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Jubilee Holds Primaries in Makueni for Ward Reps

By Pius Maundu

Jubilee Party will conduct primaries to pick its candidates in four Wards in Makueni County.

By 8am, voting had not started as the voting materials were yet to arrive in polling centres.

It is not clear whether the party will conduct nominations for Kilome Constituency seat as expected as local officials have kept silent about it.

The incumbent, Regina Ndambuki, maintains that she won’t be subjected to the primaries as had been agreed when she defected from Wiper Democratic Movement.

Her rival David Kamzee says the will of Jubilee supporters in the area should be respected and that they should be given an opportunity to pick their preferred candidate.


Go-Slow By Ferry Workers Causes Heavy Traffic Jam

Some Kenya Ferry Services employees staged a go-slow paralysing ferry operations at the busy Likoni channel on Saturday. Read more »

Democratic Party Leaders in Luweero Defy Police On Meeting

By Dan Wandera

Luweero — Democratic Party leaders in Luweero District have vowed to defy a police directive stopping the planned meeting for party leaders in the area scheduled to take place at their offices in Wobulenzi Town on Friday.

Mr Erasto Kibirango the Democratic Party Chairman for Luweero District says the police cannot be serious to direct them from holding the meeting simply because an education institute located three miles away is holding a graduation ceremony.

He says such directives indicate that the force has lost its mandate of protecting its citizens and now acts in the interest of some individuals.

“We shall not honor the police directive stopping our planned meeting on Friday. We informed the police in time. We are surprised that the Luweero District Police Commander is referring us to his boss the IGP for clearance,” Mr Kibirango said on Thursday.

He said they have “important matters” to discuss as members of DP in Luweero District.

“There is no law that bars us from inviting the party leaders from other parts of the country which possibly explains the police panicky behavior. We have already informed our party leaders in and outside Luweero to remain vibrant and engage in peaceful party activities,” he said. “We shall defend our constitutional rights to assemble in a peaceful way. We played our part by informing the police and not seeking permission. It’s incumbent upon the police the DPC to inform his boss and not the party officials in Luweero District.”

The Daily Monitor has seen a copy of a police letter addressed to Luweero DP party leader where Mr Paul Wataka the District Party Commander directs DP leaders in Luweero to seek clearance from the office of the IGP.

The same letter states that Friday is not suitable for the planned meeting since the police will be busy at a graduation function for Bukalasa Agriculture College.

In an interview with this reporter, Luweero DPC Mr Wataka confirmed writing a letter to Luweero DP leaders on what they are supposed to do.

“The message is very clear. It is not true that we are partisan as they claim, Mr Wataka said on Thursday.

On Sunday the Police in Masaka District blocked a rally organised by a section of DP leaders in Masaka District.


Equatorial Guinea’s Obiang Tells Museveni to be Careful With Oil

Uganda is looking to tap into Equatorial Guinea’s experience of oil production, in order to build its own capacity… Read more »

Musila Blames Kalonzo for Loss, Quits Wiper

Photo: Samuel Miring’u/PSCU

President Uhuru Kenyatta chats with Charles Njagua after a press briefing at Jubilee Party headquarters in Nairobi on April 27, 2017.

By Kitavi Mutua

Kitui Senator David Musila resigned as the national party chairman of Wiper Democratic Movement protesting the manner in which the gubernatorial nominations were conducted.

The senator, who lost nominations to Governor Julius Malombe, quit both as the party chairman and a member of the Wiper party and declared he will contest the governor’s seat in the August 8 General Election as an independent candidate.

Mr Musila blamed his loss on party leader Kalonzo Musyoka whom he accused of orchestrating his political downfall by imposing “an unpopular candidate on Kitui voters”.

“The party leader ordered the results generated by my opponent be announced at Kitui tallying centre without reference to the National Elections Board officials,” he told a press conference at Parliament Buildings.


This, he said, happened as returning officers were presenting their results to the NEB officials at the party headquarters after fleeing Kitui over alleged intimidation by his opponent.

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“I saw it coming a few months ago because in one rally, he said his choice was Dr Malombe and that I should remain in the senate.”I protested and finally he said the people will decide only for him to manipulate the exercise,” he added.Mr Musila claimed the announcement of Dr Malombe as the Wiper nominee follows a consistent pattern in Machakos and Makueni counties where Mr Musyoka has determined who should be the gubernatorial party candidates without considering the wishes of people.”I had humbled myself to be subjected to party primaries despite being a founder member and national chairperson of the Wiper party. The people decided but Mr Musyoka went against their will,” Mr Musila said.VARYING RESULTSHe said he is optimistic that he will clinch the seat in the General Election and urged his supporters to remain calm.Dr Malombe garnered 88,382 votes while Mr Musila got 74,308 votes in the bitter contest where tallying of votes took more than 50 hours to conclude.The senator released different figures, saying he had won with 81,324 votes against the governor’s 70,899.He claimed that there were several instances where returning officers were waylaid by goons and forced to change the results and that officials from Kitui East, Kitui South and Mwingi West were denied access to the tallying centre and could not submit the results.More on ThisSonko Beats Kenneth in Jubilee’s Nairobi Governorship Race

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Four Burundian Hostages Released After Over Two Weeks in Congo

By Innocent Habonimana

Four victims of kidnapping have been released after 17 days of detention in the DR Congo. Their kidnappers claimed they were rebels. One of the four hostages says they don’t know how their release was negotiated.

Four Burundian hostages have been freed by their kidnappers who kept them in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for more than two weeks.

One of the hostages Mathias Mujuriro interviewed by Iwacu after their release, says, after their kidnapping from a bus in Gatumba near the border with DR Congo in the evening of 9 April, they were taken deep into to the neighbouring country.

“We walked from 9 pm to 9h30 am [of the following day]”, he says.

Mujuriro was kidnapped along with Pierre Butoyi from the central province of Muramvya, Father Ntahondereye Adolphe from the rural district of Kabezi in Bujumbura province, and Ramadhan Barakamfitiye from Buyenzi area in Bujumbura city.

Mujuriro says the kidnappers fed them and did not torture them. However, they blindfolded them and bound their arms all the time they spent there. He and the priest managed to bring the hoods they were blindfolded with.

At their release, their feet were swollen and bruised because the kidnappers took their shoes and made them walk barefoot all the time. The priest could not walk; they carried him all the times they moved.

The kidnappers took money and everything else the hostages had. The priest was, however, given his phone back when they were released.

Butoyi was the youngest. The others were elderly. The kidnappers made him carry a sack of rice in the hills of the DR Congo. They claimed they were rebels. They beat him after he refused their proposal to join them.

Mujuriro says the kidnappers accused him and the priest of working with the ruling party’s youth wing Imbonerakure. He was reserved when asked for details about the kidnappers. “I was blindfolded for all the 17 days I spent with them. I didn’t see anything. I couldn’t recognize anyone”, he says.

Kidnapped for ransom?

He confirms reports that the kidnappers asked for ransom. “They threatened to kill us if we didn’t give them money”, says Mujuriro. “So we informed our families. It would have been like suicide if we had died [for not paying the ransom].

He says he and the other hostages didn’t know how their release was negotiated afterwards. “We just heard [on Monday] they would free us yesterday”, he says. “I am thankful to God and those who worked for our release”.

“We left where we were held at 4 pm [on Monday] and reached the border where the kidnappers left us at 1a.m.”.

Mujuriro and his friends were then found by Burundian troops near the border. Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for the

Police, says they were interrogated and then allowed to go back to their families.

Mathieu Sake, a human rights activist who went to see the hostages while they were still held at the army camp, says the four hostages and others who suffer similar fate, are victims of the political crisis that started in 2015.

He says politicians who have things to demand shouldn’t victimize the population.

Sake, the Chairman of ACPDH (a human rights organisation) calls on security forces to be very watchful because “people near the border with DR Congo are always worried something bad like being kidnapped might happen to them anytime”.

Nairobi ODM Primaries Rescheduled Over Security Breach

By Collins Omulo

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has blamed logistics issues and security breach for the postponement of Nairobi County primaries.

Addressing journalists at Orange House Tuesday, ODM Secretary General Agnes Zani said the party woke up to a security alert and some logistical issues that made them arrive at the decision to cancel the nominations that were to start at 6 am.

“Something has happened for Nairobi County and it is a security breach and we are handling the situation.

“We have had a situation that has not been able to be controlled at the moment. It was a logistical issue that happened in the early hours of today that has not enabled us to proceed,” said Ms Zani.

The secretary general termed the situation political and that the party was working to resolve it.

“This is a political situation, we have political dynamics and we wake up to new things every day and we have to make decisions as we move along,” she said.

She said the party will give more information on the new date for the exercise


Govt Vows to Stop Poll Violence

The government on Monday stepped in to stop the violence that has characterised ongoing party nominations as one person… Read more »

SADC Mission Favours Govt of National Unity in DR Congo

Photo: ONU/Stuart Price

Tanzania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Augustine Mahiga.

Kinshasa — Ministerial Committee of the Organ Troika (MCO-T) mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has said there is need for peaceful and transparent elections in the vast African nation.

President John Magufuli deployed mission to DRC ruled that there was consensus on the need for the credible elections to move the mineral-rich country into a new political and democratic dispensation.

The mission made the remarks after it was deployed by the President John Magufuli, chairperson of the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation.

Dr Magufuli, as the Chairperson of the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation, dispatched the team to assess the current political and security situation in the country, including the execution of the Episcopal Council of Catholic Bishops (CENCO) mediated Agreement of last December.

The mission, led by Tanzania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Augustine Mahiga also urged all political stakeholders to support the establishment of the government of national unity, which will encompass inclusiveness, national unity and reconciliation.

The mission was within the mandate received from the Extraordinary Summit held in Lozitha, Swaziland on April 2017, whereby Summit had “mandated the Organ Ministerial Troika to immediately conduct a follow-up mission to the DRC.

The committee welcomed the efforts of DRC President Joseph Kabila to push for the political process, despite the obstacles encountered in the implementation of the Political Agreement and, in particular, the Special Arrangements.

It noted with concern that the demise of the leader of the Opposition, Etienne Tshisekediwa Mulumba, has complicated the implementation of the Special Arrangements, resulting into political procrastination in the appointment of the Chairperson of the National


Kagame, Deby, Conde and AU Chair Call for Urgent Reforms

Presidents Paul Kagame, Alpha Conde of Guinea, and Idriss Deby of Chad, and African Union Commission Chairperson Moussa… Read more »

Uganda: Why Logistics Industry Is Looking At Oil and Beyond

By Jennifer Mwijukye

A lot of attention has been placed on Uganda’s progress towards producing its first barrel of oil by 2020 at the earliest.

The recent signings – from the production licenses to the front-end engineering design – have reinvigorated the oil industry. Investors, who had gone quiet at the height of a deadlock be- tween the oil companies and government, are slowly returning to the sector. Things are looking up.

The risk of this hope turning into hype remains high if the logistics industry – the grease needed to run Uganda’s oil machines – is neglected. The amount of equipment, about 800,000 tonnes, needed for the development stage of Uganda’s oil industry in the western and north-western part of the country is huge.

That is why the logistics industry remains an important player in determining the future of the oil industry. Finding cheap capital to buy the trucks needed to move the equipment, building the local capacity of the companies, opening up new modes of transport such as water and rail, among others, remain critical factors for the logistics industry.

There is life beyond the oil industry, though. The logistics industry, and especially the Uganda Freight Forwarders Association (UFFA), is passionate about turning Uganda into the main logistics hub for the region.

For investors, conducting business is quickly shifting into a regional spectacle. Uganda and Tanzania plan to build a crude oil export pipeline; so is Kenya and South Sudan; DR Congo and Rwanda are exploiting together the gas reserves from Lake Kivu; while Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi recently launched an 80MW power project at Rusumo along River Kagera. All these projects need the transportation of equipment, and therefore the support of a strong logistics industry.

Uganda needs to take advantage of its strategic location to become a hub that serves neighbouring countries such as Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

Pulling this feat off does not require rocket science. Uganda, for a start, needs to put up the needed infrastructure in large towns such as Kasese, Gulu, Tororo, or Mbarara to support the logistics industry.

The ripple effects of investing in new infrastructure such as warehouses, storage facilities, and industrial parks spread far and wide. The new hubs in these cities will help spread development through the creation of employment; boost exports from the neighbouring districts; reduce rural-urban migration to an already crowded capital, Kampala; and place less strain on an over-stretched road network, just to mention a few.

To make the dream of Uganda becoming a regional hub requires the policymakers in government and the private players to work together and sign up to the same plan.

For starters, we need a transport and logistics policy that is purposed to regulate the hub. The policy should, among other things, come up with incentives for the creation and use of these hubs.

We also need to attract international players into the logistics industry but remain cautious and protect the local players from uncompetitive business


Some of these discussions are expected to dominate the inaugural Regional Logistics expo 2017 and oil and Gas convention, organized by UFFA and the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, which kicks off to- morrow, April 25 up to April 27 at Kampala Serena hotel.

We are expecting investors to offer the kind of recommendations that can build the logistics industry in the face of a reborn oil industry and renewed government commitment towards other modes of transport such as rail and air.

At the end of it all, the players need a cost-benefit analysis about the price and time of the movement of goods. The expo should be able to spark this kind of debate, which, hopefully, could lead to some policy changes that could make Uganda a regional hub.

The author is the outgoing chairperson of the Uganda Freight Forwarders Association.

Confusion Mars ODM Nominations in Homa Bay

By Barack Oduor By Justus Ochieng’

Confusion and uncertainty has marred Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party nominations in Homa Bay County over delays in delivery of voting materials to polling stations.

The exercise which is to be conducted in 816 polling stations across the County is expected to be competitive in governor and parliamentary races.

Stakes are high in the governorship race where governor Cyprian Awiti is facing challenge from Kasipul MP Oyugi Magwanga, business Samuel Wakiaga, Cosmas Kanyadudi and Enosh Bolo.

Senator Moses Kajwang’ is also facing a challenge from Fred Rabong’o.

Eyes are also focused on Suba South Constituency where ODM chairman John Mbadi is squaring it out with former aide of Opposition leader Raila Odinga, Caroli Omondi.

Anger and outcry is evident among hundreds of the party’s supporters who thronged polling stations to participate in the exercise following delays in arrival of ballot papers.

Aspirants cried foul over the delay, alleging dirty games by their opponents.

Mr Awiti expressed confidence of clinching the governor’s ticket.

“My development record speaks for itself and I know I will win,” he said.

Mr Magwanga told the people of Homa Bay to remain vigilant and guard their votes.

“You must guard against vote stuffing to ensure free, fair and credible polls,” he said.

Mr Rabong’o alleged a plot to rig the polls at populous polling stations.

“We know there is a plot to cause mayhem at populous polling stations to rig some aspirants,” said Mr Rabong’o.

Mr Omondi said he had given out two boats and 15 vehicles to fastrack distribution of election materials to polling stations in Suba South.

Rangwe parliamentary aspirant Dr Lillian Gogo read mischief in distribution of poll officials in the constituency.

“My opponent is planning to rig the exercise. The party should not allow this,” said Dr Gogo who said she feared for her life after unknown people trailed her on Sunday evening.

On Sunday, police arrested 20 youths in Rangwe Constituency and confiscated crude weapons.

Dr Gogo claimed presiding officers in Gem West and Gem East Wards had not been trained.

“These are my strongholds and its unfortunate election officials here did not get any training,” she said.

Suna North MP aspirant Jim Akali and Homa Bay town’s Sam Asiyo expressed confidence of clinching the party’s ticket.


Kenyans Turn to Camels to Cope With Climate Change

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Armed Robbery, Kidnapping Near Border With Congo – Police Clarify

By Innocent Habonimana

In the wake of armed robbery and kidnappings near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo in recent weeks, the Burundi police says armed forces have arrested an undisclosed number of criminals and seized arms.

At a press conference on Friday 21 April, journalists were not allowed to speak to the accused, and police withheld details of their arrest.

Pierre Nkurikiye, the Spokesman for the National Police of Burundi, says that the criminals that have been caught staged cross-border attacks inside Burundi from the Congo, robbing and kidnapping people for ransom.

A number of attacks have taken place over the last two weeks. On 9 April, armed men attacked a bus in Gatumba where they injured two passengers and kidnapped two others including a priest and a traditional musician. The police also reported that two Burundians, a husband and his wife, both in their sixties, were kidnapped from their farm in the Congo on 17 April. They were later released.

The police say the information they have show the hostages are all still alive. Nkurikiye confirmed reports that the kidnappers often call the families of their hostages to ask for ransom. Contradictory reports, which are unconfirmed, say the old musician that was kidnapped along with the priest has been killed.

The police presented two men in their twenties that they claim have been captured in Bubanza, eastern province. The police also showed three rusty AK-47 with ammunition that they claimed the criminals used.

While the rifles were rusty and looked as if they had been unused for a long period, the two alleged criminals looked clean and well presented.

Nkurikiye did not allow journalists to put questions to the so-called criminals who were taken away shortly after journalists had filmed and photographed them.

Nkurikiye was unwilling to answer questions about the number of alleged criminals in the hands of the police. He declined to reveal at what time the accused were arrested.

Nkurikiye said, “giving the full identity of the two criminals would be counterproductive to the hunt for the remaining criminals”.

He said other similar men had been detained by armed forces in Gatumba, Gihanga and Bubanza, areas that are rife with armed robbery and kidnapping by armed groups operating from Congo. While reports say the armed men may be rebel factions, the police call them “bandits” or simply “criminals”.


Burundian Refugees Abscond From Camp

Thirty-three Burundian refugees, including 17 children were on Thursday night intercepted at Mutukula border in Misenyi… Read more »

Tribunal Dismisses Case Challenging Obado ODM Membership

By Maureen Kakah

The controversy surrounding Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s validity as a member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party was yesterday shoved aside after the Political Disputes Tribunal dismissed the case challenging the issue.

A five-member tribunal ruled that the complainant in the case, George Odede, had not exhausted internal party mechanisms in an attempt to solve the dispute.

Consequently, the tribunal upheld arguments by ODM defending Mr Obado.

ODM had also told the tribunal that it lacked the jurisdiction to hear and determine the matter as required by law, an argument which the tribunal agreed with in their verdict.

“The preliminary objection is hereby sustained, the complainant ought to have invoked internal mechanism before approaching this tribunal, the case was therefore premature and is therefore dismissed,” they ruled.

Mr Odede, an ODM member, had moved to the tribunal in March to protest that the Governor did not formally give his former party a notice of defection before ODM.

Through lawyer Chrispin Odhiambo, he had faulted Mr Obado of violating the Political Parties Act for failing to formally give a notice of defection from the party in which he was elected on, the People’s Democratic Party, as Governor.

He had also argued that ODM might continue to have him participate in their party activities including the party nominations now set for Monday in preparations for the August 8 elections contrary to the Political parties Act, Elections Act and the Constitution.

But through lawyer Samuel Makori, ODM trashed the allegations levelled against Mr Obado as merely speculative saying that he had not violated any law by defecting in addition to the argument on jurisdiction.

ODM had also insisted that it will take into consideration vetting him if he aspires to contest as its candidate and that he had satisfactorily met all conditions set out as well as relevant national legislation before joining them.

Following the verdict, Mr Obado was granted reprieve and may continue to act as an ODM member even as he is set to battle to retain his seat on the party’s ticket with former Cabinet minister Ochillo Ayacko, Nyatike MP Edick Anyanga’s wife Anne and Mr Paul Odola.

Mr Odede had wanted the tribunal to declare him not a member of ODM, that his continued association with it is illegal and that his seat be declared vacant if he indeed resigned from PDP.


Do-or-Die Primary Battles in Ruling Party Strongholds

The Jubilee Party strongholds of central Kenya and Rift Valley will see political heavyweights face off in high-stakes… Read more »

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