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Mozambique:The "Akon Lighting Africa" Initiative Will Electrify Rural Mozambique

Photo: Akon lightening Africa

Akon lightening Africa

By Kylie Kiunguyu

Akon has entered into a US$50-million partnership agreement with the Machel Fidus Association for a rural electrification project in Mozambique part of the “Akon Lighting Africa” initiative.

Senegalese-American Hip hop icon Akon has entered into a US$50-million partnership agreement with the Machel Fidus Association for the implementation of a rural electrification project in northern Mozambique as part of the “Akon Lighting Africa” initiative.

The launch of the Akon Lighting Africa initiative in the country happened in Mozambique’s capital Maputo, making Mozambique the first southern African country to partner with the hip-hop star.

Graca Machel met with the Akon Lighting Africa team, Akon, Thione Niang and Luc Tanoh to discuss Akon Lighting Africa opportunities in Mozambique with Foundation Machel Fidus.

The implementation strategy covers renewable energies established by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, MIREME, and Mozambique’s National Energy Fund FUNAE portfolio.

According to the singer, “Akon Lighting Africa” aims to respond to the energy challenges of African countries by implementing an innovative solution that should lay the foundations for the sustainable development of rural areas.

“We can move Africa… My idea for Mozambique is to implement changes in the area of renewable energies,” said Akon, real name Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam.

He said the initiative aims to develop an innovative solar-powered solution that will provide African villages with access to a clean and affordable source of electricity.

Akon Lighting Africa initiative seeks to provide a concrete response at grass root level to Africa’s energy crisis and lay the foundations for future development. Launched in February 2014 Akon, Thione Niang and Samba Bathily, the initiative aims to develop an innovative solar-powered solution that will provide African villages with access to a clean and affordable source of electricity.

The initiative partner Machel Fidus is a non-profit organisation led by young entrepreneurs Malenga Machel, Ìris de Brito, Víctor Zandamela and Mariano Paiva who are committed to the development and implementation of sustainable projects that improve the living conditions, economic and social inclusion of the most vulnerable in Mozambique.

According to the World Bank, “In Africa, power is inaccessible, unaffordable, and unreliable for most people. This traps people in poverty… The African continent is well endowed with energy resources but most remain untapped”

Read: African Union announces $20 billion renewable energy initiative

Renewable energy has been a priority on the continent with more and more countries inviting investors and promoting initiatives that want to facilitate it’s creation and use. Not only will renewable energy improve living conditions on the continent it will also decrease the level of carbon emissions produced annually.

“Africa is being hit hard by the consequences of global warming, yet it is responsible for only 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions,” United Nations climate change conference (COP21) reported.


Former President Machel’s Daughter to Assist Victims of Violence

Josina Machel, the daughter of Mozambique’s first President, Samora Machel, on Monday launched in Maputo the Kuhluka… Read more »

Zimbabwe:Diarrhoea Hits 100 Pupils

By Patrick Chitumba

An inexplicable bout of diarrhoea has affected over 100 pupils at Thornhill and Guinea Fowl high schools in Gweru and most of the children have since been hospitalised. Reports from the two schools indicate that some pupils failed to sit for their “O” level Geography paper 1 and Accounts Paper 1 examinations because of the diarrhoea. Both schools have recorded over 50 confirmed diarrhoea cases each in the last four days and parents have been forced to take their sick children to local medical institutions for treatment. Midlands provincial education director Mrs Agnes Gudo confirmed the outbreak, saying Ministry officials were on the ground investigating the matter.

“Yes, we got information to the effect that there were school children at Thornhill and Guinea Fowl high schools in Gweru who have been affected by diarrhoea. Inspectors are on the ground looking into the matter and we hope we will have information as to what is happening and what is causing it.” Mrs Gudo said both day scholars and boarders had been affected by the disease. If it were only boarders, we could be saying the problem is at the schools, but day scholars have also been affected,” she said. “I don’t have the exact number of the affected children right now,” she said. The two schools are widely regarded as top institutions of learning in the Midlands Province.

“The transmission mode has remained largely unknown so far,” said a teacher at Thornhill High School. “Some affected children have been sent for medical observation at home, while we are busy disinfecting the school under the watchful eye of officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Care.” A parent said, on condition of anonymity, that she was called to Thornhill High School on Saturday evening after her child developed diarrhoea.

“I travelled from Bulawayo to Gweru on Saturday evening after my daughter developed diarrhoea,” she said. “I was shocked to see over 50 pupils being attended to while some were taken to local hospitals. I took mine to one of the hospitals where she was hydrated.” Another parent said he was worried that his child’s “O” level examination preparations would be affected.

“My son is sitting for his “O” level examination and now he has been affected by this unexpected illness,” he said. “I hope he will perform well.” Diarrhoeal diseases account for nearly two million deaths a year among children fewer than five years of age, making them the second most common cause of child deaths worldwide.


Heatwave Sparks Health Warnings as Temperatures Soar

Some parts of the country experienced record-breaking high temperatures yesterday as Zimbabwe came under the spell of a… Read more »

Nigeria:Reps to Probe Poor Condition of State House Clinic

By Nasir Ayitogo

The House of Representatives has asked an ad-hoc committee to investigate the condition of the State House Clinic, Abuja, and alleged irregular deductions from the salaries and allowances of the staff.

This house set up the committee after adopting a motion raised by Henry Archibong (PDP-Akwa Ibom) at the plenary on Thursday.

Mr. Archibong alleged that despite huge budgetary allocations, the clinic lacks necessary facilities, drugs and even such as syringes.

He was echoing a complaint earlier made on Monday by the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha, who criticised the management of the facility.

Aisha Buhari [Photo:]

“In the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Appropriation Acts, the Clinic was allocated the sum of ₦3.94 billion, ₦3.87 billion and ₦3.2 billion respectively, for upgrading and provision of necessary drugs and equipment,” Mr. Archibong said.

He also alleged that medical doctors working at the Clinic were complaining over alleged illegal deductions from their salaries and allowances by the Management since April 2017, without any official explanation.

Mrs. Buhari, at a stakeholder’s meeting at the State House on Reproductive, Maternal, Nutrition, Child Advocacy and Health and Nutrition (RMNCAHN), said she was unable to access health care at the Clinic and had to go to a private facility run by foreigners.

“I called the Aso Clinic to find out if they have an X-Ray machine, they said it’s not working”

“In the end I had to go to a hospital owned and operated by foreigners 100 per cent”

“There is a budget for the Hospital and if you go there now, you will see a number of constructions going on but they don’t have a single syringe there.”

“What is the purpose of the buildings if there are no equipment there to work with?”

“You can imagine what happens across the states to governors wives if this will happen to me in Abuja,” she said.

State House clinic [Photo credit:]

Mrs. Buhari’s comments also came a few days after her daughter, Zahra, took to her Instagram page to accuse the Permanent Secretary of the State House, Jalal Arabi, of allegedly failing to provide even Paracetamol tablets at the clinic despite a budget of N3 billion for provision of drugs at the hospital.


45 Boko Haram Members Convicted in Mass Trial

The individuals have received prison sentences, but the government has refused to divulge other details, such as the… Read more »

Kigali Court Suspends Rwigaras Pre-Trial Again

By Edmund Kagire

The pre-trial hearing in which Diane Shima Rwigara, her mother Adeline and sister Anne are accused of inciting insurrection failed to take off again on Wednesday.

The court in Kigali suspended the case after Mrs Rwigara asked for a new lawyer saying due to the magnitude of charges against her, she wanted another advocate to represent her while the family lawyer, Celestin Buhuru, represents her daughters.

The widow of the late Kigali tycoon Assinapol Rwigara said she would like lawyer Gatera Gashabana to represent her. In additional to charges for inciting insurrection, she is also accused of discrimination and sectarian practices.

Her daughter Diane, a prominent government critic who was barred from contesting the presidency in the August 4 election, told the court on Wednesday that she had not been allowed enough time with the lawyer to prepare her defence in the case.

The 35-year-old, who is also charged with forging signatures during her presidential campaign, said she had been denied access to all evidence in the case.

“From the time we were arrested to today, I have not been given full access to my [case] file. I have only seen it here in court,” she said.

She added that she needed more time with her lawyer who she had “only been able to see a few times”.

The prosecution stated it would not grant full access to the files to the suspects as doing so might jeopardise the case. The prosecution insisted that all they needed to know had been made available.

Mrs Rwigara also asked the court to direct the police to release money the family alleges was confiscated when their house was raided by the authorities last month to enable them pay their lawyers.

After about an hour of recess, the judges returned to court and granted the Rwigaras two days to prepare their defence, warning that it would the last time the court adjourned the hearing.

“As enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda, a suspect has a right to defence and legal representation, which is why the request for Adeline [Mrs Rwigara] is granted,” the court ruled.

The judges said the issue of money raised by Mrs Rwigara could only be addressed when the case goes to trial.

Scores of people, including relatives, diplomats, supporters of Ms Rwigara and journalists jammed the court room while other followed proceedings from outside on loud speakers.

Rights groups, which accuse President Paul Kagame of ruling Rwanda through fear, say the trial is politically motivated aimed at silencing Diane.

The three Rwigara women were first presented in court last Friday. The pre-trial hearing was then adjourned to Monday, then to today (Wednesday).

The pre-trial has been adjourned to Friday, October 13.


Bail Hearing for Rwigara Family Members Pushed for Third Time

The Nyarugenge Intermediate Court on Wednesday adjourned, for the third time, the pre-trial hearing of Anne Rwigara,… Read more »

Parents’ Pain As Baby Born With Exposed Brain

By Barack Oduor

When Maureen Achieng’ went into labour on Sunday, her husband William Nyauru, a farmer in Homa Bay County, expected their new member of the family to be just like their three other children.

But when she finally delivered her baby girl, something was wrong with her: her brain was growing outside of her skull.

When the Nation caught up with them at Samari Medical Centre in Rodi Kopany, Mr Nyauru said he was confused.


He was happy to become a father for the fourth time, but the baby’s condition worried him.

“I have been told by health workers here that the condition can be corrected. I have never seen it before so I am still confused,” he said.

“I need help because I want her to live. I appeal to well-wishers to intervene so my daughter can live a happy life like her siblings.”

His 25-year-old wife was perched on her hospital bed, pondering her next move, as her newborn lay beside her.


The girl was born with a rare condition in which her brain is outside the skull but it is covered with skin.

The clinical officer in charge Joseph Odhiambo described the condition as meningocele.

Meningocele is a birth defect in which a baby’s spinal cord fails to develop properly.

It occurs when the bottom end of the neural tube — the structure which gives rise to the central nervous system — fails to close in an embryo.


It can occur if the mother fails to take antenatal drugs for neuron tube development.

“The infant could have acquired the defect as a result of genetic distortion or exposure of her mother to harmful radiation at the early stages of her pregnancy,” Dr Kevin Osuri, the Homa Bay director of medical services, said.

“The condition can be corrected through a medical operation but only if conducted as soon as possible from the time of her birth.”

The doctors have however said all the other parts of the infant’s body are functioning properly.


The mother said she was not able to get prenatal care services or do a scan during pregnancy due to financial constraints.

“I worry about her condition. I can’t help. I don’t even know how she feels now,” she said.

On Tuesday, hospital officials said they would delay discharging the mother and baby as cultural misconceptions might lead to her being killed.

He said some people had linked the defect to witchcraft.

The clinic’s administrator Jephters Olwero said the condition needed attention from specialists.

“This condition can be handled well at public health facilities such as Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, Kijabe and Moi Teaching and Referral hospital. She requires immediate attention,” he said.

Let’s Scrap the Darn Age Limit and These Too

opinionBy Jacobs Odongo Seaman

Stockholm Syndrome, that stage where a hostage begins to feel closer to the hostage taker, is that where Uganda is at going by what the Opposition is saying? Me I don’t know. I tried to ask my daughter if she knew age limit. A mistake.

“Age limit? What’s that? [long pause]… daddy, why do the baboons we saw have funny buttocks?” She had changed the subject. I wonder why Anite and Abiriga don’t do the same when confronted with issues beyond their understanding.

The nation is awash with ‘togikwatako’ and such stuff that those of us who are apolitical are finding difficult to comprehend. What does President Museveni want and who can keep him on a leash that denies him that bone he covets? For us apolitical saints, we say just give the man what he covets. It could be the poisoned chalice, who knows? I have always lived by the saying that however hungry a rat might be, it can only drink enough to fill its stomach if it fell in a drum of honey.

Anyway, if Museveni will get his wish, what other things should we scrap of age limit and related checks and balances?


This stage of life is full of blissful innocence. It is the butterfly of life, the only moment when playing with rainwater, in the murk and even playing with urine is perfectly normal. If childhood didn’t expire with growth, we might not be making all the noise about Abiriga’s childish antics. We would appreciate everything he is doing and say “yeah, that is bliss.” We would look at Anite and not retch when she is innocently partaking of the running nose into her lips but understand it is just a stage of life. If no one cleans it up for the child, they just lick it. Can the good guys who run this country send SFC to scrap childhood limit? We need this. Our MPees need it. Life is bliss, and we can’t be shortchanged by adult life.

Pastors, pastors and more pastors

Now this is not your cup of coffee. Pastors are an entire new species of ball game. These guys have done so many bizarre things on earth that if Museveni was asked to name them all in exchange for life presidency, he would retire peacefully tomorrow and even sue for peace with Besigye. Just when you thought the incident of prostrating and kissing the feet of this other self-appointed pastor was not bad enough, you wake up to Namboole filled to capacity with fellows worshipping their pastor.

Yes, if you have a broken knife and it can still do its job so well, you just must honour it. It would be fitting for Gen Elly Tumwine to carve a medal named ‘The Unnamed Shepherd’ in honour of all the pastors. In these strange times when senior police officers are caught red-handed in kidnap for ransom deals against citizens they should be protecting, I guess Ugandans need more pastors than police after all. Pastors should be free of age limit or better still, above criticism of any kind.

The godsend, aka Son of Kaguta

This one is so brilliant that he knew that the only thing the Karimojong people ever want is cattle, blood from cows to drink, milk and cow dung. They don’t even need clothes, those chaps. The son of Kaguta discovered this. He also discovered that the Karimojong people are happier to sling a rifle over their shoulders than worry about the price of mukene in Owino Market. But trust Museveni to keep his cards closer to his chest; he didn’t tell us. He silently went into operational mode, rumours say. We can’t authoritatively tell whatever happened in Karamoja although the rife talks of exploitation of gold in that sub-region is telling.

While still smiling with contentment at the magic wand he had pulled off in Karamoja, the son of Kaguta discovered private oil. To be more specific, his oil. Ugandans talk about ‘our land’ and such stuff, but here, we had the Fountain of Honour declare he had his own oil. So now you don’t have to doubt Beti Kamya when she says Museveni was sent by God. Maybe what we all need is some antennae over our eyebrows like Kamya does, maybe it is the secret to speaking with God. And we need to do this fast before Museveni proudly lectures the nation on how he actually used water bottles to irritate Hoima and turn its land into abundant oil deposit.

If you haven’t got where we are headed, then it is this simple: Ugandans need not to challenge this age limit stuff, we just need more Musevenis and since we only got one, let’s have the most of a godsend like him.

Traffic jam

Well, I wanted to say more but I realised that even Abiriga would agree with me. I can’t fall for such a cheap thing. So to be forever opposed to Abiriga, Anite and Kamya, I will praise traffic jam. The godsend son of Kaguta should scrap the remaining taxes on used cars so we can have a slumber.

Namibia: Proposal for Compulsory Contraceptives for Schools

By Selma Ikela

Windhoek — Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa has proposed compulsory contraceptives for school-going girls in order to prevent escalating teenage pregnancies. The minister is of the opinion that parents should give approval alongside the concerned girls before using such contraceptives.

Hanse-Himarwa suggested that public hearings be held to gather input from society, parents, learners, the church and other necessary stakeholders on the matter.

The minister made her input during the national gender advisory committee high-level dialogue on the national gender policy, organised by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare.

Hanse-Himarwa proposed the idea after the gender ministry’s permanent secretary Wilhencia Uiras pointed out that high teenage pregnancies were identified as a problem at the regional gender permanent task force.

The one-day event was held in Windhoek and was attended by regional governors, their advisors and ministers, deputy ministers and permanent secretaries, amongst other officials.

Hanse-Himarwa maintained the country has done and continues to do everything in its power to create awareness and sensitise learners to abstain from sexual intercourse.

“I know this is a controversial one and I will get a lot opposition and pressure from parents and churches but as I said, the problem is with us and sometimes we need to take unpopular decisions,” she said.

“Why can’t we have public hearings to gather input form society, parents, learners, churches and whomever are the necessary stakeholders that compulsory contraception to be given to learners?” she remarked.

The minister said a lot of discussion is expected to go into this. She added that at school level, parents and the concered girls should give their consent.

“Of course, there will be those who will say ‘my daughter will not be given contraception’ or the learner saying ‘I will not take contraceptives’, but at least let’s have a starting point. I say when they are sexually active, let’s give them contraceptives to prevent these escalating pregnancies. Those who choose not to take will not take but at least we will be able to help a quarter of those who say ‘indeed I need this or I want my girl to take this’,” she stated.

The minister added that forms will be designed and parents will give approval along with the daughters’ consent.

According to a newspaper report, Ohangwena Region has one of the highest rate of teenage pregnancies.

The report stated 109 pupils fell pregnant in Ohangwena during the first trimester this year, which includes 16 primary school learners.


Slain Woman’s Father Says His Heart Is Heavy

THE father of the slain Otjomuise woman was too dumbfounded to speak yesterday at his home in Katutura. Read more »

Mixed Reactions as University of Rwanda Awaits Approval to Restructure

By Frederic Byumvuhore

An air of mixed feelings continued to linger among stakeholders as the University of Rwanda last week submitted a proposal of its proposed restructuring and relocation of its campuses to the Ministry of Education.

In the proposal, UR is seeking to relocate some schools from one campus to another, consolide some campuses and close others, particularly those offering nursing courses.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Institutional Advancement, Charles Murigande, was confident the proposed restructuring would be approved ahead of the 2017/18 academic year, which begins next month.

“The [proposed] reforms have been shared with the Ministry of Education, Higher Education Council and members of Cabinet through the Inter-ministerial Coordination Committee,” Murigande told The New Times.

Since the announcement of the proposed restructuring, however, there have been dissenting opinions among the university stakeholders and the general public, with many voicing their opinions on social media platforms.

However, Murigande re-iterated that the reforms are envisaged to create better teaching and learning environment for students and lecturers in order to achieve the goals of the university.

Students who spoke to The New Times said they were not given enough time to prepare themselves, and that some departments were improvised hastily.

Patrick Mutabazi, a second year student in ICT at UR’s Huye campus, said the move was not announced to them in time, and that he fears to struggle once he is transferred to Kigali next month.

To Mutabazi, students should have been given enough time to prepare themselves, as his department was informed only three weeks before the academic year starts.

“Many of my classmates did not appreciate the move. Relocation requires enough preparation,” he said.

“Accommodation in the city is a problem and in Huye we had our ICT room for practice, I fear we will meet many challenges.”

For Xavera Abumukamana, a third year student in Entrepreneurship and Education at the College of Education, which will be relocated to Rukara under the proposed restructuring, the university should be more concerned with challenges the students will face at the new site and help them to solve them.

She said she had got information that Rukara still needed improvement compared to their former location (Kigali).

Edith Nyirabera, whose child will be relocated from Huye to Kigali, said the move will demand more from her.

“My daughter used to pay Rwf6,500 for rent per month while she was in Huye. I have been searching accommodation for her in Kigali and found a house of Rwf30,000 per month. So, I will have to work harder to afford it,” she added.

However, Murigande said lecturers and students should look beyond their personal convenience because the move intends to improve the quality of education, which “will impact the future of the country.”

He assured students that they would get all necessary equipment at the new locations.

A lecturer at UR-Huye campus, who preferred anonymity to speak freely, said the changes will affect them and their families and that students would also struggle to settle in at the new locations.

“Lecturers will have to relocate with their families. This means that their children must also change schools. But for students, despite all difficulties, this move will improve their skills as well as living conditions,” she said.

Commenting on the recent letter from High Education Council asking UR to submit the proposed changes, Murigande said that there was misinterpretation.

He said the letter did not mean that the proposal does not conform to the law or that the council was not consulted.

“The letter says that before full implementation, the council wishes to give its opinion. In the process of restructuring, the council was involved and consulted,” he said.

Here’s What Diamond’s Mum Has Been Up to as Son’s Baby Mama Drama Rages On


Diamond, Zari love-mess grows.

Bongo singer Diamond Platinumz ‘ s mother, Sandra Kassim, has given her followers on social media a peek into what she been up in the midst of her son ‘ s marital woes.

Mama Dangote, as she refers to herself on Instagram, has been busy creating a fashionable wardrobe for her daughter in-law in South Africa Zari Hassan, in preparations for her birthday on September 23.

In a picture shared by the two, Zari acknowledged that Diamond’s mother is part of the people creating her look, choosing some of her dresses and gifting her.

Mama Dangote, on the other hand, took all bragging rights for Zari’s ensembles.

Diamond has recently been on the news for his confession that he cheated on Zari with video vixen Hamisa Mobetto.

The singer gave his account of how things happened, admitting that he made bad choices when he and Zari were having trouble in their relationship.

The Salome hit maker offered to do anything to earn Zari ‘ s forgiveness even if it means walking on his knees from Tanzania to South Africa.


Govt Tightens Noose On Social Media

The government has drafted sweeping regulations to tighten its grip on online content producers and users across popular… Read more »

Zimbabwe: Health Minister Visits Cancer Plagued Children

By Faith Zvorufura

Government is set to assist the two Epworth girls affected by Zeroderma Pigmentosa and Skin Cancer with medical attention, Health and Child Care minister, Dr David Parirenyatwa has said.

Minister Parirenyatwa who visited the two girls, Natasha (7) and Bridget (9) at Parirenyatwa Hospital on Monday said government has taken it upon itself to have medical experts look at the girls and take them through chemotherapy and radio therapy.

“It is sad that both kids below the age of 10 are affected by this rare cancer, because of its nature it forms little sore or coalesce into one big sore which is the case with both young girls,

“We have taken it upon ourselves to have them admitted here and have experts look at them and go through chemotherapy and radio therapy,” said Parirenyatwa.

Head of Radio Therapy and Oncology, Dr Ntokozo Ndlovu said the disease which affects one in a million people is rare and makes it difficult to repair the skin once affected.

“This cancer affects 1 in a million people and these children are facing the difficulty of staying indoors and playing at night,

“The cancer should not be exposed to any form of light even a light bulb or light coming out through a window, so when they go into the sun the damages happen every day so they have to stay in dark for the rest of their lives,” said Ndlovu.

In an interview with 263Chat, one of the parents Benedict Makumbe said she is struggling to take care of her daughter without exposing her to light.

“Bridget was affected with this cancer when she was three months old and I have been struggling ever since, as her condition and the environment do not go hand in hand,

“A lot of people still have not accepted her condition my in laws included.

“I cannot even look for a job as I have to monitor her 24/7 and maids never stay long, I also have to hold her hand all the time because she is partially blind now,” said Makumbe.

Parirenyatwa urged citizens to raise awareness on cancer as most deaths have of late been cancer related.


Mugabe ‘Cuts Rhodesian Pensioner’s Payouts’

Zimbabwean pensioners who served under the Rhodesian government before relocating to South Africa have reportedly turned… Read more »

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