.

“I have talked to Keitany and her coach and I already have a proposal for Nike to look into ways they can help us because we need to stadia in the county. We already have one in Kabarnet which is almost complete but we also want to put up one in Eldama Ravine,” the Governor said.


Ban on Anti-Polls Body Demos Sparks Storm

The stage has been set for confrontation between National Super Alliance (Nasa) and the police on Friday in Nairobi,… Read more »

Three Elders Arrested for Aiding Terrorist Get ID Card

By Fred Mukinda

Three elders are being held police on suspicion of helping terrorists sneak into Kenya.

They have been identified as Mr Abdisalaw Abdullahi Idiwo, Mr Roble Abdi Hussein and Mr Bule Abdullahi Gedi.

The three, according to a police report seen by the Nation, took advantage of their position as council of elders in Garissa to vouch for registration of an Ethiopian, who has since been arrested over links to terrorists.


“The elders connived with the aliens to mislead the vetting committee on their citizenship, contrary to their obligation of rightfully informing the vetting committee on the natives of the region. They used a fake name, Mohamed Abdi Aden to acquire an identity card for the Ethiopian alien,” the report says.

Kenyan administration at the grassroots, particularly on the border depend on council of elders for credible identification on youth seeking Kenyan identification documents.

Corrupt government officials have also been colluding with unscrupulous elders to help aliens get the Kenyan identification document.

“Cases have been reported of government staff responsible for issuing these documents either engaging themselves in the crime for monetary gains, or not applying due diligence in discharging their duty,” police say.

Police are warning that anyone found issuing the documents illegally to foreigners will be prosecuted.


The elders were arrested at Medina, Garissa County.

Investigations revealed that the illegal identity card was issued in March 2012.

The suspect, who was issued with the identity card, was found with bomb making materials.

Upon interrogation police established that the suspect was on a mission to carry out a bomb attack in Nairobi.

“The incident brings to focus the issue of foreigners infiltrating the country from neighboring countries and acquiring Kenyan vital registration documents in order to conceal their nefarious activities,” the police added.

Police say the foreigners use their illegally acquired documents to open bank accounts, register for mobile money transfer services, enroll in local learning institutions, travel abroad, and apply for local jobs or even join the police or the military, thus posing a serious threat to the national security.


Another report appeals to the public to report cases of youths missing or suspected to have left to join terrorist groups.

Three Kenyan women were lured to Libya by the Islamic State two years ago but were brought back after they were arrested in Egypt in August.

Ms Firthoza Ali Ahmed aged 29, Ms Aisha Mafudh Ashur (24), and Ms Tawfiqa Dahir Adan, (24), were arrested by Egyptian authorities in Cairo on August 24.

They were detained for two days and then surrendered to the Kenyan embassy.

After the arrest, the three told interrogators that they had escaped from Libya where an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Isis) operative had held them captive.

“They were arrested on grounds of being in Egypt illegally and without travel documents. They were also asking for directions to the Kenyan embassy,” says a security report on the matter.

Ethiopia:Grand Renaissance Dam Construction Steadily Underway – Office

Photo: Ethiopian Herald

The Grand Renaissance Dam or GERD.

By Desta Gebrehiwot

The recent speculations floating on social media and some unreliable news sources claiming that the construction of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is halted signals a desperate attempt to portray a bleak image on the indisputable progress of the dam, says Office.

Ethiopia is solely directed at finalizing the construction and it does not intend to respond to every recurrent rumors and baseless reports.

Tagel Kenubih, Deputy Director General at the Office of the National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of the GERD tells The Ethiopian Herald.

The construction of the dam is being carried out in line with the schedule reaching over 60 percent completion currently notes Tagel. Some media outlets have information vacuum that they resort on rumors and unreliable information sources, he adds, ” Had they have been able to set their feet on the construction site, they would not have speculated.

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“Every one can openly pay visit to the dam and observe the progress. In fact let alone visiting the site, the entire Ethiopian people have been sustaining financial contribution to the dam. The government and the people remain as robust as they have been to finance and complete the dam.”So far 10.5 billion Birr is secured from the public, he further note adding that in the last year, the public has contributed financial assistance worth 1.2 billion Birr and is expected to contribute 1.5 billion birr this year.Meanwhile, some Egyptian media outlets have been reporting that the dam may compromise the water share and supply of Egypt, which Ethiopia strongly and repeatedly disagrees.Contrary to what some Egyptian media was propagating, Trans-boundary Resource Affairs Acting Director Zerihun Abebe indicated that GERD will have multiple benefits to the downstream countries, up on presenting a paper on the very sense of the Dam, recently.Ethiopia repeatedly assured for long its readiness to work with other Nile riparian countries on fair utilization of the river, he underscored.”For long, Ethiopia firmly believed in common benefits and negotiations and will continue to do so. That is why international panel of experts was formed that have been conducting various technical studies where they indicated that dam does not affect the downstream countries.”GERD could be used as an opportunity for bringing sense of cooperation and the tripartite national committee has continued to work on the studies, noted Zerihun.EthiopiaGovernment Forces Kill 4 in Oromia Region

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Ethiopia: Center Proposes Design to Construct New Building

By Yohanes Jemaneh

Ethiopian National Cultural Center proposed design of the new building which is going to be constructed at a cost of seven million Birr sought to solve problems related to shortage of rooms and spaces for its services.

The building would lie on 34,500 square meters and incorporates museums, libraries, multipurpose hall, exhibition centre, theatre hall, artifact and music training rooms, shops and various offices among others, Centre Director General Dr. Elfinesh Haile tells The Ethiopian Herald.

She believes that the new building would enable the centre to archive and display the cultural heritages of Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (NNPs).

“It is very supportive to promote various cultures and attract tourists probably helping the centre to generate income through exhibiting and visitations,” notes Dr. Elfinesh

It was also learnt that the design need to be reformed in a way it could incorporate some form of the country’s traditional architectural heritages, and open spaces for traditional sports.

Accepting the feedbacks, the Director General responds to participants that the design depicts the symbol of the nine states and cultural artifacts of various NNPs.

The first design of the building was displayed on Tuesday to various stakeholders and essential feedbacks were forwarded, it was noted.


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Ethiopia:Ethiopia to Generate 250MW Solar Energy

Photo: Addis Fortune

Solar panels capable of producing 236Kw of energy have been put on display by the Ethiopian Power Engineering Industries (EPEI) at the Addis Abeba Exhibition Centre.

The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) has initiated an attempt to generate 250MW of electric power from solar energy.

Last week, the EEP floated a bid to hire a contractor to undertake the construction of the project. The project will be financed by the World Bank (WB). The tender will be opened on November 21, 2017.

Ethiopia is one of the countries that has a potential to produce solar energy due to its proximity to the equator, as the World Bank indicates.

This will be the second time when EEP moves forward to erect a solar power generating plant in the country. Currently, it is reviewing the documents of five bidders to select the main contractor for the realisation of the project in Methara.

In Ethiopia, only eight percent of the rural population gets electricity, while 90pc of the urban population have access to it, according to the Central Statistical Agency (CSA). Currently, the country generates 4,238MW of power from water, diesel, geothermal energy and wind.


Government Forces Kill 4 in Oromia Region

Ethiopian government forces killed four people and wounded 18 others Thursday in the town of Soda in the restive Oromia… Read more »

Ethiopia: Railway Corporation Struggles to Meet Target

The Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) earned more than 110 million Br from transportation services for the 30 million people who use Addis Abeba Light Rail Transit.

However, the amount of money collected was said to have been far lower than the expenditure of the Corporation, owing to the low fares that aimed to serve the needs of the wider range of the population.

Due to this fact, the Corporation is currently functioning using a subsidy it receives from the government. It has now acquired working spaces from the city administration, to set up shops around the train stations and raise revenues.

The Corporation has also started paying back the long-term loan granted for the construction of the railway. The city’s light railway commenced its services three years ago with 85pc of the construction expenditure covered by Export-Import (EX-IM) Bank of China, while the Ethiopian government covered the rest.


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Ethiopia: Ethiopian Airlines Goes Fully Online


The transition to a paperless system was marked by a paper burning ceremony held at the premises of the airline.

By Berhane Hailemariam

Ethiopian Airlines Group made the shift to a paperless system by digitalising all of its internal work processes. The digitalisation process has been taking place aggressively for the past seven years with an investment of 50 million dollars.

The company used Oracle, Sebir, SAP, Microsoft and IBM database management systems for the digitalisation process.

The Ethiopian Airlines started the digitalisation process two decades ago for ticketing, boarding and sales services. But it has begun the digitalisation process for the internal work such as flight operations, business, finance, human resource management (HRM), customer services and procurement for the past ten years.

The transition was marked by a paper burning ceremony held at the premises of the Airline. Before the ceremony, the CEO of the company, Tewolde Gebremariam signed the last approval letter on September 29, 2017.

“It will ensure cost-effective and efficient service provisions of the enterprise,” said Tewolde. “Customers can now get our services using their smartphones.”

Currently, the Airline’s online ticket sale has reached 12pc of total sales, and it is aspiring to reach to a global standard of 30pc with the new system, according to the CEO.

This does not mean that Ethiopian will completely avoid dealing with papers, especially for external communications as some of its partners and stakeholders like Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority and Ethiopian Airports Enterprise still communicate with papers.

“We will assist them to convert to a paperless system,” said the CEO.

The digital system includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which integrates planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources, Application Service Provider (ASP), a computer-based service to attend to customers over a network without installing software on computers.

Recently, the company has shifted from ID card to biometric systems application, using the fingerprint identification to detect the person whose data is already registered in the system.

To avoid cyber attacks, the company tested its IT security systems. Furthermore, to prevent the system from man-made and natural disasters, the server is mirrored with a cost of 10 million dollars, according to Tewolde.

Three months ago, the Airlines merged with Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (EAE) to create the Ethiopian Airlines Group with a regulation ratified by the Council of Ministers (CoM).

The merger consolidated EAE, Passenger Airline, Cargo Airline & Logistics Company, Ethiopian Aviation Academy, Ethiopian In-flight Catering Services, Ethiopian Hotel & Tourism Services and Ethiopian MRO Services.

Founded in 1945, the national carrier Ethiopian Airlines flies over 95 international and 21 domestic destinations, earning a net profit of 6.1 billion Br in 2016.

Ethiopia: Smoke Up

Photo: Addis Fortune

A glass factory huffs and puffs harmful smoke into the environment dangerously close to the project housing in the Jemo condominium site.

Which one should come first, development or health? The Ethiopian government has still not made up its mind, while a glass factory huffs and puffs harmful smoke into the environment dangerously close to the project housing in the Jemo condominium site. This is a small component of what is currently warming up the planet. With increasing population, accruing greenhouse gases and decreasing forests and ocean plants, oxygen is becoming a rare commodity. Consequently, global warming has been blamed for the unpredictable weather patterns that are


Govt Warns Somali State Against Publishing ‘Inciting Messages’

In an urgent statement released to the media this afternoon, the federal government communication affairs bureau issued… Read more »

Ethiopia: Ethio-Djibouti Railway Starts Full Ride Trials

Photo: The Ethiopian News Agency

The launch of the Ethiopian-Djibouti railway.

By Mengisteab Teshome

Ethio-Djibouti railway project has started full rail ride trials completing unit ride trials prior to the commencement of passenger and freight services.

Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) Communication Services Head Dereje Tefera told The Ethiopian Herald that any railway project should undergo various trails and checking as well as it needs to be certified by external institution before it begins full operation.

China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) and China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) are chosen to manage the overall activities of the project for the coming six years, he added.

Dereje said during the six years, the companies will train the Ethiopian and Djibouti personnel in areas of operation, maintenance and the like.

The railway construction marks Ethiopia’s commitment in fighting poverty and helps the country build its images in the face of the world.

The progress which has been made so far regarding the full rail ride is promising and the two sisterly nations are inspecting the trial ride and other related matters.

The Corporation has accorded due attention to ensuring safety as the Ethio-Djibouti railway is a flagship project.

The project is also the first of its kind in the Sub-Sharan Africa. It is also believed to boost Ethiopia’s import-export trade.

The rail way project is built at a cost of 3.4 billion USD with Ethiopia and Djibouti contributing 70 percent and 30 percent respectively.

Ethio-Djibouti railway project stretches from Sebeta to Dewele – 656km– and from Dewle to Negad via Dorale, over 100km.


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