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As Curtain Closes On Party Primaries, ODM Puts Nairobi MP, MCA Tickets to the Vote

By Olive Burrows

Nairobi — The Orange Democratic Movement holds its primaries in Nairobi under the supervision of Deputy Party Leader Ali Hassan Joho.

The National Elections Board Chairperson Judith Pareno has urged party members to come out in their large numbers and vote for their preferred candidate.

“We are using all the gazetted IEBC polling stations in Nairobi. We didn’t merge Nairobi because of the circumstances in Nairobi and there are 330 in total so they should go to the polling stations that are gazetted, they know them; where they normally vote.”

The vote is however only for the Parliamentary and County Assembly tickets given the direct nominations of Evans Kidero — who is defending his election as Nairobi governor — and Gabriel Chapia Bukachi for the position of Nairobi Senator.

Esther Passaris will however need to fight it out for the Nairobi Woman Representative ticket.

On Saturday, the board announced the results of its primaries in Nyanza endorsing governors Cyprian Awiti and Cornel Rasanga’s wins in Homa Bay and Siaya respectively.

It also endorsed Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o’s win over governor Jack Ranguma in Kisumu, Gideon Ochanda’s win over Oburu Odinga and Fred Ouda’s win in Kisumu Central over Onyango Oloo.


Go-Slow By Ferry Workers Causes Heavy Traffic Jam

Some Kenya Ferry Services employees staged a go-slow paralysing ferry operations at the busy Likoni channel on Saturday. Read more »

Jubilee Holds Primaries in Makueni for Ward Reps

By Pius Maundu

Jubilee Party will conduct primaries to pick its candidates in four Wards in Makueni County.

By 8am, voting had not started as the voting materials were yet to arrive in polling centres.

It is not clear whether the party will conduct nominations for Kilome Constituency seat as expected as local officials have kept silent about it.

The incumbent, Regina Ndambuki, maintains that she won’t be subjected to the primaries as had been agreed when she defected from Wiper Democratic Movement.

Her rival David Kamzee says the will of Jubilee supporters in the area should be respected and that they should be given an opportunity to pick their preferred candidate.


Go-Slow By Ferry Workers Causes Heavy Traffic Jam

Some Kenya Ferry Services employees staged a go-slow paralysing ferry operations at the busy Likoni channel on Saturday. Read more »

Liberia: Death Toll From ‘Strange Disease’ in Sinoe Climbs to 10

The Chief Medical Officer of Liberia, Dr. Francis Kateh, has disclosed that another person has died from the ‘strange disease’ in Sinoe County, bringing to ten the number of deaths.

Dr. Kateh told ELBC Radio Thursday that another person who has contracted the disease has been hospitalized at the J.F Grant Hospital in the provincial capital Greenvile.

This, he said, brings to 18 the number of persons who have contracted the disease.

Dr. Kateh reiterated that initial tests conducted by the Liberia Institute of Bio-Medical Research in Charlesville, Margibi County have proved that the disease is not Ebola.

He, however, said another test will be performed while authorities and the Liberia National Police have launched an investigation to ascertain the origin of the deaths.

It can be recalled that on April 25, Sinoe County health authorities reported multiple unexplained deaths in five communities in Greenville, Sinoe County in southeastern Liberia from a ‘strange disease.’

The outbreak has instilled fear in Liberians as it reminds them of the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in 2014 that claimed an estimated 4,500 lives in Liberia and more than 10,600 lives in the hardest hit countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Dr. Kateh reiterated that the Ministry of Health has put in place the necessary systems, measures and capacity to contain any outbreak of infectious diseases in the country.

He said the ministry of health will keep the public updated on the situation as it unfolds.


Gambia’s Barrow Meets Sirleaf

Liberia’s President and Chair of regional bloc ECOWAS Mrs. Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf has received the Gambia’s President… Read more »

Liberia: ‘Liberia Taking Precaution After Mystery Deaths in Sinoe’ – WHO

By Cewhy Kwanue

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday that Liberian health authorities are taking rapid precautionary measures after 10 people died of a mystery illness, 10 months after the end of a catastrophic two-year Ebola virus outbreak.

Liberian authorities said initial scientific investigations have ruled out Ebola as the cause of the deaths. Residents say the people died of suspected ‘food poisoning’ from food eaten at the funeral repast of a pastor (not named). The pastor’s death was attributed to high blood pressure.

The Liberian National Police is also investigating the causes of the deaths.

“The corpse of the person who died today (yesterday) reportedly decayed within a short time,” a female resident told the Daily Observer via mobile phone last night.

Accounts from Greenville have meanwhile described the situation as being tense and confusing. As a result, health workers are reportedly wearing personal protection equipments (PPEs) similar to what healthcare givers used during the deadly Ebola outbreak in the country.

One account said some of the victims were literally dropping dead and that officers of the LNP are using megaphones to warn residents to report all sick cases to the hospital and not to churches or shrines.

“Yesterday, WHO received a report from Liberia health authorities about a cluster of unexplained illness and deaths in Sinoe County, southern Liberia,” WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said in an email.

“According to the report, since Monday, 14 people have fallen sick. Eight people have died and six are seriously ill and still in the hospital.”

He gave no indication of what might have caused the deaths, but said specimens from seven bodies had been sent to the national laboratory for testing and that results were expected Wednesday or yesterday, Thursday.

Samples were also being taken from water sources to test for chemicals and bacteria, he said.

“Health authorities are taking immediate precautionary measures such as isolating suspected cases, tracing contacts and engaging with the community and their leaders,” Jasarevic added.

The Chief Medical Officer of Liberia, Dr. Francis Nah Kateh, told a news conference in Monrovia on Wednesday that rapid response teams have been activated at district and county levels.

Kateh, however, did not respond to this newspaper’s phone call last night; neither did he reply to a text message the Daily Observer sent to him.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that “initial tests conducted by the Liberian Institute of Biomedical Research in Charlesville, Margibi County, has ruled out Ebola virus disease as the cause of the deaths.”

In June last year, the WHO declared Liberia free of active Ebola virus transmission, the last of three West African countries at the epicenter of the world’s worst outbreak of the disease.

The epidemic killed more than 11,300 people and infected some 28,600 from 2013, as it swept through Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, according to WHO data. (Reuters).


Gambia’s Barrow Meets Sirleaf

Liberia’s President and Chair of regional bloc ECOWAS Mrs. Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf has received the Gambia’s President… Read more »

Senator Peter Mositet Ditches Jubilee

By Joseph Ngunjiri

Kajiado senator Peter Mositet has ditched Jubilee party.

The Senator lost in the party’s nominations to a newcomer – Philip Mpaayei.

In the later dated April 27 and addressed to Raphael Tuju, the party secretary-general, Mr Mositet writes: “Following the party nominations in Kajiado County that were neither free nor fair, and were characterized by result manipulations, I hereby notify you of my resignation as a member of the Jubilee Party. The decision has not been an easy one and has been made after thoughtful consideration and meaningful consultation, with the people of Kajiado whom I serve.”

On Wednesday, Mr Mositet stormed the Kajiado County tallying centre, at the Maasai Technical Training Institute and engaged County Returning Officer Jeremiah Ole Ncharo in a heated argument and demanded to be shown forms that were signed by returning officers in the constituencies.

He was ejected from the tallying hall and the place cordoned off by armed policemen.

The results announced Mr Ole Ncharo, showed that Mositet polled 52,022 against Mr Mpaayei’s 62,077.

Mr Mositet was accompanied by Mr Tarayia ole Kores, who lost to former Internal CS, Joseph ole Lenku, in the gubernatorial nominations, and Parsimei Gitau, who lost to Joseph Manje in the Kajiado North Parliamentary nomination.

Kores and Parsimei also followed Mr Mositet in quitting JP. They promised to teach ‘Mr Ole Lenku a lesson’ in the August general elections.


Millions Needed to Battle Armyworms

The Agriculture ministry requires an additional Sh320 million emergency funding to combat crop-eating caterpillars known… Read more »

Konchella Wins Kilgoris Jubilee Ticket By Narrow Margin

By Joel Reyia

Kilgoris MP Gideon Konchella defeated his rival in the Jubilee party primaries by a narrow margin.

Mr Konchella garnered 19,531 votes against Joel Tasur, who got 19,065 votes.

Another aspirant Samuel Cheruiyot was third with 1,342 votes.

Mr Tasur rejected the results claiming the exercise was marred by irregularities.

He vowed to challenge the results at the party’s tribunal.

“I am dissatisfied with the outcome of the voting. I am aware that arbitrary cooking of figures was done in some polling stations, particularly in areas deemed as strongholds of the incumbent,” he said.

Mr Konchella will face Mr Richard Kelele of CCM and Peter Morintat of ODM in the August elections.

Mr Morintat, whose victory had initially challenged is now breathing easy after the ODM party disputes tribunal upheld his victory.

“I am happy that the tribunal upheld my victory and we are now seeking the support of all party stakeholders to enable me to beat Mr Konchella,’ he told the Nation on Wednesday.

In Emurua Dikirr constituency, Mr David Keter won the Jubilee ticket after garnering 12, 180 votes, beating his closest rival Mr Paul Tunoi who got 5, 883 votes.

Mr Keter will take on incumbent Johanna Ng’eno of CCM in August elections.

Emurua Dikirr constituency returning officer Naikanai Kuluo said the votes from Mogor polling station in Mogondo ward were not tallied due to lack of consensus on the correct figures between the agents of various aspirants.

“The county returning officer will decide on what to do about this hitch,” he said.


Election Violence Dampening Prospects of Economic Growth

The violence that has hit the primaries of Jubilee and Nasa is sending disturbing signals that are likely to dampen… Read more »

Livestock Herders Simply Want a Livelihood

By Muthoni Thang’wa

Kenyans have read with concern of the unrest in pastoral lands in Kenya.

Pastoralists and ranch owners have been killed and seriously injured. First, Tristan Voorspuy, a retired British Army officer who co-owned Sosian Ranch was killed and more recently, Kuki Gallman, who owns the Laikipia Nature Conservancy, was shot and seriously injured.

What is of interest to me as a Kenyan and anthropologist are the terms and insinuations used to shape the opinion of both the Kenyan public and the international community on an issue that is not going anywhere in this country until someone deals with it: the land question.

The Kenyan Africans affected by this unrest are referred to in the press using very uncomplimentary terms that should worry not only government, but also the rest of us Kenyans.


We read of ‘bandits, armed herdsmen, cattle rustlers, sometimes even poachers, suggesting they are up to no good. Meanwhile, white Kenyans are referred to in very complementary terms: conservationists, land owners, ranchers and tourist lodge owners.

This is an overspill of the pastoralism question and inadequate pastoral lands. Pastoralism is a way of life and a cultural system that must be managed and given a chance to evolve into something acceptable to the people who practice it, while at the same time giving the environment a chance to adapt and blend with this way of life.

The environment is very important, no doubt about that, but pastoralism is not a greedy way of life. It only uses what it needs now and leaves the rest to nature. The attitude that pastoralism is bad for wildlife conservation is some sort of folly infused into Kenyans by the colonial master, yet we continue to walk around and preach it today like drunkards unable to control their inebriety.

Every human being has a right to self-determination and to make choices about cultural or economic changes, including pastoralists. We cannot shoot them into change over pastoral lands.

I will avoid the issue of how this land got into the hands of the ranchers in the first place because that would be flogging a dead horse, but underneath all this drama is the question of money, economics and livelihoods.


Pastoral communities are often portrayed as living in the back of beyond, where marginalisation, poverty and underdevelopment thrive. But below the surface is a thriving market-oriented trade in livestock. Where do you think those thousands of cattle they want to graze end up? At the local butchery, no?

That is why they will hold to livestock by the thousands even in times of drought and famine. According to the Institute of Development Studies, this trade rakes in millions of shillings and stretches from Kenya to Ethiopia, Sudan, the Middle East and even Kinshasa.

Ranchers also rake in millions of shillings from the tourism sector, trade in game meat from so-called culling and even donor funding for conservation. That is why they too will not leave these lands.

It might be that pastoralists will need to adjust their methods with some innovations and by this, I mean indigenous innovations, but they must be protected from any further land grabbing by so-called wildlife investors, oil prospectors and other private business opportunities that the county dispensation has refocused on their lands.

Their way of life – mobile pastoralism – may still be the only answers for the vast lands. In any case even if it turns out not be, this country is theirs too and coercing them with guns or other violent legal means is a travesty.

Twitter: @muthonithangwa

Only Party Register, Not IDs to Be Used in Jubilee Primaries

By Patrick Lang’at

The Jubilee Party has cancelled the planned use of national identity cards for all voters in the Nairobi County nominations, National Elections Board Chairman Andrew Musangi has said.

Mr Musangi said the decision to use its party register instead of IDs as is happening in other counties was informed by what he said was an attempt by members of other parties to infiltrate its process.

“Given the real and present danger of people who have had a concerted effort to subvert the will of the Nairobi Jubilee voters, we have instructed our officers to use our party register instead of an ID,” said Mr Musangi.

On Monday, the party had said that it will allow all voters who turn up for the Jubilee nominations to vote if they have an ID, even if they are not on the party’s roll of voters.

“Everything else is secondary for us,” Mr Musangi said on Tuesday on fears that not using the party register could invalidate the nominations.

Mr Musangi also said that the Nairobi ballot papers will be different from other counties because of the same fear of members of other parties attempting to influence the decision of the city county voters.

Meanwhile, the party has deferred MP nominations in Matayos (Busia County) and Mandera East constituencies to Friday and Saturday respectively.

In Matayos, Mr Musangi said the change was because of misinformation to voters by some candidates that the nominations will not take place.


Safaricom Given 7 Days to Explain Outage

Communications Authority Director General Francis Wangusi has said it has given Safaricom seven days to give a… Read more »

AK Confident No-Shows Won’t Affect World Under-18 Championships

By Aggrey Omboki

Athletics Kenya has assured visiting nations of adequate security during the IAAF World Under-18 Championships in July.

The assurance comes in the wake of the decision by defending champions USA to formally withdraw from the July 12-16 Nairobi championships citing “security concerns.”

USA joined Great Britain, New Zealand, Britain, Australia, Canada and Switzerland in the list of high profile nations giving the games a wide berth.

Speaking during trials held for youth teams from Mogonga, Keberesi, Keroka and Nyota Athletics Camp in Kisii County, AK Youth Committee chairman Barnabas Korir said the country still looks forward to successfully hosting the championships.

“We have put in place all the requisite security arrangements and expect the games to be another successful chapter in our sports history,” Korir said.Kenya has a US State Department rating of “critical,” which is its highest possible crime and terrorism level.

In a letter to youth coaches in USA dated February 6, the US Track and Field Federation (USATF) said the decision was based on a risk assessment of the championships.

Korir, however, dismissed the Americans’ concerns as “misplaced”, saying terrorist attacks of greater magnitude than Kenya’s had occurred on US soil: “We have had greater loss of lives on US soil than in Kenya due to terrorist attacks and the decision by Team USA to pull out of the games is misplaced and regrettable.”

He remained confident Kenya will win the overall title.

Paul Tergat Unopposed Ahead of Nock Elections

By Ayumba Ayodi

Legendary long distance runner Paul Tergat will go into the National Olympic Committee of Kenya elections on May 5 as the sole candidate for the presidency after incumbent Kipchoge Keino failed to pick his nomination papers.

Tergat was unopposed as Centre for Multiparty Democracy released the names of the candidates vying for various posts on Wednesday.

This is after the incumbent president Kipchoge Keino failed to pick his nomination papers.

Also unopposed are athletes representatives Hellen Obiri and Kenya Sevens legend Humphrey Kayange.

More to follow…


Winners of Party Primaries


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